Censorship in Google Sky? See new Sky Forum

Censorship in Google SkySomeone has found a blacked out area in the new Google Earth Sky (viewable with the new GE 4.2 – download here) where stars should be shown. This find was posted by ‘ZhingHong’ in the new GE Sky Forum at the Google Earth Community.
My theory is that an alien government has forced Google to censor this area in order to hide their secret planetary systems with giant palaces built with money stolen from taxes of their unwitting alien citizens. πŸ™‚ Someone else posted that the black square is the giant black monolith from “2001: A Space Odessey“.
Another amusing find: ‘Jeffryv’ “found” the Starship Enterprise

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Frank Taylor started the Google Earth Blog in July, 2005 shortly after Google Earth was first released. He has worked with 3D computer graphics and VR for many years and was very impressed with this exciting product. Frank completed a 5.5 year circumnavigation of the earth by sailboat in June 2015 which you can read about at Tahina Expedition, and is a licensed pilot, backpacker, diver, and photographer.

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  1. Good theory indeed Frank πŸ˜€
    Waiting for the Death Star to appear…

  2. It’s a black hole!

  3. Paul Heckbert says

    That’s where Dick Cheney’s summer residence is located. He insisted that it be blacked out.

  4. skepticism says

    Brilliant theory!
    Maybe there was a picture of UFO…

  5. Perhaps they’ve hidden Spock singing with the space hippies? Or they’ve actually found God in an uncompromising position? (Okay, I’m going ‘south’ for that one.)
    Or wait, I know. It’s the giantic rogue astroid that’s headed directly for us and will wipe us all out in a cataclysmic ending!
    The upshot, really, would be that the Moon would get a baby brother. *yoinks!*

  6. In all seriousness, there’s probably something in orbit up there that USGov doesn’t want imaged/publicly available.

  7. News Article at http://uk.reuters.com today:
    Gaping hole found in universe
    read more about it at: http://uk.reuters.com/article/scienceNews/idUKN2329057520070823
    I guess they have been using Google Earth/Sky too πŸ˜‰

  8. Shawn Kovalchick says

    Two words: Space billboards!
    I for one welcome our new space-based advertising overlords. πŸ™‚
    If you look closely, in the bottom corner, you can see the words “Sponsored Link”

  9. It’s just guerilla marketing.

  10. My theory is that it might be the image of a experimental satellite (think deadly lasers and stuff that blow things up) and it is censored because the government don’t want people to know such things exist.

  11. The newest theory that I’m proposing, is that the developers that originated Keyhole – are actually alien beings who used this now ‘covered up’ intergalactic gateway to reach this solar system, and subsequently, Area 51. From there, they designed and used their massive brain powers to get Google to purchase the assets – and to propogate Google Earth to rapidly map our planet and then beam this data back through the wormhole. It is believed that that militias of alien lifeforms from their home territories will come back through the secret wormhole and have a party on planet Earth.
    Some have said that the Google Earth team have a seemingly unbalanced preference for cupcakes and soda pop, puportedly under the telekinetic influence of the founders [aka: alien beings].
    Anyone who believes in telekinesis, raise my hand!

  12. It’s really where the mother-ship is located.
    Look up previous speeches by Louis Farrakan and his group, they believe there is a mother-ship out there. Which will beam up the chosen few when the time is right.
    Daniel…..your last line in the last response. Gave me a good laugh. I’ll have to remember that little phrase.

  13. I think I found the real reason for the “blank” space.
    Huge hole in universe surprises astronomers

  14. While scouting around in the region of the black box, to the north left side of Orion I discovered another black box. However, unlike the first box found, this one actually had some stars in the void (Its up on the top part to the right.), I suspect it is no cover up or such, rather it might be bad digital imaging when the sky was mapped out. It is possible that there may be more that may get uncovered.

  15. I really hope you know that
    “Another amusing find: ‘Jeffryv’ “found” the Starship Enterprise [Google Earth File. You must have GE installed.] ”
    is fake… >_>
    The black spot is probably just something censored or a part where the satellite didn’t take a picture.

  16. I notice that Sirius A and Sirius B has been blacked out, or rather cut, from the space images.
    Are they hiding an Alien civilisation that lives there?

  17. It’s a plot to:
    A. Bring down any current government.
    B. Make people curious and demand more funding for space exploration
    C. Discredit Google and start the long expected world-wide economic recession.

  18. TRICKY TRINI says

    I have located a couple more BLACK OUT AREAS in the shape of SQUARES in the North America Nebula. I didn’t add place marks to them so if you want to find them enter North America Nebula in the search box and have a look. I can positively ID six squares, some have strange images within them. Happy Hunting!

  19. Heres one for you all! I thought the objects between HD 87141 and Ο† UMa were just due to the light on the optics of the telescope used. Until one was removed from its bookmark 4 hr’s after i found them…. hummmmmmmmmmmmmm If ya wanna check out the pic and then seach for it have fun! but be quick, very big objects are disappearing at an alarming rate…… πŸ˜‰

  20. it will take a very long time to get rid of alien objects there are so many.
    the time will come my freinds….
    there terryfied

  21. Anonymous Guy says

    While searching through the sky I came upon this strange red line.
    Here are the coordinates
    Its a bit south and a little way east of NGC 3071 and 20 LMi.
    Does anyone know what it is?

  22. Jeremy Nunn says

    There is also a black square to the left of jupiter and what looks to be a blue planet.

  23. I believe it’s the planetary body Nibiru, or Planet X as it is better known. It’s headed strait to our solar system to cause major havoc. 2012 it will be passing between Earth and the Sun. The gov’t has forced google to black this area out to avoid a global panic.

  24. people say it is planet x
    which is supposed to kill us all in 2012
    hmm,the only real reason why they would cover it up

  25. whats this blue thing

  26. Hi everyone, if you guys use the Microsoft World Telescope than you will be shocked to find that the blocked area on google earth is visible. In fact i found Nibiru AKA planet X and it’s an unidentified object. Go on youtube.com and search for it.

  27. I found quite a lot of ‘black squares’ over Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire. Do you think They’re hiding something?

  28. There is planet X – Nibiru, that will come back to our sun in 2012

  29. I found one also, and using another piece of software, i was able to see behind one of the squares. It was a big star/planet. I beleive it is the planet of Nibiru, of which the government is trying to hide to avoid mass panic

  30. f.the curious says

    Im not sure if the gov is trying to erase any proof of that planet, or brown dwarf or whatever it is. Any amateur astronomer with a 500 dollar telescope could see it with exposure photos. Do you people really think it could be a secret? its only three years away!!!!!!!

  31. can somebody identify this
    it is bit big as is this a joke or is it reel i would also say it is moving pretty fast towards us or away from us

  32. its a black square it will suck us all in!!!

  33. Anonymous says

    i think it’s chuck norris’s secret lair. a place only HE can travel to… by jumping

  34. Is this the Virgo cover-up?

    Located at 13h 48m 0s, -8Β° 24’25”

  35. It could possibly be Nibiru (Planet X) And it could be covered because the government ordered Google to black out this area.

  36. Whoever said it was a UFO or anything else you’re wrong. It’s actually Nibiru.

  37. irishjohn says

    dude that found the blue thing its a culster of stars just found it my self and even though i’m 100% sure what it is that is what i’m butting my money on still vary prity what ever it is

  38. JohnStClair says

    The Anunnaki of planet Nibiru have left their planet in 1999 because they were forced out of this solar system by the top gun spacecraft pilots called the Piol Johnie. This event was seen by Nostradamus in his Century 10, Q72 quatrain in which the terror of the skies is Lord Anu, the emperor of Nibiru. His great great granddaughter, Queen Inanna, came through in 1998 to recover some of their artifacts. Because Yahweh was part of their entourage, Yahweh was also forced to go to the Pleiades where he became an ambassador to one of the original 100 planets of the Pleiadian Federation. So all our gods have left and we have to fend for ourselves.

  39. JohnStClair says

    The Deluge occurred in 10800 BC which is a multiple of 3 of the orbital period of Nibiru called 1 sar or 3600 years. The planet Nibiru caused the Antarctica ice sheet to slide into the ocean. So it was not the Star of Bethlehem that the wise men were looking at, but rather planet Nibiru as it came near earth at the birth of Jesus. The orbital calculation shows that Nibiru will be three quarters around the orbit in 2032 which puts it on the minor axis coming back toward earth. So it is not here yet and neither are the Anunnaki who left their planet in 1999. So long you toy animal geneticists!

  40. um i found something in that I think is a blackhole or wormhole behinde octans. and at 41*28’30.09″ arcdegrees. and the * is a circle like think in the air.

  41. i like hearing all the theory’s as to why it’s blacked out, whether it being aliens or some other off planet life form, but if you look deeper into the information that is scattered all over the net, you can actually see that the largest telescope in the world, in the southpole points directly to this square, and unlike other telescopes it does not move position, it is souly fixed on what that black square is hidding.
    And further more this telescope is not open to the public or even the highest of people in power, it is only avaiable to very few top scientiest in the world, who are still checked by secruity before theyare allowed to enter, so im wondering what the goverment is hiding that they dont want to public to see?
    as is my theory with facts that i have found over the web and leaked documents about this ”black square”

  42. somebody get down there and set up a scope to see what it is please.

  43. Hey, i was using google sky for school and came across a strange “Thing” and i wondered what it was…
    What is this on google sky? RA 6h37m21.05s Dec- 47Β°22’49.10″
    Thanx πŸ˜€

  44. Michael Swanson says

    It’s an imaging error. What don’t see at Google Sky…
    …you can readily see at sky-map.org:
    Sure, “the government” might try to hide something from you, but not astronomers. There are too many astronomers in the world, all clamoring to be the first to tell the world they found something, and they don’t all work for “the government.” In fact, there tens of thousands of amateur astronomers out there with very, very nice telescopes, and if someone found something and didn’t reveal it, you can bet someone would find it shortly enough. Especially if it was a giant planet hurtling into the solar system, or a comet coming to kill us all!

  45. Troy Tilley says

    i have found another blank space on google sky,(in Aries) it seems to be along the same route as so called planet x. 3h 09m 22s – +16:19:32

  46. Troy Tilley says

    and then after a couple hours of searching i have found around fifteen blank spaces between Aries and Orions belt.. hmm

  47. imaging error? really for 3 years and google have not posted about these … wake up

  48. enough of the theories some one with a telescope confirm whats there and better still capture an image and post it

  49. Well, the dumbing down of America has worked much better then they had hoped. Has anyone noticed that the (same areas ) in (every ) telescope program is blanked out? The simplest answer to any question is usually the correct one.People always seem to over think things. Now, why would google sky go to the trouble of blanking it out? Let alone ( all ) the other telescope programs? They all have enough to do, obscuring what they don,t want you to see on the moon and mars photos. So why just pick some ramdom spot in space to blank out? It IS, 2012 you know.It,s been exactly 3600 years since planet X was here last.Maybe it is,, maybe it isn,t. Hard to tell when they blank it out,,,, RIGHT? All I,m saying is,,, don,t be stupid, question everything.

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