Blues Brothers Bridge Jump Animation in Google Earth

After seeing my post on Sunday about the easter egg in a 3D model for Google Earth showing the “Blues Brothers” car jumping a drawbridge in Pennsylvania, several people commented they had hoped to see an animation of the car doing the jump. Well, Joey Wade – who has often done interesting 3D Model animations for Google Earth (see below) – took up the challenge. He’s now produced an animation that shows the Blues Brothers car going over the bridge . Simply click on the right-arrow “Play” button to the right of the time slider in GE 4 after loading the model. Watch for the car going up one side and land on the other side. You can move your view around to see it from other angles while it animates. Or, check it out in this YouTube video I threw together:

As I recall, in the movie the Blues Brothers actually don’t go over the bridge – they flip and go back the other way. But, it’s still fun. Very cool Joey!
Other animations by Joey:

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  1. You’re thinking of the SECOND bridge scene. In the first, where Elwood is demonstrating the car to Jake, they jump over one of Chicago’s bascule bridges (the 95th street bridge, according to Wikipedia). In the second, Jake and Elwood are fleeing the Illinois Nazis and drive onto a freeway overpass that’s under construction. Hence, they have to reverse and flip over the Nazis, who then fly off the end of the freeway.

  2. That is awesome! It is just a matter of time before someone makes an entire movie using the animation function of Google Earth and screen capture software.
    I thought that you could use all the Star Wars models in the 3D warehouse and recreate the whole Star Wars movie(s) in Google Earth!

  3. I think i just saw somewhere that they are getting an upgrade in resolution? Is that true?

  4. YouTube lists this video as related to yours:

  5. ster ling says:

    they jumped the bridge in Chicago – no?

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