News Roundup: Google Earth Nonproifts Initiative, Giant Earth Screen, Pollmapr, Conferences,

  • Google Earth Nonprofits Initiative – On Tuesday, June 26th, I’m going to Google’s New York office. Google sent out invitations two days ago to the press for an announcement about a new program created especially for nonprofit organizations around the world. The Nonprofit Technology Network reported on the invitation they received. The only details released right now are the speakers: John Hanke, Director Google Earth; Jane Goodall, Jane Goodall Institute; Kathy Bushkin Calvin, United Nations Foundation; Edward Wilson, Earthwatch Institute; and Elliot Schrage, Google Public Affairs.

  • Giant Google Earth screen at Apple WWDC

    Giant Earth ScreenApple displayed Google Earth on a giant video wall using eighteen 30-inch Apple high-resolution screens. Apparently one Mac Pro was used for each of two screens. I wish I could have seen this myself! It was demoed at the 2007 Apple World-wide Developer Conference. via OgleEarth.

  • Pollmapr – Free Geography Tools reports on a new free site which lets you set up polls. What’s interesting is that the service includes the ability record the result of the locations where pollsters came from using the IP address to look up city/country locations. Pollmapr then provides a KML file so you can view the results in Google Maps or Google Earth.

  • Conferences – Upcoming virtual worlds/globes related conferences worth noting: Virtual Worlds Fall Conference and Expo will be held in San Jose, California October 10-11, 2007. Also, coming next month is Geoweb 2007 on July 23-27, 2007 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Google Earth CTO Michael Jones will be one of the Keynoters at this conference. This one probably has more interest to Google Earth people. I would be interested in going myself, but I’m going to be gone sailing that week in the Caribbean!

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