Spider-Man 3 – 3D Models for Google Earth

Spider-Man 3 in Google EarthThe new Spider-Man 3 Movie is coming out soon and there are many unique promotions going on for the movie. Just being released today in London (according to my sources) is a collection of 3D models for Google Earth built to highlight some of the locations in Manhattan where Spider-Man will be swinging during this movie. You can download this special Spider-Man 3 GE Layer , and then try out the tour of the different locations. Or, just double click on each of the tour placemarks to visit each 3D building. You can find Spidey himself on one of the pylons of the Queensboro Bridge, and also on top of the sign of the Daily Bugle. But, you’ll have to zoom pretty far in to see him. I’m told the Spider-Man 3 models were created using SketchUp by Concept 3D – the same guys who did the bulk of the new 3D buildings in Las Vegas for GE. The collection is currently found here, but will soon be on the official Spider-Man 3 web sites.
Here’s the trailer for the movie:

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  1. You can also find Venom hanging off the west side of the Times Square building looking at his alter-ego reflection in the glass and another Venom on the roof of the Penthouse. There are two additional Spidermen; one on the Broadhurst building behind the billboard and one on the roof of the library. This is one of the best advertisements I’ve seen using GoogleEarth. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This third movie will be the best. I hope to see Venom again

  3. Director Sam Rami will be at the Virgin Megastore, Times Sqaure, on October 29th. At 11PM, he will begin to sign copies of the new Spiderman 3 DVD. Customers must purchase the Spiderman 3 DVD to receive a wristband to attend this event. Time and space are limited.

  4. Those 3-D Models are pretty cool!

  5. Just to let you know, the trailer is no longer available. Generally, this was commercial for both the movie and the Google. 🙂

  6. Great video. regarding the 4th part, The Amazing Spiderman – it is definitely on its way – scheduled for July of this year. I hope we will eventually see this one.

  7. To my opinion, Spiderman 3 is better than Spiderman 4. The plot is better and the trailer is awesome.

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