News Roundup: Bible Geocoding, Avian Flu Update, Highway Crashes, SF Chronicle

  • Bible Geocoding – The web site has added a Google Earth collection of placemarks with the goal of marking every identifiable place mentioned in the Bible. They also offer the same information organized by chapter from both the New and Old testaments of the bible.
  • Avian Flu Update – Declan Butler, Senior editor of Nature Magazine, has updated his Avian Flu Google Earth network link which shows the locations of all reported cases of Avian Flu (both human and avian) all around the world. The network link can be viewed with the time slider so you can watch the progression of the spread of the flu over time. The interesting thing is that this winter season has witnessed a remarkable drop in the number of reported cases. I’m wondering whether this is due to the steps taken to stop the spread of the flu, or if it is dying out on its own. Declan hasn’t yet updated his blog to comment on the results. Here’s a link to official information on the state of the flu.
  • Highway Crashes – The Technology Review has published an article today which discusses work done by researchers at the Ohio State University for modeling the probability of traffic accidents occurring at certain times and places in the state. The interesting part: “What makes this model novel is that scientists have now combined the statistical software with Google Earth…“.
  • SF Chronicle – The San Francisco Chronicle has published a story titled “A whole new way to look at the world“. The story is a good summary of some of the more notable things being done with Google Earth, and some of the sticky issues which have been raised about the program. There is the usual touch of sensationalism by remarking on the “Orwellian” prospects Google Earth presents to watch what we are doing, but well balanced with the positive and practical uses people have been making with it.

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