Google Developer Day – May 31st

Google Developer DayThe Google Geo Developer Day, held last year just before the Where 2.0 conference, has grown into something new. Now, the day after this year’s Where 2.0, on May 31, Google is holding the Google Developer Day which is simultaneously being held at 10 different locations world-wide. That’s right, no “Geo” in the name this year – they are also going to invite developers of other Google application APIs. In Mountain View, the event will still be dominated by Geo-related issues (since so many geo developers will be at Where). To find out more about the events, here is the Google Developer Day web page. Read the details and follow the link provided to register.
If you’re going to be in Mountain View, you’ll want to register quickly. The event was overflowing last year since it also included a chance to visit the Googleplex and get free food. They haven’t said yet what the amenities will be at this year’s event, but its likely to be good. And, if you’re going – and are a regular Google Earth Blog reader, look me up. I’ll be there and at the Where 2.0 conference as well. But, if you can’t go – note this: “The Mountain View event will be carried live via webcast, with the other events shown via a dedicated channel on Google’s YouTube video site.”
Last year’s event was the launch of a major new version of Google Earth (GE 4) and the biggest release of new imagery ever for Google Earth. So, I’m looking forward to what is in store for this year’s event. However, given the event has been expanded beyond the Geo products, I’m thinking it may not be as major for Geo this year.

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  1. I just realize today a update in 3d warehouse. Lots of buildings added one of this days…

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