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Cara Valley Ruin in Google EarthAbout.com has published an article entitled “Google Earth and Archaeology” by K. Kris Hirst. The article is a good description of the fascination many people have when they realize they can virtually travel the world and see both famous, and rarely visited archaeological sites. Not only that, but the article also highlights the phenomenon of armchair archaeologists who are actually using Google Earth to further research and make discoveries using the valuable resource of imagery Google has made available to us all. The article highlights the efforts of JQ Jacobs who is producing a gallery of archaeological sties with placemarks highlighting many objects at each site. See this collection of placemarks of the Caral and Supe Valley ruins in Peru . It also highlights Scott Madry who has received a great deal of attention for his discoveries in France using Google Earth.
The article goes on to reveal the Google Earth puzzle games at the Google Earth Community which are focused on archeology. Someone posts a screenshot of an archaeological site (with no coordinates), and you have to respond with your own screenshot proving you found the location in GE.

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