News Roundup – SpaceNavigator SDK, Twittervision, Lodz Poland

  • SpaceNavigator SDK3DConnexion, which makes 3D navigation devices, has released a Software Developer Kit (SDK) so developers can write interfaces for devices like the SpaceNavigator for their 3D applications. The Windows version is available now, and the Mac version will be available March 30. I sure hope this means the support for the Mac version of Google Earth will be out soon.
  • Twittervision – There has been some buzz about a cool Google Maps mashup which lets you view Twitter messages dynamically on a map. Twitter is a popular new social networking site which lets people send short messages about what they are doing at the moment. Other people can subscribe to watch messages from their friends. Or, you can just watch messages from whoever. It’s become quite popular. Anyway, the TwitterVision application is pretty cool. I’ve been trying to contact the author, DaveTroy, to tell him his application should be easy to make work in Google Earth and could be made even more interesting. via GoogleMapsMania. Also, see San Francisco Chronicle article (17 Mar, 2007) about Twitter.
  • Lodz, Poland – An aerial photography company will be taking new aerial photos for Lodz, Poland starting March 26 or 27. They contacted me to help spread the word in case people want to set up messages for the sky. GIS engineer (who is from Italy) Antonio Vinci let me know they have released some sample photos of Lodz and some 3D buildings for Google Earth. You can either watch the video or download the files (a little large since they contain the imagery) at this web site. There are currently no plans to get the new photography to Google Earth, but I suggested they try since Lodz is currently very low resolution. The photo shoot is being done for highway planning purposes.

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  1. Looks like the 3DConnexion release on March 30th didn’t include GE support for Mac – disappointing. Hopefully soon.

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