News Roundup: Amsterdam Google GeoDay, Google LitTrips, US Capitol

  • Amsterdam Google GeoDay – The Google Netherlands office decided to hold a Google GeoDay (for developers) during Amsterdam’s EXPO XXI yesterday. Twan Eikelenboom does an excellent job of describing the event on his blog. Twan received an invitation to the event in the form of a Google Maps placemark. Nice touch Google. There was a keynote from Bernard Seefeld (formerly with Endoxon which was acquired by Google). Also, Brandon Badger gave a talk about KML and Google Maps API. Remco Kouwenhoven ( showed some examples of Dutch Google Maps mashups. Google had several workshops and here are a couple of web pages which supported the works shops on Google Earth and Maps. About 400 people attended the event apparently. Thanks to Remco for making me aware of the event. Hopefully Google will be doing a Google Geo Developer Day again in San Jose during the week of Where 2.0 (although no official word yet).
  • GoogleLit Trips – The Google Lit Trips site provides educational Google Earth collections which document the geographical information associated with famous literature. I found this on the Google for Educators page for GE.
  • US Capitol – I was noticing Google now has a nice US Capitol building in 3D inside Google Earth. You can see it by flying to Washington DC , and turning on the “3D Buildings” layer. The model was done by a “jw_n_mo” who apparently did it while snowed in one weekend. It was posted to the 3DWarehouse.

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