NASA Releases More Earth Data for Google Earth

NASA Sea Surface Temperature in Google EarthNASA continues to add some great visualizations for overlaying in Google Earth. This time they have added some data again from MODIS (Moderate-resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer). As recently reported, you can get near real-time color imagery of the entire Earth viewable in GE4. Now, they have released more full-globe imagery which show different scientific data. All the data is the most recent data processed by NASA. Available are:

Note: make sure you turn off or delete each image overlay from your “Temporary Places” when you are finished viewing it. Here is the web page at NASA highlighting this new data. Look for the “View in Google Earth” link when viewing the datasets. The image shown in the screenshot above is of Sea Surface Temperatures averaged for the month of January, 2007. Thanks NASA for implementing more support for Google Earth, keep it coming!
Other interesting NASA data:

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  1. Hugues de Saint Salvy says:

    Great addition. My hope would be for near real-time wind maps! That’s probably not for tomorrow but it doesn’t seem so impossible now.

  2. Tracy A. says:

    The sea surface temp layer does not shut off. Please help

  3. The sea surface temp layer does not shut off. Please help

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