Google Earth Critical Tool in Fight Against Logging Plan

Save the trees in Los Gatos against logging using Google EarthThe fight against a logging plan to “thin” a forest of redwoods in the Los Gatos Creek watershed continues. Late last fall, Al Gore spoke in favor of the neighbors of this forest who are against the proposed logging. A critical factor then was a presentation which used Google Earth to illustrate how cutting the trees would effect schools, streams, and homes. The presentation was put together by a Googler named Rebecca Moore who is an engineer working on the Google Earth team. The presentation was powerful enough to get Al Gore to speak out against the plan.
A public hearing was held last Wednesday (January 31) on the issue. Rebecca Moore had been working on a new presentation for months which was to prove that the company submitting the plan was not legally able to do so. The key issue is that the company submitting an open logging plan could not contain more than 2500 acres of commercially viable trees. Rebecca’s team flew over the land with a helicopter and took high resolution aerial photos. Then plotted the areas with commercially viable trees and measured the lands. They documented the work extensively and the results clearly show more than 2500 acres involved in the plan. You can read more details in the San Jose Mercury News. It was also covered by several local TV stations (see ABC’s news report).
You can also view the web site by the neighbors against the plan, and watch the movie presentation (no audio, Quicktime) which uses Google Earth to illustrate the acreage issue. I recommend watching this video, you will be impressed with the thoroughness of the analysis. Great work Rebecca!

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