Google Earth Data Error Compendium

Data errors in Google EarthOne of the Google Earth Community members called ‘PriceCollins’, has spent many hours carefully compiling, organizing, collecting, and explaining data errors in Google Earth. These errors are comprised of anything from image placement errors, photo blemishes, alignment errors, flashes (due to reflection of the sun), and even image processing errors (like the tiny bug in one photo – which is now gone, but you can see the screenshot here). PriceCollins has made a concerted effort to make Google aware of these errors and get them to fix as many as possible. He has organized his information in a thread of posts and created a comprehensive data error compendium of nested network links to let you peruse all the errors organized by type and location.
The thread of posts includes a table of contents to help you understand the different types of errors. For example, look at “Camera Artifacts“, or some may find the one on “Censorship” of particular interest. There are also errors from the data layers as well (such as misplaced water bodies).
Some “errors” are debatable. For example, “Contrails” from jets may be an error from the perspective of someone wanting to look at the data below the contrail. But, those of us who like finding airplanes in flight find the contrails a handy way to find them. ­čÖé
You should note that Google buys (or is given) their data from dozens of providers and the amount of data is huge. I’m sure with this much data (and new data every few weeks), that it is virtually impossible to remove all “errors”. In fact, I think some of the errors make for fun discovery and sightseeing in themselves. But, it is a good idea to make Google aware of the errors so they can improve the experience for everyone. I’ve heard Google is actively working with PriceCollins to improve their data error handling processes. Way to go PriceCollins!

About Frank Taylor

Frank Taylor started the Google Earth Blog in July, 2005 shortly after Google Earth was first released. He has worked with 3D computer graphics and VR for many years and was very impressed with this exciting product. Frank completed a 5.5 year circumnavigation of the earth by sailboat in June 2015 which you can read about at Tahina Expedition, and is a licensed pilot, backpacker, diver, and photographer.

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  1. Trisha Parks says:

    I’m sure google will fix this and may even make this better..

  2. smokeonit says:

    awesome guy… so much errors…. google should hire him…

  3. I wonder would they condsider clouds covering areas of land errors ???

  4. nicole cruz says:

    Well, I guess google guys are smart enough to accept whatever errors there might be and eventually fix it.

  5. Encourager says:

    How does one report an error in the names of roads or streets on Google Earth?

  6. To whom?
    I notice that a road in Leeds UK is called Bramley Ring Road when it should be Shadwell and then Seacroft Ring road.
    I suppose i should have checked to see what bramley is called. no time

  7. I live in the city of Glennville, GA. There is a road on Google Earth labeled as Ella Grove Rd. That was the road’s name six or seven years ago. The correct name is Walter L. Dasher Road. Also, there’s a small circle that is located on Walter L. Dasher Rd. The road is labeled Derrick Rd. The correct name is Tom Banks Circle. Also, just past Tom Banks Circle is a road labeled East Simon Street. The name is East Simon St. only inside of the city limits. The correct name of the section between the city limits and Walter L. Dasher Rd. is W. F. Durrence Road. If you have anything you want to ask me etc., just e-mail me at the address I entered. Thank you.

  8. Paul Swift says:

    Laurieston, Glasgow is shown as a place of interest at 54-57″33.63N 4-03″10.92W This is incorrect. This is near a village called Laurieston which is correct.

  9. Ron Cook says:

    My Driveway is Labeled Palova Road; Should be Cook’s Drive. I found this error years ago in Streets USA 4.0 mapping software I notified them and it was corrected in the next version 5.0 then in streets version 7.0 they didn’t label some smaller Roads.Starts at 46.232436 N.Lat. 108.758830 W Long.

  10. In Jamaica West Indies, the parish area should be labelled Kingston-St. Andrew not
    Kingston-St. John.


  12. 28 degrees 40 minutes 48.44 N
    82 degrees 03′ 21.99 w
    is listed as 546A in Bushnell, fl
    It is actually county road 564

  13. Vienna 1190 / Austria
    Altitude at intersection Krottenbachstra├če – B├Ârnergasse is given as 229m, altitude at intersection B├Ârnergasse – Hutweidengasse is given as 216m, a drop of 13m. This is simply not true. I am using this section of B├Ârnergasse everyday and it is flat. There is no drop, let alone one of 13m.
    Furthermore, altitude at intersection B├Ârnergasse – Weinberggasse is given as 216m, which means that the section between intersection B├Ârnergasse – Hutweidengasse and that section is flat. This is not true. I cycle this section of B├Ârnergasse every day – and it is is uphill. I would estimate the rise at at least 10m. If you follow B├Ârnergasse to its intersection with Erbesbachgasse, Google records a rise of 6m, which again contradicts my personal experience. The section between these two intersections is basically flat.

  14. The street overlay for Haines Alaska is in the water

  15. There are numerous naming and placement errors in my city. I have been a city planning and transportation professional her for 23 years and would gladly provide corrected information if I new how. I love Google Earth and would like to help make it better.

  16. In the province of Bocas del Toro, Panama central America the island Isla Carenero is misspelled on all the maps. CARENERO is correct Caremero is not.

  17. mike bullen says:

    37degrees o7’29 South 144degrees 03’35.59″east
    The 2003 image omits many recent dwellings, also what is listed as Tangeys Rd is actually Jack Road.Newstead Victoria 3462.Australia

  18. Ahti Koski says:

    Haifa Bay icon appears at the same location as the Kishon River, W, directly east of Tyre Lebonon. Obviously misplaced…

  19. Spencer says:

    42’58’57 N 81’15’13 W
    A city (where I live) is named Londres, but it is actually named London, located in Ontario, Canada. It is a rather large at a population of approximately 425,000. and is also the heart of of medicine and health sciences in Canada. Thanks for noticing us!

  20. johnny Arnold says:

    Place called Larrick Cottage is wrongly shown as RAVENTOR although Raventor House, grounds and Lake are clearly visible.
    Lydford Devon UK

  21. Barbara says:

    I just downloaded GE and after entering my home address, it takes me to my neighbor’s house. I’ve seen this same problem with other maps online, i.e., zillow, etc. Does anyone know how I go about getting this corrected? I believe it also affects the how my house is appraised.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  22. Don Willey says:

    I live in dixon,IL,61021 USA
    The road in front of our business (Palmyra RD ) is numbered completely backwards. The mailling address is 649 Palmyra rd, while the Google address is 1358 approximately. the numbers change at the corner of IL RT 2 and Palmyra RD ( not street)

  23. Scott Norton says:

    There’s a building on the UCONN Storrs campus that no longer exists, yet it shows up on Google Earth/Maps. Why?
    41┬░48’25.41″N, 72┬░15’11.95″W

  24. 20┬░01’43.00″N, 75┬░49’00.00″W
    In Santiago de Cuba the following aveneue is incorrectly spelled.
    Google Earth displays it as: Avenida De Crespedes
    Correct spelling is: Avenida de C├ęspedes

  25. Anne Marangoni says:

    I just looked at the “Staute” of Liberty. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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