The Malaria Map Project in Google Earth

Malaria in Google EarthResearchers from Kenya and the UK have been conducting a project to map cases of the mosquito borne parasite which causes the disease known as malaria. According to, it has been almost 40 years since the first comprehensive map of malaria risk had been created. Check out the web site for the malaria atlas project (MAP – cute acronym) for more details (including methods of collecting data). The project has published two Google Earth files for two different variants of malaria: Plasmodium falciparum , or Plasmodium vivax . The GE files contain placemarks of the data and they are colored according to how recent the cases were reported. Most recent cases (2001-2006) are colored red, oldest cases are colored green (1984-1990).
This is important data and Google Earth is an excellent way of presenting it. They should take some tips from the Avian Flu outbreak tracker created by Declan Butler from Nature Magazine. The malaria atlas project should put some links back to their web site in the KMZ files and provide some basic information in their placemarks. They also should create a network link so they can update the data without having to republish. But, this is a great first effort, and important resource.

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  1. Well, for some other interesting malaria developments check out this

  2. A helpful tool for world travelers; a tragic problem where solutions are hard to come by.

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  5. Malaria is one of the major public health challenges undermining development in the poorest countries in the world. Distributing nets can help prevent malaria, however this is only a short term plan. I believe that educating the people about sanitation and prevention is the best way to eradicate or prevent the disease.
    Apparently, a grassroot from Ghana called Volunteer Partnership for West Africa (VPWA) has instituted an annual month long awareness campaign, entitled Kick Malaria Out (KMO), designed to create much-needed awareness on
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  6. Malaria has been a killer disease for quite a long time now and methods have been usee to eradicate it. It is caused by a parasite that breeds most in tropical areas, thereby mulltiplying its effect. Its impact is so much that doctors and scientist are on research for othre means of prevention.

PLEASE NOTE: Google Earth Blog is no longer writing regular posts. As a result, we are not accepting new comments or questions about Google Earth. If you have a question, use the official Google Earth and Maps Forums or the Google Earth Community Forums.