Santa’s Toy Hunt and Santa Tracker in Google Earth

[UPDATE: It’s Christmas Eve! The santa tracker 2008 is now live!]
During 2005 and 2006, Google Earth was used by Google to help track Santa as he delivered presents around the world. This year, Google will be tracking Santa again in Google Earth. And, there is some other content for Santa you can view in Google Earth right now:

  • Santa Tracker for Christmas in 3D in Google Earth

    Official Santa Tracker – This year Google officially teamed up with Norad (the US North American Air Defense Command), which has been tracking Santa on their radar system for many years, to officially provide tracking for Santa in Google Earth. Here is the NORAD Google Earth Santa Tracker network link (this is the English version follow the NORAD link below for other languages). You should also visit the web site to see some games and other information related to the tracking system.

  • Santa Route in Google Earth

    Santa’s Route – You can check out Santa’s route right now in Google Earth based on information from Travel by GPS. Click on the “Points” folder and select “Tools->Play Tour” from the GE menu to see a really cool flying tour of the route. Pretend you are Santa! You can E-mail Travel by GPS a placemark from Google Earth for the location of your house, and they will add your house to the route. Click here for more information.

  • Santa from SpaceSanta Picture in Google EarthIn 2005, one of the Google Earth Community members called ‘ear1grey’ posted an amazing discovery. He found a huge picture (36 miles tall) of Santa. He made a nifty Google Earth file for kids so they could go find the Santa by following the red nose of Rudolf the reindeer. Download this file and then turn on the “Little world” in your “Temporary Places“. Look in the nose of Rudolf for Santa.

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  1. Dear Santa Claus
    when will you be in Tyler Texas (address-XXXXOverland XXXX Dr. XXXXXTyler, TX) I would like to know so that I can get to sleep in time for you to come. Thankyou

  2. Dear Santa Claus,
    WHen will you be in Saddle Brook, New Jersey?

  3. hey! santa!! i want a bike for christmas and i would like one real bad!!
    can you do that for me?
    sincerly, Helga

  4. Tyler Sanchez says

    I hope you enjoy your cookies and milk oh and i hope your reindeer enjoy the carrots I put out for them.
    Also, im wondering, when do you think you will be coming to my house? I live in Prince George BC, Canada.
    PS. I hope you got my wish list.

  5. hurry santa but make sure ive gone to bed so ill still get my presents. ive been a good girl we love you the davis’

  6. SANTA ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. hey santa!!
    i cant wait till you come this year. it doesnt really feel like christmas here yet.. but it sure will tommarow!! i am so excited!!
    i will make sure to leave you some good cookies.
    your friend =]

  9. brandon and tyler says

    when are you and the raindeer comming to victoria bc canada thanks the smithboyz

  10. Santa, Make sure children have a godd christmas. Im counting on you to make my cousins happy, and my brothers nieces.

  11. Santa I can’t wait till you get to Loveland, OH. Have a safe journey. I left some goodies for you and your reindeer!

  12. Dear Santa,

    • Dear Father Christmas I left you a mince pie and milk and oats and a carrot for all reindeers when are you coming to clubmoor mersyside liverpool have a safe joyfull journey lots of merry ness

      The Desmond’s

  13. Sharon Thyme says

    Please bring my best freind Spots everything she wants for Christmas. It’s been a hard year on her and I want her to be as happy as possible.

  14. have a safe trip, dont crash into any trees

  15. i love u santa be careful i hope u dont get hurt

  16. I am excited – when will you be in Virginia.

  17. i luv u santa i hope ur engine does not break off hitting a tree limb

  18. hey,
    love ya santa much! i love you very much much much much!i love you santa santa santa very very much! bratz things and a puppy are what i want! i am 5 years old and my name is savannah. come to my house first!
    savannah m

  19. Brady & Madi & Evan & Ryan says

    When will you be in Maryland? Please come, we love you Santa!@

  20. kendra and kerigan says

    hey santa
    we just want to wish u a merry christmas and good luck to night we love u
    kendra and kerigan

  21. Santa:
    I am having a very hard time getting to sleep. I keep asking my mommy when you will be in North Texas. We have left out brownies and milk. Please do not mistake my dog Sammy for Rudolph! He would get too cold in the North Pole. Merry Christmas,
    Love, Abigail, Age 5

  22. santa where r u? from tifton gorgia

  23. ho ho ho merry christmas dear santa i’l
    leave you good cookies and hot chocklate
    on christmas eve. Love karolina- chambers

  24. dear santa i would like agt snow racer.ihope you get to everybodys house tonight have a good christmas cody

  25. Liliana Anderson says

    Santa how close are you to Bakersfield. I have very good this year.

  26. Dear Santa
    I really hope you have a safe trip and I can promise you fugeos and homo milk because you dserve it from your long trip.
    love, Brittany Julianne Irwin

  27. Hi Santa!I was woundring when you would get tustin CA? See you Soon!
    Dec. 24, 2006

  28. Hurryy Santa!
    How long till you come to my house?

  29. Santa I love you more than the world.
    I want a PSP for Christmas && an American Girl Doll and a Nintendo DS and an electric blanket.
    Love, your favorite child who is a perfect angel,

  30. Dear Santa,
    I am getting ready for bed right now. I hope you are having a good trip. Could you please bring me a really special Lego set, something with Superman in it and please don’t forget the toy shot gun.

  31. Kinley, Kaylen & Kerragen says

    Merry Christmas Santa, we are going to bed early so you can come leave us lots of presents, don’t forget Kinley wants a Leapster L-max (pink if you got one), Kaylen wants a Baby Alive, and Kerragen wants a Cabbage Patch baby. We love you Santa have a safe trip, hope you enjoy the cookies and chocolate milk we left for you.
    Love, Kinley, Kaylen & Kerragen

  32. hi santa
    my friend has gone through a lot this year so can you make sure she has a good christmas?
    ~me (you know who i am)

  33. Hi Santa,
    I hope you come here soon. I live in Alaska, I know it is in the north and close to the North Pole but we go to bed later than most of the other people.

  34. Hey Santa and reindeer,
    Just wanted to remind you, I’m in Nebraska with my grandparents, great grandparents, and family. We have power now. YYYYYYYAAAAAAYYYYY!!!
    Have a SAFE trip. See ya.

  35. Where are you Santa? I want you to come to Tucson, Arizona — and I Love You!


  37. Hey Santa!!:)I can’t wait till you come to my house!!When will you be in Pace,Fl.?Well hope you get here soon!Well better get to bed.Bye
    Kellie L.:)

  38. Santa, I hope you have a safe trip and I can’t wait until you come to my house and leave presents for me and my family. Don’t worry, we baked you christmas cookies and left some out with milk and carrots for the reindeer so you have enough to eat on your trip. I can’t wait until you’re here!!! I love you Santa, and thankyou for everything you do to make Christmas so awesome!!!!
    Love, Emily

  39. Dear santa,
    please give my friend michael everything that he wants because he has had a hard year this year… he lost a brother and a mom this year and this is the first christmas without his mom

  40. Dear Santa,
    this year i would like an iPod nano……….if you don’t have any in stock don’t wurry.
    p.s.thanks for getting my Brother here.

    ive been a good girl all year :-]

  42. Dear Santa.
    I love you and I wish you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS
    to you and Mrs.Claus and all of your elves.
    I don’t want anything for christmas but to have a very merry christmas.
    Love, Torri

  43. santa
    I really hope you don’t foreget my dad he lives all alone in Houstain Texas.Tell him I love him and that I hope his Christmas is great.

  44. Dear Santa – Thanks for being so generous and bringing all of us kids toys. I left you skim mile with your cookies so you don’t get too fat.
    your friend,

  45. Dear Mr. Santa C.,
    Hi, my name is Nicole and i would like a Wii system with a Wii game called The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess. And when are you going to be in Juneau Alaska?
    Santa rules! @ @

  46. Dear Santa,
    When will you be at my house on Christmas?
    I live in California!
    Type back!!
    PS… I’ve been Good, Great infact!

  47. yo santa!
    I want a felt racing bike.
    P.S.,YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Dear Santa,
    I LOVE X-MAS and every thing 2 do wit it so if u could bring me LOTSSSSS of cool crap

  49. You are one cool dude, santa. I do not know how you get all those presents to kids, but it is amazing!

  50. Dude…. You ROCK!!!!!!!!! Thanks in advance, Santa! I hope you give me all the presents I asked for!
    Your Friend Mitchell

  51. Corin & Jr. says

    I love you Santa and I wish you all a good year. I left you lowfat milk and gingerbread cookies. Happy Holiday!

  52. Hi Santa,
    You r so cool. I have been good this year. I hope I get presents and not coal. For Christmas I want a new bike,ink for my printer,and scratch-offs because i want to win and give the money to my mom and dad so they can buy food and drinks.I live in Roseville,MI

  53. Dear santa,
    i love christmas so much. i think it rocks!!!
    for christmas i would like a pink ipod nano!!
    ill leave you some cookies,milk and a few carrots.
    your friend Leah

  54. Santa, hi this is Brent and i was wondering if you could get me a Xbox 360 with Halo 3 enclosed inside the package. PLEASE!!!!!!
    Thank you,

  55. i luv u santa
    we had a christmas fayre at our school and at guides and in both of them i sold envolopes with reindeer food in with a message on the front
    i love horses and horseriding i go to my stables 4 times a week and i love it so when you come to my house cloud you wake me up to see your reindeer because im sure i will love them too
    i hope you and Mrs clause have a nice holiday
    luv hannah

  56. Hey Santa u r soooo cool i really want a guitar for christmas do u think u could do that???
    Ur the best!!!
    PS When do u stop in Brooklin, Ontario???

  57. Santa I hope you like the cookies I made for you and also when will you be in woodrige, illinois?

  58. hi santa are u ok, can’t wait till christmas eve, can you? i really belive in you
    from jodie, your greatest fan
    when are you coming to malvern

  59. dear santa,
    have a safe trip. i hope your reindeer are healthy. i hope you come to my room and put a present under my little tree.


  61. Dean Sean Casey says

    Dear Santa please come to XX willows drive hartstown . I would like a ps3 plus fifa 08 smackdown vs raw 2008 and simsons game and if you could be so kind could you please bring me and my sister Elisha some surprises lots of love Dean Casey plus Elisha

  62. Dear Santa –
    We didn’t see that you’ll stop in Hawaii when we looked at the route. I want you to come here, please? I have reindeer food for your reindeer, and we’ll leave some cookies for you. We don’t have a chimney, so we’ll leave the window open. It’s nice and warm, so you can take off your coat when you’re here.
    See you in a few days!
    Love, Nicholas.

  63. katie kintzell says

    Dear Santa Claus how are you doing? I hope you get plenty of rest and reindeers.I want a little sister

  64. katie kintzell says

    dear santa,I love you, I am 6 years old from drexel hii PA

  65. dear santa claus i hope you have a good christmas eve andi hope you bring me everything i want hope you have good time north pole

  66. hi santa when are you coming to ireland i really hope you bring me all my toys love from
    Megannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn xxxxxxxxx Β¬!

  67. Pleasant Kids says

    We can’t wait to hear Santa’s sleigh bells! Hope he comes soon! We are so excited!

  68. i wantn a ipod touch or a i phone bye santa

  69. whats up mr.c?when are you going to be in bucyrus,ohio.hurry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i want a cd player,hannah montana cd”s,video journal,wii,baby stuff and anything high school musical!i love troy and gabby!merry christmas santa claus!
    your angel,
    kelsey,mallory,william,meridith and lauren!

  70. ALL i want for for christmas is my two front teeth,…………. just kidding!What i really want is L.P.S!(littlest pet shop).i have been somewhat of a good girl.PRETTY,PRETTY,PRETTY PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Most sincerely,

  71. Julianne Hooites-Meursing says

    i love u santa!!!!!!!!!!!
    i cant wait till u get to my house!
    my neighbors dog has something wrong with her eye, all i want for christmas is for her to get better and not go through a surgery for a lot of money.

  72. Dear Santa,
    I really hope you get me Smart Chic Olena from the Breyer horse models. I really want her! I left a surprise for your reindeer also. How’s Rudolph? I hope he’s doing good. I have to go now, since it’s my bedtime.

  73. When are you going to arrive in NJ? We are waiting for you! We will go to bed soon! Enjoy the cookies!

  74. How is rudolph? Is Mrs Claus happy and OK? Are the elves OK? How are the other reindeer? Merry Christmas love Tiffany.

  75. Have a merry Christmas. have a Good adventure this year. Love Ty 5

  76. Dear Santa,
    I have been a good girl this year. How are your Reindeer, about what time will you be traveling by my house this year, so I will be a sleep by that time.
    Love Brinlee

  77. hi santa i think that you are so cool! πŸ˜€
    i want the nintendo wii with the game smash bros brawl please!
    Robert πŸ˜‰

  78. Ben and Zack says

    For christmas I realy want a psp and my brother is crying for one please bring us one and a xbox360 just for me he does not want one please!

  79. Dear Santa,
    for Christmas, I want a PSP for Christmas and I want a PSP game as well

  80. Dear Santa,
    I would like a brown pretend horse and a pink webkin dragon. My brother would like a train set and a backyardigan toy.
    Merry Christmas,
    Dana and Dakota

  81. Merry Christmas Santa!!! I want a drum set,2 microphones with stands,glitter lava,huru humies, a cell phone & a keyboard. Remember to eat the cookies that I leave out for you & the food I leave for your reindeer. HO HO HO!!! Have a jolly Christmas Santa!!!
    With Love,

  82. hey santa i wanted to thank you for all the wonderful toys you brought me in the past. i hope things are going well! people say your not real can you give me something to prove them wrong???

  83. hi santa
    when do you think you will be coming over our house in canterbury, kent in england
    love you loads
    ps i have been a very good boy this year

  84. hi Santa,
    I was wondering when you will be traveling to Wonthaggi Victoria, Australia this year? (2008)
    Just so I can tell my little brother thomas to go to SLEEP!!! I hope you have a merry christmas and a happy 2009!
    love Ashleigh T. Simpson

  85. Joshua Turner says

    Dear santa,
    I hope you have holiday on boxing day
    Hope you have a good flight.
    love from joshua xxxx
    P.S please can i have some presents thank you xxx

  86. hi santa it’s tyra ,merry chrismas, only 10 more days till you come can’t wait till you come i’ll leave you milk and cookies for you’ and carrots and water for the reindeers merry chrismas tell mrs clause i said hi

  87. i love u santa i just want a psp for this x-mas please i hope u will approve it love u santa u r the best

  88. Dear Santa.
    Im am 4yo and i had my photo taken with you but i was a little bit shy. But i can’t wait till you come to my house and eat the cookies and drink the milk i will leave for you. And please remember i would like a Leapsta like ebonys.
    Thankyou Santa. Have a merry christmas.
    Love from Aaisha.

  89. hi santa im 9 years old and it is christmas eve.
    i live in ENGLAND.
    see you soon lost of love sophie

  90. Santa for christmas i want a ps3 and sonic unleshed,midnight club losangeles,and SaunWhite snowboarding. love, christian

  91. santa im from bosten i know it takes you a long time have a safe jorney i cant wait till towmorrow becuse that night your coming i will be leave you cola your favriote becuse you always drink it. santa please please bring my laptop and leave instroshens how to leave viroses of it your the best i will leave you some cookies and cola this year and carrots for the raindeer. thank you santa have a merry christmass love elisa 11 years old

  92. hii santa when will you be in england, stoke on trent, staffordshire and what time i am really excited
    love you so much xxxxxxxxxx you are amazing

  93. Hi Santa
    I wonder what time you will be coming to my house so i can get ready for bed soon. I live in Ashton-in-makerfield wigan england uk.
    Love from Amelia Age 9

  94. Santa is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. Hi Santa what time are you coming to stoke on trent in england? love you lots xxxxxxxxxx
    From Sian Hough Age 10
    lots of love to your reindeers xxx

  96. hi santa i would like some make-up for christmas please and a bratz bed set love you and your raindeers brooke age 7

  97. seainin and caitlin burke says

    hey santa
    me and my sister cailin were just wandering when will you be in derry becuse we need to know what time we have to go to bed at.
    in ireland now it is 16:18 pm wat time will you be there for
    bye xxxx
    seainin and cailtin burke

  98. Dear santa
    When are you comeing to england,leeds

  99. Dear Santa Claus,
    My mom is getting everything on my list,so I only ask for one thing, actually its sort of a act, or action if you will. I wish that you can stop all the wars in the world for christmas, just oneday so that there would be peace and happiness for once, for a whole entire day.
    Kya W of San Diego California

  100. Hi santa
    What time are you arriving in tervuren, belgium?
    You rock santa.
    See you later

  101. Dear everyone have a very merry christmas and a happy new year and kids dont forget to be good.
    santa claus

  102. Dear Santa, when are you coming to Hawaii. I cant wait til you come.hope you like the things we set out for you.
    Love The Teixeiras.

  103. To Santa,
    How are you? Hope you are OKAY!
    Were waiting for you… dont get lost!
    .. dont eat to much we have some cookies waiting for you.
    all my love

  104. hey santa,can you get me a PSP?????

  105. Julia McMullan says

    Dear Santa,
    I’m going to bed now but what I would like for Christmas is a Wii and my sister wants the same thing.
    Julia McMullan xxoo

  106. siobhan and matt says

    Santa, we would like to know when you will be arriving in England. We would also like to know what you would like to eat when you get to our house. If you don’t reply, we will guess, and hope for the best.
    Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Don’t get too hot or too cold this Christmas.
    once again merry christmas.
    From Siobhan And Matt

  107. hiyyya santa ii want GHD’S for chistmas as my mum is poor and wont get me any please will you get them me !!!

  108. Roisin Wilson says

    Dear Santa,
    I have not posed my letter but hopefully you know what I want,
    This Christmas,if you could,I would LOVE mario cart for my ds,and one or two suprises.
    You know where I live,Ireland,Cork so please have a safe journy,lots of love
    RΓ³isΓ­n Wilson xxx

  109. when will you be in manchester UK england?

  110. hi santa plz can i have mii own laptop for christmas plz ive been waitin for one for ages luv ya santa..xx from Emily

  111. hi santa plz can i have mii own laptop for christmas plz ive been waitin for one for ages luv ya santa..xx from Emily

  112. When will you get to Naugatuck,Connecticut?

  113. alexis schumacher says

    hi santa i just wanted to say i really want an i-pod love alexis s.

  114. Sean McCartin says

    He’s going over Africa right now, and he will be in NC in 8 hours

  115. yo santa u RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. Dear Santa,
    Merry Christmas! I would really like to get Thrillville off the rails. Can u try to get it for me? Thank you a lot!

  117. briara kerrick says

    Dear santa,
    i problaby dont desirv any thing this year because of what happened in school. as you may know i hang around my brother alot and my dad dosnt like it but what i want for christmas this year is a skate board, for my brother to leave me somthing when he goes to college, and a xbox 360 with halo 3 and xbox live(my brother has all of these things exept skateboard that he used to have
    Briara Kerrick
    write always your bigest beliver,
    Briara Franchelle Kerrick

  118. hello santa I hope I see you soon but not littrely see you GOOD LUCK!!!!!

  119. Colleen Kaplinger says

    Dear Santa Claus,
    I will very much love the presents I hope ha you will bring me hopeful. I know that I will problebly not get any thing Because I have been bad. I still beliven you so.I just can’t wait two more days. It is so agenitzing to be waiting for so long. I forgot to say that I live in South Bristol Maine!!!
    I will always remember you Santa Claus yours truly Colleen Addy Kaplinger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  120. dear santa claus, i’ll go to bed at 8 o’clock. i am going to be asleep wen you come to westvale. Rudolf goes at the front when it’s a foggy christmas eve. when i wakeup then i am going to see alot of presnts. thats me Jacob Moore. thank you for my presents because i haveb ben good. What time will you be coming to my house?
    love from Jacob
    xx x

  121. Dear santa
    hoping for a nintendo wii and a lgks3600 phone in pink
    Rhian x

  122. how do reindeer get sick?

  123. Dear santa, it isnt snowing yet and im relly sad about that -can you make it snow? i hope you and the reindeer havea safe trip! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

  124. Dear Santa, my sister Danielle really wants guitar hero for the wii if you could make that for her that would be great!!!!!! My sister and i are at my dads for christmas eve and my mom for christmas day please stop by BOTH houses. I want baby alive and guitar hero for the DS. I wouldn’t mind if i got a PlayStation and guitar hero for but i would be okay with just baby alive and guitar hero for the mom and and dad say they do not want anything but if you could get something for them that would be great.Thank you for the presents last year they were so so cool. And the ones all of them cool and when i say cool i do not mean a consipated overated out-of-style loser.I mean who would call Santa presents uncool. Isn’t that impossibleD!!!!!! I was wondering how many movies have you been in. Do you have 66 christmas trees or something? I mean 1 really big tree and 65 smaller trees. Not to be rude or anything but how aol are you? Mommy and Daddy said that you were 16 when you became Santa Claus and that you NEVER die or get sick or get cancer or have to go to the hospital or anything is that true? please come between the hours of 10:30 and 11:30 that is when we are at church. I love you Santa
    your best friend,
    Taylor M. Gadus
    the date is 12/24/09
    P.S. Tater-Bugs wants a new dress ily.

  125. dear santa
    for christmas i would like an ipod touch, we have left you some jaffa cakes and a can of strongbow and rudulf has some oats and all the other reindeers have water!!!!!
    see you next year
    love bryony

  126. Dear Santa,
    All I want 4 christmas is 4 my family to be happy!
    I also want there to be world peace.
    Thanks for ur time
    Kayla B.

  127. Dear Santa you are my hero i wish i could be like you. Please bring peace to the world and no more war. And be safe when you come cause it will be raining badly here.
    P.S. When will you come get to Savannah, GA.

  128. santa you are nice a want you to bring lots of toys.Good Luck!!!!! πŸ™‚ from,Alleksah.

  129. hey santa, this year i would just like my family to be safe and happy! when will you arrive in stoke-on-trent. thank you, Bekky

  130. dear santa i want some porno clips of mrs. clause you know bang bang in the closet

  131. hi santa,
    plz make sure everyone is happy tnx.
    i was wondering when you are gonna visit my road .i live at ayrfield road. hows mrs.claus and the reindeer and yourself?
    i have tried to be a good girl. i know i have had a couple of tantrums but i promise i will be grateful amd kind to everyone i meet.
    merry christmas and happy new year.

  132. hey santa
    thanks for all the gifts i got last year i know i havent been to good but plz can try and do this for me i don’t want any presants this year i just want Kirsty,Amy and Aj to be happy and to know i miss them very much and have ever since they left say hi to the raindear plz
    merry christmas and a happy new year love zara xxx

  133. Dear Santa.
    Please don’t come to my house until you have delivered to everybody! I’d appreciate it if you got to everyone because I’d like everyone in the world to have a Merry Christmas. When will you be in South Somercotes, England?
    Love, Codi-Mae xxx
    P.S. God Bless Jesus Christ. Happy Birthday Jesus!

  134. hello santa πŸ™‚
    Thank you for all of my presants last year and i really enjoyed them! And i have a question for you…… when you come into my house i can never hear you so how are you so so so so so quiet?
    your sincerely Rachael kazer πŸ˜€ x

  135. Dear santa
    i really want to know when you will be in Wisconsin its in the USA i want to know because my sister went to see her boyfriend and i want her to get back in time! πŸ™‚
    sincerely Christina xoxoxoxooxox

  136. dear santa
    sorry to bother you agin but i really want a amarican girl bed (any kind)another thing i want is a short ballet bar to practice on thanks

  137. Dear Santa,
    Will you come if im awake?I am not sure but i hope so!We might forget to put Cookies and milk (sorry).

  138. Santa, when will you be arriving in lindenhurst, IL ? I would like to get to bed in time for your arrival at my house.
    – Lindsay

    • Hello this is the one the only Santa Clause I have been there Lindsey must have missed your house will be there at about 9:30 Thank you!

  139. Dear Santa,
    When will you be in Palmdale, California, The magic state. I will be waiting for your arrival.

  140. hi santa when will you get to illinois

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