NASA Goddard Publishes Huge Google Earth Time Animations

Hurricane Katrina Time Animation in Google EarthNASA Goddard’s Scientific Visualization Studio has released a long list of Google Earth time animations of weather satellite “movies”, and other scientific visualizations which had already been available as Quicktime movies or image sequences. This is the largest collection of GE time animations I’ve seen to date. Time animations are a feature only available in Google Earth 4 (Version 4.0.2091 or greater – download the latest GE here). The concept of taking these visualizations and georeferencing them into Google Earth is great. However, NASA needs to provide lower resolution versions for some of the GE time animations because some of them take up too much memory. Caution! If you are willing to brave the risk of extra large datasets here is the NASA web site. The GE time animations are the links on the right side of the page. Some of the animations include dozens of multi-megabyte images (so, not only do you run the risk of running out of memory, but they may take a while to download). I suggest clicking on the links with the photos on the left first to decide whether the movie or images have too much data to attempt with the GE version. One of my favorites from the collection is the animation of Hurricane Katrina (this is still very large, but worth it if your computer can handle it). Thanks to ‘barnabu’ at the GEC for the tip on these new NASA files.

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  1. Great to see NASA sharing this data with google, it has been in World Wind for quite some time under SVS, but the more people who get to see these cool and educational animations the better.

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