North Korean Nuclear Test in Google Earth

North Korea Nuclear Test  in Google EarthThe test of what may have been a nuclear bomb in North Korea has stirred up a political storm around the world. You can check out in Google Earth some of the locations in North Korea where they have been working on the technology by viewing this Google Earth file from jeffrey at Also, if you load up the USGS Seismic Real-time Monitoring tool for Google Earth you can see where the seismic activity was detected (a 4.2 Magnitude disturbance) yesterday. Here is a slideshow of screenshots of satellite photos from Eweek. Here is some analysis of the nuclear infrastructure in North Korea from GlobalSecurity. And here is a New York Times article which shows a screenshot from Google Earth of the test area.
This Google Earth content, showing the North Korean locations, has been spreading around the Internet,. The national and international news media have been showing Google Earth satellite photos and the seismic reports on TV many times during the last 24 hours. Google Earth is becoming an increasingly important visual tool for news which requires unique geographic perspectives on areas few people are familiar with. [UPDATE: for other examples of the North Korean situation in Google Maps, check out this story from GoogleMapsMania]

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  1. Some locations that have been mentioned here and there at this Tagzania map. Links to open Google Earth there, also.

  2. Saw your flight sim demo on You tube. Well done! Do you have a copy of that Tartan Rascals song? (Looking at you) I went to the website, but couldn’t download it.

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