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Animation of London Building Growth in Google Earth – Cool!

One of the Google Earth Community members, ‘barnabu’, has created an amazing animation using the new time feature in the latest Google Earth 4 Beta. He took a set of 3D models showing a timeline of the 60 tallest structures built (and demolished) in the City from the 1950s onwards (on top of the aerial photos of London). After loading the London buildings file you will be able to see an animation which simulates the buildings being constructed over time. You MUST have the latest Google Earth 4 beta (version 4.0.209x or greater). barnabu has written some illustrated instructions in his post. Or you can try following my briefer instructions: First, set the time slider range to as small as possible, then select the “Animation” folder under the “City of London” folder in the Places. Finally select the “Play” button (little right arrow / triangle button) on the right hand side of the time gadget in the upper part of the screen (this starts a loop of the animation). This is one of the slickest time animation implementations I’ve seen yet!
By the way, barnabu also did these interesting 3D models: Global Clouds in 3D, Google Saturn, King’s College Chapel, and MI-6 Headqaurters.

Other time feature examples:

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