Track Tropical Storm Florence in Google Earth

[UPDATE Sunday morning: It is now Hurricane Florence with 80 mph sustained winds . It is currently forecasted to pass just west of Bermuda as a category 2 storm, so residents there should be prepared.]
Tropical Storm Florence in Google EarthAnother tropical storm is building in the Atlantic. It is currently about 1400 km (900 miles) east of the Virgin Islands. Google Earth allows you to view all kinds of real-time weather information and track the history and forecasted paths of tropical storms. You can track the position of Tropical Storm Florence using this excellent Hurricane Tracker by ‘glooton’ which was posted at the Google Earth Community. It also shows you the web cam locations/pictures for towns near an approaching storm, wind strengths, satellite photos, and more. There is another hurricane tracker (for Atlantic storms) which shows model forecast tracks, satellite photos, and other data. This was done by Paul Seabury and posted at the GEC as well. Also, check out these and other weather tools put together by Google Earth Blog. Current forecasts show Tropical Storm Florence reaching hurricane strength by Thursday evening and headed west northwest towards the United States at about 10 knots.

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