New Storms – Track Hurricane Gordon, Typhoon Shanshan

[UPDATE: Friday 0730 ET – Gordon is now a category 3 hurricane heading for the middle north atlantic. Typhoon Shanshan is now a category 4 storm less than 200 km east of Taiwan and 300 km south of Okinawa and headed north.]
Hurricane Gordon and Typhoon Shanshan in Google EarthThe tropical storm season is finally heating up in the Atlantic, and the Pacific continues with another storm. Hurricane Gordon quickly progressed to hurricane status, but fortunately it presents no threat to land (including Bermuda). It is in the middle of the Atlantic and is barely a category 1 storm and will quickly move into the cooler waters of the north Atlantic. Typhoon Shanshan on the other hand is forecasted to head north and is currently 1200 kilometers south of Japan. Typhoon Shanshan is a category 3 storm (with winds of 85 knots or 150 km/h). Hurricane Florence is now fizzling out in the north Atlantic.
You can use Google Earth to track all current tropical storms by using this excellent storm tracker by ‘glooton’ which was posted at the Google Earth Community. This uses a network link to automatically show you the most current storms world-wide by scanning weather sources on the Internet. It shows you the past track and the forecasted path, and icons indicating strength of the storm. It also shows you the web cam locations/pictures for towns near an approaching storm, wind strengths, satellite photos, and more. There is another hurricane tracker (for Atlantic storms) which shows model forecast tracks, satellite photos, and other data. This was done by Paul Seabury and posted at the GEC as well. Also, Paul’s network link now includes some interface enhancements if you use GE 4. Also, check out these and other weather tools put together by Google Earth Blog.

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