Giant Bug Found in Germany in Google Earth

[UPDATE: the photo with the bug is no longer found in the Google Earth image database, so you won’t see it if you follow the link in this article.]
Giant Bug in Google EarthBack in April, a Google Earth Community member called ‘SammyOfKassel’ posted a placemark showing a gigantic, nearly 50 meter-long, bug in Google Earth (an aerial photo) in Gemany. A GEC moderator called ‘Hill’ noted this was most likely an insect called a “thrips” which is normally only about a mm long. No, this isn’t a giant mutant bug…it is actually a normal sized insect which happened to be on the negative of the aerial photo before it was scanned. But, it’s fun to look at and make a story out of.
Google Sightseeing recently picked up on the find and I’m now seeing some other blog entries discussing the “Giant” bug. There’s so much data in Google Earth, you’re bound to find all kinds of interesting things.

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  1. Haha, thats good stuff. I’ll show my friend and he’ll freak out.

  2. That is hilarious. Reminds me of the first computers which used mechanical parts to compute data and when they got a bug in their programing it was actually a bug. I wonder if photographers call it the same.

  3. A good safe product for kids is Baby Insect Repellent. Thanks for the awesome blog! 🙂

  4. great picture! i also saw another google picture from space where one house in a suburban town had a jet plane parked in the backyard while another picture showed the silhouette of of a sunken ship lying on its side at the bottom of a river
    check out for more images and articles

  5. well im from germany, have not seen it 😉

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