Using Google Earth Free for Education is Allowed

There seems to be some armchair lawyers out there interpreting the license agreement for Google Earth to mean you can’t use Google Earth for education. To dispel this myth, OgleEarth points out that the Google Earth Help Center specifically states that it is fine for you to use Google Earth in education:

Can Google Earth be used in an educational setting?
The use of Google Earth for educational purposes in primary, secondary, and post-secondary institutions is OK.

In fact, Google has been known to give away Google Earth licenses to educational institutions, and included both Google Earth and SketchUp software for free in a large educational program for the state of Maine a month ago.

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  1. In fact, Google Earth has been given to nearly 5000 schools and school districts in a multi-year educational outreach program. What the “fearful” fail to realize is that a quick check with Google would have given them Pro for the teachers and unlimited use of Free. There is also special support and other benefits for schools and districts in the program. Send email to for the details.

  2. André Cotte says:

    Is it permit to “redistribute” Google Earth in installing it to every computer in a school district?

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