Israel-Lebanon Conflict Illustrated in Google Earth

Israel-Lebanon Conflict Illustrated in Google Earth[NOTE: The file discussed here continues to be updated and now includes folders separating information by date, and image overlays of a couple damaged areas.]
In an excellent use of Google Earth, someone living near the scene of action has begun documenting where military actions have occurred on both sides of the Israel-Lebanon conflict. This shows how GE’s ability to tie information to location can be a powerful tool for visualization. This collection of placemarks shows the locations of the military actions based on news reports. Each placemark contains details on the action which occurred at the location and the casualties or damage resulting, and allows you to view the aerial photos and see what it looked like before the conflict. Turn on the “Borders” layer to get a clear understanding of the locations. The creator of the collection posted it at his web site here and notes that this is an “very incomplete” picture of the action so far. And yet, it still gives a much clearer picture of the quantity, scope and scale than any typical news report. If you want to keep up with whether the author of the collection updates the file, you can try putting this network link in your “My Places” folder and it will automatically reload the file when you check it. via OgleEarth.

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  2. fran´┐Żois says:

    This is an incredible work of precision about Lebanon crisis. It is great to understand the scale of Israeli’s destructions on Lebanon. Thanks to the guy (s) who are working on this model!!!! Keep doing it!

  3. Hi!
    Type “Balaklava” in Google Earth.
    Zoom on it, than go west on the coastline. You’ll se
    a big arrow in the see.

  4. Hi, I was wondering if there are any Google Earth application of some conflicts in our world. And if there are not, I planned to work on it. But here it is! Great work! You gave me a lot of inspirations, maybe i can do a same work for another area. Thanks.

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