Bus Live Tracking at USC – Research Project

Live tracking of USC buses/trams in Google Earth[EDIT: The network link isn’t working at the moment, I’ve contacted the author.]
A couple of weeks back someone from USC’s Info Lab contacted me to tell me about his project to track moving objects and uses Google Earth to visualize the tracking. The significant part of his project is to do near-real-time queries of the nearest moving object to another location. Apparently the bus trams near USC have location trackers (they are not as active during night hours, so wait until after 6 AM Pacific Time). Load up the network link to see this in action. Make sure the “Trams” network link is turned on to see if the buses are in motion. The green circles you will see represent the trams that are closest to the 4 stations at the time the query was made to the database. You can turn off the “Tram Map” so you can see the excellent aerial photos of the USC campus while the buses are moving around. Thanks for contacting me Jeff, this looks like a fun project!
There are a number of other cool looking “GEO” projects being done at USC, check out the list here.
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  1. smokeonit says:

    would be nice to know more about the tech background of this project. what infrastructure is necessary to get this done???
    thnx for your great blog;-)

  2. Jimmy Lemon says:

    The network links dont see to work at the moment 🙁

  3. That’s great technology but i don’t live near USC, so what’s in it for me?

  4. Last year I developed a complete application to manage a mass transit system. It also can track every bus in Google Earth with realtime update. You can find more information on http://www.palmbus.it.

  5. I’m from South Africa, but I visited Karlsruhe, Germany, recently and used their tram system. They have a website (only German) where once can download an application to you cellphone that allows you to connect to the web and download the time the next tram will be at a specific tram stop. I whish someone could build a simular network link for the Karlsruhe tram system.

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