The Tomb of Tutankhamon in Google Earth

The tomb of Tutankhamon – also known as KV62 in the archeological world – was the most intact tomb of a pharoh of Egypt ever found. It became very famous for the wealth of treasure it contained. Someone at the Google Earth Community called ‘atf’, who is from Zaragoza, Spain, posted an excellent 3D model and an aerial photograph of the area to help you visualize Tutankhamon’s tomb.
Since Google Earth does not currently allow you to place models below the surface of land, how do you show the location of a tomb? ‘atf’ used a method similar to one I wrote about last month. He took his subsurface model and ‘floated’ it above its actual location. Look at the model of Tutankhamon’s tomb , and you can see the stairs leading down to the burial chamber. A few important things to note: make sure you have the “Terrain” layer turned on and that your Preferences have “Elevation exagerration” set to 1.0; raise your altitude a bit and then double-click on “Tumba de Tutankhamon” to get a good view; If you open the folder you can see ‘atf’ has provided several views of the various chambers and corridor. Excellent work ‘atf’!
See Wikipedia entry on KV62 – Tutankhamon’s Tomb.

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