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A few interesting news items and tips for SketchUp users:

  • SketchUp has announced Mac OSX SketchUp Pro 5 users can now download an OSX Google Earth plugin so they can also post and download to and from the Google 3D Warehouse. Mac users should read the above announcement first as there are some important instructions required for a successful installation. The free Google SketchUp for Mac OSX is still not out yet.
  • – a new blog dedicated to sharing ideas, news, tutorials, and examples for using SketchUp effectively. via OgleEarth.
  • SketchUp video tutorials – this page lets you view (or download) a number of video tutorials showing how to create models with SketchUp. I highly recommend these. My favorite is “Model from a photo” which just amazed me.

If you haven’t downloaded the free Google SketchUp, I highly recommend it. This is an amazing tool for creating 3D models. Google SketchUp is a free application whose primary purpose is for outputting models for use in Google Earth and is for personal use only. SketchUp 5 Pro is the commercial version (US$ 495) which can be used for commercial purposes and allows exporting your models to many formats and printing (you can download a free 8-hour trial).

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