Memorial Day – Medal of Honor Recipients

US Medals of Honor in Google Earth

The Medal of Honor is the highest military decoration awarded by the United States. It is awarded “for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of life, above and beyond the call of duty, in actual combat against an armed enemy force.”

This collection has been expanded since I last wrote about it. The collection now includes the recipients of the US Medal of Honor from the following campaigns:

The China (The Boxer Rebellion) 1900, Mexican (Vera Cruz) 1914, Haiti 1915 Campaign, Dominican Campaign 1916, World War I 1917-1918, Haiti 1919 – 1920, Nicaraguan Campaign 1927 – 1933, World War II 1941 – 1945, North Korea 1950 – 1953, Vietnam 1964 – 1973, Somalia 1993 and The War On Terror (2002 – Present).

The collection shows the placemarks of the birthplaces of each winner and the descriptions show date of birth, rank, organization, location of deed, and the citation. Photos are also available. The collection was developed by ‘Up_The_Spurs’ from the Google Earth Community who also did the recipients of the Victoria Cross.
The collection doesn’t show fancy photos, or 3D models, but each and every placemark contains a hero.

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  1. Wow. you can do anything with Google earth. Does one have to die in the line of duty, to get the Medal of Honour
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  2. Gary J. Lindley says:

    please do not confuse these heroes with any sporting event. They are recipients of this great homor. The did not win any thing. I know much about this honor. Please see Kenneth L. Olson Paynesville minnesota.{ I was the other soldier and the one who had part in this award to Kens parents)On this page there is reference to “birthplaces of each winner”. Please correct this erra. from winner to recipient. . I must say. prior to me reading everything i could get my hands on in reference to this medal I was guilty of using the word winner. I am no longer ignart of this. Thanks Gary L

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