Maxim Puts 110-foot-tall Cover Girl in Nevada Desert

In celebration of its 100th issue, Maxim went into the desert and laid out a huge copy of one of its more popular covers (picture of Housewife Eva Longoria on the cover). They then took aerial photos of the project and created image overlays so you can view it in Google Earth . I guess they couldn’t wait 2 or 3 years for Google to buy a satellite or aerial photo and include it in their database. According to Defamer, it took them 15 hours to lay it out with 9 people, 25 hours to print out, and 125 stakes to hold it on the ground.
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  1. Its very interesting and glorious magzine.I hope you will continously will entertain all of us.

  2. Wow, interesting, now how often will google update the image, or will they eventually censor these images ?

  3. It may be a good way to attract extraterrestrial life.

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