New Data Update in Google Earth!

[EDITED: 30-Mar 2006 at 07:00 EST] It’s now official! Google released new satellite/aerial photo data for Google Earth on 23-Mar-2006. Here’s a summary of the updates found so far:
30-Mar – More data was updated than previously thought Thanks to the efforts of ‘Cyclonic’ at the Google Earth Community, who is maintaining the database of all planes found in flight, numerous other locations updated in the 23-Mar update have been found. Places where planes were previously found were missing, which indicated the change in data. Most of the changes were small alterations to areas already in high-resolution, some cities are new though. Here’s the list from ‘Cyclonic’s post:

  • Tempe, AZ
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Sedona, AZ
  • Watsonville, CA
  • Byron, CA
  • Venice, FL
  • St Cloud, FL
  • E of Pittsburgh, PA
  • S of Boulder City, CO
  • Indianapolis, IN
  • Montreal, CAN
  • Toronto, CAN
  • Gifu Airport, Japan
  • Mountain Home AFB, ID
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • S of Hyderabad, India
  • Damascus, Syria
  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Oson, SKorea
  • Incheon, SKorea
  • Many African Capitals

Here’s list of known updates shortly after the announcement:

  • This new data is not in Google Local/Maps yet. – But, Google says it will be later.
  • The basemap for the whole Earth has been changed to another source called TrueEarth. This new data looks better than the old one. Look at all the continents more closely. The colors are much more vibrant and green. (Read one of the comments below which explains more about the TrueEarth data)
  • Most of Germany is now in high resolution
  • Some minor fixes to old data
  • It also appears many Tropical Islands are in higher resolution than before, this includes French Polynesia, some in the Caribbean and the Azores.
  • Even many of the Atolls in the Pacific Islands around French Polynesia are much sharper.
  • The beautiful shallow turquoise waters around the Bahamas have been put back
  • More of the islands in the Caribbean are in higher resolution (previously just fuzzy blotches) – e.g. some of the Grenadines.
  • New high resolution photos for parts of the Maldives Island group. I found this cool seaplane flying there. Here’s a blog entry about the new Maldives photos.
  • I’m getting reports of other random changes. For example the photo in Taiwan of the Taipei 101 tower shows it under construction now, whereas before it was finished (so an older photo now). Check out the 3D model of Taipei Tower if you want to really see it finished.

Here’s the official announcement from Google (which doesn’t include all the details above).
Check out the Sightseeing, 3D Models, and Flying categories for places to see in Google Earth.
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Frank Taylor started the Google Earth Blog in July, 2005 shortly after Google Earth was first released. He has worked with 3D computer graphics and VR for many years and was very impressed with this exciting product. Frank completed a 5.5 year circumnavigation of the earth by sailboat in June 2015 which you can read about at Tahina Expedition, and is a licensed pilot, backpacker, diver, and photographer.

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  2. We want Denmark updated as well 🙂
    How hard can it be, they only have to add a few hundred km north of the border of Germany…

  3. IckyChris says

    VERY Nice!
    The TruEarth basemap is much better than the old one, both in resolution and color.
    But I’ll never be entirely happy until they give us a stereo viewing option!

  4. The map of my hometown is quite old, perhaps 2003.

  5. The Azores have now a much higher resolution too.

  6. Thx google – any update in resolution is always appreciated. I wish you would update all of EU into high-resolution – there are plenty of absolutely miserable resolution patches. I guess Germany got updated because of the World Cup in Soccer, but please don’t forget that EU is 25 countries, not only the selected few. You have plenty of users from all of EU.

  7. No update of Togo

  8. Hmm. And it looks like they have reduced the coverage of other areas, for example Johannesburg, South Africa now only has the “wireframe” map, when previously we could at least get to about a 500m resolution.

  9. Actually TruEarth is a just a modified version of what Google Earth already had. They are wrong in saying that it isn’t Landsat. It is 15 meter Pan-Sharpened LandSat data, same the NaturualVue product that they already had. All that TruEarth did was apply a blue strech to the NaturalVue Imagery. In many ways it is worse. Look at South America, you can see that they processed each tile individually. Thus creating massive tile lines that wasn’t in NaturalVue product(which used to be the background).

  10. map of london uk in my area (sw) shows my old car parked in the driveway that i sold in 2001, 5 year old map for capital of uk ?
    still, an amazing program tho and i hope u will offer GPS support to the masses maybe some api’s so we can ruin tomtom ?

  11. Wayne Walton says

    There still seem to be some alighnment issues
    in Blackburn (UK) and a place called Mill Hill
    the streets dont line up with the aerial photography.
    How do I re-set my copy of GE to get the new imagery ?

  12. If you read the announcement, they have only fixed a small number of the alignment problems. All you need to do to get the new imagery is close and re-open Google Earth. I also recommend clearing your cache in the “Tools->Options”.

  13. Jamaica still very old pics and res no improved

  14. Same here, the map of mine dates back to 2002 I think.. Bleah.

  15. Please include the southwestern part of Oahu (former NAS Barber’s Point, Hawaii) in hi res. I want to see my old home.

  16. It would be nice to have south america and africa as well, at least the capital cities. I’m amazed at how poorly tagged these countries are

  17. Posted by: Posted by: Posted By: says

    its important that you update Rickmansworth, United Kingdom area. Yes, it is surely important.

  18. Where is Lebanon update…been waiting…still waiting. PLEASE Google Earth!

  19. Google Earth is rising in popularity with the speed of Apple’s IPOD. I just hope that it doesn’t become a sell out as well.

  20. Salem Oregon still looks like a blob, but the local airport now has a nice outline

  21. Why are not highly populated parts of the US not in high res yet? If this is a “free Country” (yeah right). IE: Westport, CT. Also, it looks like things have been erased! Chatham Massachusetts, the lighhouse at the coast guard station is missing from the high res – closest picture! Is this for national security? I dont trust this service from Google when things go missing! This is just wrong! Be afraid!

  22. Google doesn’t take all these pictures of places. All you EU people and everyone else need to realize that. If your nation doesn’t have imagery in Google Earth it’s because your nation didn’t pay for it. There are some major towns in the United States without imagery because the town, burrough, or county didn’t pay for images to be taken.
    Google doesn’t make the data – they just collect it. If you don’t have sattelite images of your hometown – write your government officials.

  23. When it was still Keyhole, I could see the cars in my driveway.
    I can’t even see a blob resembling my house anymore.
    MSN’s virtual earth may have my area in black and white, but at least I can actually SEE my house.

  24. I believe it will automatically download the new photographs. At least that is what has happened for me.

  25. The previous map showed Taipei 101 completed, the new map shows it only under construction..

  26. Brazil, there is a lot of places with low resolution, there should be more!!!! this year is the world cup year!!!

  27. Kathmandu’s image is still fuzzy. Please Google Earth, make it better. Kathmandu has so many good temples that would be good to see from the sky. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE. Thank you.
    Google Earth ROCKS!

  28. I realize that Wichita, KS isn’t too high on too many lists. However, it is in the top 50 us cities. It is also the largest city in the state of Kansas. I can’t think of a good reason for google to still have half of the city is super low res format.,+KS&t=k

  29. Ok, I know there was a tsunami and all but in this new set the island of Ko Phi Phi in Thailand is completely missing. That’s just not right.

  30. When the *&$@ are you going to add high res Milwaukee? Keyhole had it, why don’t you guys? I hate google earth because of this. It’s useless to me. Please fix this ASAP!

  31. Hey, great update from my country Germany! But: According to the Fifa World Cup, Google should show also ALL the Football (Soccer)Stadiums!
    But: They just put a very old Sat-pic of Cologne. There you can see the old stadium. Now (since 3 years!) we have a brand new stadium! Much nicer!
    Too bad for all the fans from England, Portugal, Angola, Sweden, France etc. who want to see the Stadium!
    Regards from
    Figo from Cologne/ Germany

  32. All the sub-antartic islands appear to be in a better resolution aswell.

  33. The data for Calgary,CA is screwed up now. wtf.

  34. I don’t believe Google takes any images or controls any satellites. They buy the imagery like anyone else that wants a pic of their favorite spot. They are just making it available to us – for FREE. So if we don’t like it, then we can open an account with GeoEye and buy all the imagery we want of our favorite spots on this beautiul earth.
    As a previous poster stated ‘Be afraid”, yes be very afraid, after a few years of being “googleized” they may just start charging for this free service !!

  35. Also Evansville, Indiana for example is still in crapola resolution. Must be some alien installation there to have the imagery obscured there.

  36. Ya, my town of New Liskeard is pretty rough… but I do have outlines of my road now… still crude maps!

  37. So you guys spend tons and tons of money imaging your own damn campus, and other nice points around the world. But you don’t even start to image portions of the USA that would be extremely useful to a majority of your user base, maybe a nice higher-res image of Vermont and more of New England perhaps? What a nice forward way of thinking, eh? What good does it do me to stare at your campus for hours on end when the places of interest to me don’t even show up?

  38. photokandi says

    Hey, anyone know if and when there gonna be high-res photo’s available for whole the netherlands?!

  39. Looks like Krakatoa has been low-resolutioned off the map, too.

  40. I don’t think you will have to worry about Google charging for Google Earth service… But do expect more advertising and marketing crap in it. Once google figures out how to convince companies to pay for advertising in GE….

  41. dont forget to add sri lanka too….
    you will find the country important .. when we found oil on our soil..

  42. Henry Broome says

    %$^&*!!! When are they going to have high-res photos of Auckland CITY. Theres only a few high-res photos for the whole of New Zealand!!!

  43. Bleuch! What the hell have they done to the map?
    Truearth? God its horrible! Please put the previous imagery back!!!! Look at the Sahara!
    Cripes look at anything! Its not about more vibrant greens and crap, its about what actually is! I cannot believe such a horrible decision like this was actually made! Smarten up please!

  44. Sweden had fairly good resolution in many areas before, that has now been taken away! Why downgrade maps?? Also in general I think the colors and definition of the areas around the globe seems much less vibrant and distinct now after this upgrade. It all looks more like sn old schoolmap from the 50:ies…

  45. I agree with many previous posts. The new pics are worse than the old ones in many areas. Most of Australia is in low res, so as such is pretty useless.Pick up your game guys!!!!

  46. I agree with PsiClops, the new basemap sucks! Don’t give us an “enhanced” map, just give us reality. The whole world now looks dark, mottled, and sick… just look at North Africa or Australia or Argentina or Canada, for heaven’s sakes. The old map looked exactly like the Earth from space: bright, vibrant, and beautiful. This new map looks like the world after a couple centuries of runaway pollution.

  47. Eric Augenstein says

    As far as GE’s swap from NaturalVue to TruEarth, there are basically three 15-meter resolution global imagery products on the market right now – NaturalVue, TruEarth and TerraColor. All three of these were created from the same base dataset – NASA’s 15-meter false color mosaics built from 1999-2002 Landsat imagery. Each of the three products uses a different technique for transforming the false color imagery (built from Landsat bands 7, 4 and 2) into something that simulates the look of “true color” imagery built only from Landsat bands 3, 2 and 1. (The reason for using the NASA 742 mosaics is primarily economic – there are 8,500 Landsat scenes needed to cover the globe, and transforming an existing product to simulate natural color is much faster and less expensive than re-processing all 8,500 Landsat scenes again in real true color. There are also some issues with haze in true color that are reduced in false color.) There are some basic commonalities among the three products, but also some great differences. As far as which is the “best,” beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It’s clear that TruEarth has some seam problems that NaturalVue and TerraColor do not, but some people may prefer their overall “look.” You can visit the company websites for these three products for more info on them.

  48. The Allianz Arena in Munich has vanished …
    It used to be the Stadium as it was built in 2004/2005…
    Now its an empty white place..

  49. Still no good views at all on most places in Maine, U.S.A /sob…

  50. Well I live in Austrias (2 million) capital Vienna, and the images we had were not too good, but acceptable, but the new images are with clouds on them, so that you can’t see about 10% of the area, because of the clouds! That sucks. The last version of Vienna had worse light, but at least you could see everything. And the “New” images are old. There are pictures of a shopping centre being not there yet, which was opened in 2004.

  51. Anders Lund says

    There are still only three high res. pics in Denmark.. WHOLE Germany but no Denmark.. Christ.. It can’t be that much of an effort to take some pics of Denmark come on.. I’ve been looking forward for some new Denmark updates.. But no.. Seems I have to wait.. Hurry up guys..

  52. It seems that many people here don’t understand how this works. Google has NO control over what is in high resolution. They have to pay others for the imagery they use and sometimes they are forced to change some of the imagery to an older date. It is hard for a company to put something as great as GE together when most people do not pay for it, but they do. Finally, imagery from 2002 and 2003 are not that old, you can not expect new imagery to be taken all the time just because you want it.

  53. Yup its a HUGE INDIA update. Many Many Indian cities have been added, but they are kind of misaligned, which may explain the lack of announcement.

  54. I mean, Amsterdam is already small… and they make it even smaller by not covering a wider area of the city!!!

  55. That big ‘base update probably explains why (a few months ago, anyway–I didn’t check too often) street paths in the south Bronx were misaligned with the aerial street photos in GE. They are now MUCH better aligned.
    (My brother will find a pleasant surprise; he hated that misalignment.)

  56. All the roads in my local area that were well aligned now seem to be misaligned 🙁 Also a load of placemarks that I had added have shifted with the roads 🙁

  57. Where did Ko Phi Phi island go? Its a beautiful thing to look at from space .

  58. Why are people whining about seeing there house or street? You live there, you see it every day in the highest res you can possibly get. You want to see places you haven’t been to, like Germany, Egypt, LV. You don’t want to see your roof tiles and a patch of grass, you want to see the breath taking stuff. Niagra anyone?
    My house is high res, the image was taken around 7 years ago. I don’t mind.

  59. hayden the kiwi says

    google earth is awesome but do you think you will be able to fix up new zealand
    I mean its only a small country
    google earth rocks

  60. well chennai in the south of india was updated…

  61. Hera Miah says

    I know bangladesh is a poor third world country, but thats no excuse for the poor third world imagery!
    Please can better updates shots be available.

  62. u must focus on pakistan as well i can not see lahore down below 40000 ft.PLS get an update for lahore, pakistan
    this is a gr8 software so gr8 updates should be available,too(don’t u ppl think so too?)

  63. Justin Carter says

    Seems like the stratosphere tower in Las Vegas has got the chop. All that is left is its shadow

  64. david sutherland says

    Smith County in East Texas has 6 inch and 1 ft aerial data of the entire county and it is public data–who can I contact at Google to send them the data, or get the forms to sign to send the data in?

  65. when will american cities be updated, because for example there are extremley new places in atlanta that still show as just sand in google earth, the place is called Atlantic Station.

  66. Indian images are very old. Still we are not able to identify the roads in some places at maximum zoom.
    Hyderabad of India images are still older than 1 year. Shown many companies names but there is no building available there.

  67. Hey this software has got great potential but it won’t be worth any thing if most populated citites like Lahore Karachi (Pakistan} are ignored.

  68. The new Hi-res images (only looked at Vegas so far) but one step further would be even better, so you can click down one or two more steps and still heve them clean and crystal clear – would be awesome!
    I don’t understand replacing current scenes with older ones though?? – as some have noted here.
    and second the request for an update on NZ… would like to see more of the country – closer than the 20 – 30,000 ft view as now.

  69. please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Google`s worker please upload the satellite image of muslims biggest holy place……..

  70. No NEW ZEALAND HELLO were part of the world too. I mean we’ve only got 2 hi-res paches in RANDOM place’s!I agree with rob

  71. stop whining google earths free and no it cant “just take some images” they Have to buy them and no they do not have umlimited money!!!!!!

  72. Phil’s right! The old version of Keyhole had super high-res views of Milwaukee, and Google replaced them with low-res images over a year ago…. what’s up with that? I’d rather have out of date, but high-res, images that a total blur!

  73. Thanks for updating the earth quake relief area which is a great help in relief operations in pakistan . i endorse the views of haider, in which he requests the updating of lahore photos, perhaps one of the most beautiful cities of the world , with heritage of aroud 500 years intact.

  74. Can i inquire when the Data for Lahore pakistan will be updated. its been long since its in queue, Lahories are waiting…………

  75. What about Alaska and Northern California like the foothills to the East of Sacramento around Placerville. And how about the northern most point in the United States isn’t even shown nor the Highway all the way up to Prudhoe Bay, it says it ends in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the state. Just a thought we do have people living here.

  76. gaurav sharma says

    like google earth alot but i am unable to get the maps of jajandhar(jullundhar) and ludhiana these cities are in punjab, india. if u can arrange those maps i will be thamkfull to you

  77. wavemechanic says

    Why have maps of Melbourne, Australia’s CBD been downgraded to older, lower resolution photos FOR THE SECOND TIME? We now have EVEN OLDER photos up. The QV development is getting lower, Southern Cross is just a hole in the ground now!
    Is it security concerns that has caused Google to do this, or financial ones?

  78. Google Earth u r doin great. and i appreciate all ur work. take ur time on earth. people please appreciate there work the did great offcourse. there will one day u can c ur home from google earth who cant see it now. even i cant see my home now but they cant just focus on anything. there will be one day so be patience. Thanks Google Earth
    Waseem, Pakistan

  79. Aminul Hassan says

    Thanks for updating, Chapai Nawabganj, Bangladesh

  80. Lawrence Myers says

    Most places I have checked are 2 to 3 years old. when I put in an address it is close but not right on.

  81. shojaedin Shafiei says

    I hope this site will be free and useful for evry one in poor countries.

  82. Many Turkish images in the Google Earth are older than 1,5 years now. When are Turkish update?

  83. Is there any possibility of adding more Hi Res aerial or satellite photo scans of country and outback Australia? It is disappointing when you can’t make out what you are looking at properly because so much of the country is represented by blury false colour images.
    The Hi Res scans make all the difference and are excellent for planning trips and exploration.

  84. Hello, i’m from Greece. i’m excited with the program. I wait for up date for Greece. specialy Chalkidiki and islands. Thank you

  85. funny how all the americans complain..complain..complain…my city is the 50th largest in american and still isnt updated!! the usa is the best why arent we high res?? SHUT UP MAN be grateful of this free service

  86. Muhammand faizan says

    Hi, every one
    I am from pakistan and I very Like google earth.

  87. NICE work i’ve been waiting to see jhelum for a long time so could u get the update its been three years since i’ve downloaded G earth
    Preety Please

  88. Ashish Paul says

    Please update the Ishwarganj and Nandail Upjila, of Mymensingh District of Bangladesh site.


    Please update in Midland of Ireland which is Co Laois and Co. Offaly. thank you

  90. Please include the details of Balaramapuram which is in Trivandrum and in the country India.
    Lat: 8°27’7.79″N
    Long: 77° 2’23.16″E
    Thanks ,

  91. Jonathan Winter says

    Please update the City of Oxford in the UK to high resolution. In annoying that Cambridge is shown in better detail. Our University is much better 😉
    Many thanks.

  92. Is there a schedule somewhere of when our areas will be photographed next?

  93. Conrad Roedern says

    Gobabeb Namibia is a reknown world famous Desert Research Institution
    at 23Deg33Min 40 South / 15Deg02Min 30 East
    It is just outside the high resolution stretch East of Walvisbay/Namibia and many scientists would highly appreciate if the area could be included with high resolution
    Thanks and Regards Conrad Roedern, Solar Age

  94. Aluko dublin says

    I will love to see some updating of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. We have some very beautiful sites here that your users will enjoy viewing.

  95. OXFORD???????

  96. question?
    why are some places in HI-Res and not others? do we have to ask them to put them up or something?

  97. In New Zealand Google Earth has Manukau shown in the far North of the country when In fact it is just a few Kilometers south of Auckland City.
    About 230 km away.
    I have contacted Google with no luck and allso Wikipedia.
    Would be great to see it in the right place.

  98. I’m from Western Iowa in the United States. I know that we’re only a million measly souls, but the data on the entire half of the state (a middle sized state) looks as though a child drew it with Crayon. There is no way to see anything. Please fix this.

  99. If I want a high resolution picture of a certain place to be put up on google earth, can I ask to, and if so where can i ask?

  100. South Africa: GE previously had good quality photos where I could view to within a few meters high of a site (able to identify lines on the road surface). The quality for most parts of South African sites/regions are now disappointing.
    Is this temporary? If so, when could I expect improved visuals? A good example would be the Tswaing Crater just north of pretoria, South Africa.

  101. sidwilson says

    i have google earth free version and the map is like in 2000 or 2001 somthing like that and is there any updates for the free one, if i buy the google earth pro will the map be up to date?

  102. sidwilson,
    Some areas of the imagery are much more recent than others. The most recent is typically 6 months old. All the versions of Google Earth show the same imagery – so you get the best imagery Google makes available with the free version.

  103. Hi, I’m trying to figure out why there is no decent imagery of any portion of the Big Island of Hawaii. I live here, and I am EXTREMELY disappointed that there is no decent image, even of the big cities on this Island. Are you guys gonna update this soon I hope? please please do!

  104. no updates in maldives!!!!
    what the hell is wrong with you people!!
    hehe. sorry!!
    please update it soon bro!!!!

  105. I see the UK is updated as of June 2nd but there are now loads of old images in use, some as old as possible 3 years.

  106. Freelance Website Design says

    Thats funny, there is something amazing and yet people complain about such nd such not being updated…. Worlds a pretty big place guys, cut them some slack.

  107. george_bbm says

    google earth is the coolest program and i’m sure that in a short while they will perfect it, but if everyone asks to update the imagery from their home places, i too would have the same request: please google earth put more high resolution photos in Romania especialy in my home town Rimnicu Vilcea thx

  108. Kalladaikurchi, Manjolai and Ambasamudram are important high population density area in south Tamil nadu,india. Please update these areas to high resolution.

  109. Please update Calgary, this new version should have new data, instead it has older data and there is a lot changes happening here, how about a quick fix. Please alert me when it’s done. Thank you, Wayne

  110. Caroline says

    Google Earth is a wicked program.
    I do wish however, that they would update the map of Tasmania. The current maps of Tasmania are very very old and are missing a lot of newer roads etc.

  111. Why did Google remove the 2003 High Resolution map from Gorgona, Panama. I could see my house down to the pool. The crap resolution image that substituted it is only good for topographical studies. Gorgona, Panama is a highly turistic area in development and Google Earth was the best source of information to send to potential tourists.

  112. What do i do when google earth has a lot of white on it

  113. Ranjith Wijekoon says

    I would like to request a update of the area shown by the following co-ordinates with satellite imge. Curently there is no satellite imge for this area in SRI LANKA. (7d 41m N, 80d 15m E), (7d 40m N, 80d 28m E), (7d 32m N, 80d 29m E) , (7d 32m N, 80d 16m E). I could not find any link in Google Earth to make this request.

  114. Miguel Bravo says

    Can you give more resolution to the
    Mountain range of Durango´s in México. It’s a wonderfull place to visit¡

  115. We would like northeastern Pennsylvania updates. i don’t understand how you can zoom in high definition of the middle of nowhere in north Dakota, but you cant zoom into Scranton Wilkes barre area. its just a blur. please update this.

  116. I want to have some new updates of Indonesia… My high school in Surabaya, East Java hasn’t been built yet, it was about 4 years ago maybe… Please tell me if there is a new update for Indonesia..

  117. I was wondering when Australia was going to be updated again? my area( QLD ) has not been done for about 18months.

  118. James Minsinger says

    I live in San Francisco, CA & it has not been updated in “years”. My building was completed a year & a half ago after longer than a year of construction. All you will see is an empty lot. 255 Berry Street, SF, CA is also shown as an empty lot, and it was completed more than three years ago.
    So, I guess the image is more about 4 years old…yikes!

  119. Does anyone know what the big mystery black patch is, a little south of Normanton in Queensland, Australia???

  120. Dear Google Earth Management,
    I would like to request to add zoomed images of Jhelum City ( (
    Unfortunately all four sides of city are in zoom but main city is still unzoomed. Everyday i visit this place to check any update but still not. I am sure there will be a positive response upon my this request.

  121. Personally I`m very pleased with it but I do get problems with a very slow navigation and can`t wait for a update to maybe, two year gap?
    Well done. Congratulations.

  122. Has Google reduced the resolution size of satellite pictures. Earlier I could get much clearer pictures through google maps. Is there any payment service where higher order resolution be obtained

  123. Camron McAhren says

    Does anyone know how to contact Google about updating a certain area on Google Earth. I would like Springdale Arkansas or all of North West Arkansas updated. In the last 3 years there have been so many changes to this area because of the growth from Wal-Mart and Tyson Foods Inc.

  124. can you pleas put a new picture for the coordinates 30’05’-15′ N 8’42’-52’W
    there is a good photos north to it (30’15’-30′ N)
    and it stops

  125. would really apprecriate if the resolution of mountainous area of Nepal west of Pokhara be upgraded.

  126. This is a cool program, please update picture for Tambunan Sabah Malaysia (5’39’58.82’N – 116’21’44.92’E ) please u guy at googles.

  127. In September 2007 the map of Johannesburg had detail from about Novevember 2006. Between Oct2007 and Nov2007, the map was updated, with detail from around March 2007. Then in Dec 2007 the map receded to detail around Nov 2005. Why the move backwards in terms of the date of the map. The resolution in all of these was and is great. I know you had detail from early 2007, where did you hide it?

  128. Thats great thing done, i also surprised My Home Town(Eluru,A.P,INDIA) was now viewable. I like to Request to update the Krishna District(Vijayawada) also. My Home town was good to see but not my Home. one side area is not done towards Vijayrayi. I like to see the updates.

  129. ramakrishna says

    If i want to get the updated map for my village, what i have to do. Because, my village is covered with clouds and i could not able to see.

  130. Mudassir says

    hi google earth, pls take snaps of vijayawada city. it is south india’s biggest railway junction. commercial capital of state andhra pradesh.

  131. Hi, please can better pics of Sylhet,Bangladesh be available. They are very very old. Thanks.

  132. Around Lac La Biche Northern Alberta ( Canada) there is some hi res pictures but still the majoriy is in Low res. Can this be updated? There hundreds of oil and Gas companies in this area, but no decent Satalite photos.
    55 N

  133. Looking for more recent images around San Salvador, ElSalvador. I’m aware of recent construction, from 2005 to now, that is not showing up.

  134. Any chance of an update centred on
    52°20’24.35″N, 4°53’25.08″E – this is the Amsterdam RAI exhibition Centre, venue for one of the largest European broadcasting trade shows every September. There have been many recent changes around this location and an update would really ease planning the exact location of external exhibits, satellite dish positions etc. – it would make an awful lot of people’s lives a little easier.

  135. Durga Kodali says

    Please update hi resolution map of vijayawada India. This world map is so beautiful yet incomplete for vijayawadaites.

  136. plz could u show me in the new mape of the google my all and new eara of[ n w f p]province in pakistan thanks

  137. John Bender says

    i think they should just update every part of the world at one resolution and keep making the resolution better each time they update the entire world. then every place would be equal.

  138. Where is Indonesia update… been waiting…

  139. elaine K. says

    houston – texas has not been updated in years !

  140. Angus Phillips says

    I think they should update New Zealand the imagery there sucks

  141. I need some imagenary Update for indonesia since 2007 until 2008, please this is important

  142. Could Google Earth please update imagery on Scotland, the majority of images are of really low quality or covered by clouds. I know it rains quite a bit but its not as bad as the images make out, the South West coast could do with significant updating.

  143. Pls. Update of Bulgaria! Specially on Dobrich city PLEASEEEE! :[

  144. greysmoke says

    i suggest that google should upadte the google earth yearly… maybe you should build up a team or a division… just focusing on updating the google earth… believe me… a lot of people all around the world will really really really appreciate your effort..
    p/s : please update malaysia… 🙂

  145. i am living in ludhiana in punjab , in northern india and the population of my city is 4000000 people and the area is also veryhuge , but i am very disappointed that my city is not even visible on the google earth map and i am jeoulous looking at the roofs of the houses in other countries.pls update

  146. How do I report the name of a place in the map of Puerto Rico and have it posted by the staff of Google Earth?

  147. hi, i ever saw updated indonesia map(tangerang-BSD CIty) area, but now this area change to very old map, how can i access the newer version? thank

  148. Dear Google Earth Management,
    I would like to request to add zoomed images of main Jhelum City ( (
    Unfortunately all four sides of city are viewable but main city still cannot be viewed. Everyday i visit this place to check any update but still not. I am sure there will be a positive response upon my this request.

  149. Wow the pictures of my home town look like they are almost 5 years old. Why hasn’t google earth been updated?

  150. When Google Earth will be updated for 2008 imagery?
    I hope very soon, because it is really helped me in my car trip and make me discover my way before drive on. But as it is not updated since then, so some new High-ways aren’t there.

  151. I am a Computer Engineer. I live in Dhaka. Once I wanted to show my village to my family through “Google Earth”. Alas! My village is taken yet to the Google Earth Database System. It seems as only a green field. I failed at that time & also ashamed infront of my family.
    Please make my village visible which is in Bangladesh…..
    Latitude = 22°13’23.19″N
    Longitude = 89°58’22.50″E
    Thanks from Reza, Bangladesh.

  152. pl. update images at
    Latitude = 23°26’51″N
    Longitude = 87°06’50″E
    also update west bengal in India

  153. Am new to this, and probably don’t know too much,but SURELY suburbs of a city such as Vancouver, viz. White Rock, Surrey should not be dated March 2004?
    When are these updated?

  154. T. S. Jayah says

    Dear Google Management,
    In Sri Lanka, Kandy in the July 2008 google earth update area around Lat 7.308738, Long 80.633011 is covered with a thick cloud cover and most of the important features are not visible.

  155. T. S. Jayah says

    In Sri Lanka the area around Lat 6.807793, Long 80.792885 is called the WORLD’S END which has been bordered with a natural Geological Escarpment giving a scenic beauty.
    Updating this area will be usefull for all tourists and explorers.

  156. T. S. Jayah says

    As a Sri Lankan Civil Engineer i have a lot of data with regards to Sri Lanka to be uploaded. Let me know how to upload place names and road names etc.

  157. Brendan Bradley says

    Can you let me know when will Co.Donegal,Ireland be added to the map. One fo the best Countys in Ireland…………….

  158. Can someone help to answer how to find the year 2001 Taiwan map from google earth?

  159. I am from Pakistan Chakwal area Most of Villages just around 12 -20 Km range of Chakwal City are totally invisible ,don’t know why .Can u help in this matter

  160. walt harmon says

    Could you possibly update your views of the spruce creek golf and country club, del webb community in summerfield, florida 34491.
    125th lane is missing along with 97th lane. Your views show vacant land under development.

  161. Could you please update the area near Lopez city, Quezon province, in the Philippines. Here’s the coordinates: Latitude= 13.888474 North and Longitude = 122.270601 East.

  162. hi google team released some updates but
    what about lahore pakistan uptodate imagery because lot of new contruction ring roads plaza near lahore airport i dont see any spam letter

  163. John McNally says

    What are you complaining about. I looked up our new home – walla! the shop building that was built more than 6 years ago doesn’t appear. I’d say that needs an update.

  164. Is it a lot to ask if central Scotland could get ugraded to high Resolution?
    The street view car has been running around for a few months but will be a waste of time if you can’t even make out the streets in the first place..

  165. Please update Syria! I have some land which i’d love to see!

  166. i give up…was only trying to get a picture for my 90 year old parents…exiled…had to leave karjala…i was hoping – how arrogant am i – that i could copy a satellite picture of juttuoja, near Enso, they call it Svetogorsk now…just one little acre – one postage-size piece of our earth…joulu-lahja…

  167. hanoi people says

    please update the map of Hanoi-Vietnam, it’s quite old now. Thanks!!!

  168. Would you please update the map of south-east Poland.I would be happy to get better map of 49o40’29.50″N and 22o14’56.81″E

  169. Bill Stevenson says

    Could I please request that Central Scotland North Lanarkshire (Airdrie) get upgraded to High Resolution. There is more to Scotland than Glasgow and Edinburgh. Many thanks. Bill

  170. Could I request to update the map of Indonesia??
    Its hard to find a place that I looking for.. It’s kinda old. Thanks!!!

  171. oh come on, please update Tallinn map, dad’s car still parked at the old place, pictures taken like in 2006 or something. Can’t even see the pictures that i have uploaded.

  172. I would just like to say thanks for the upgrade to High Resolution for Central Scotland (Airdrie).
    Many thanks again

  173. On my last post I thanked you for upgrading the High Resolution Central Scotland (Lanarkshire)albeit more then 5 years old. The bird’s eye earth view from the other not to be mentioned provider is a lot more up to date, how about providing a new photo on Google Earth!!

  174. Hi, Dhaka the capital of bangladesh is a very interesting city with huge population and highest density in the earth. The satellite pictures and maps of Dhaka in the google earth is very old. So I want to see the updated satellite images in google earth for dhaka.
    thanks and regards to all.
    fazlur Rahman

  175. Hoang Tran says

    I like to update the map of Hanoi, Vietnam.
    The map in ver 5.0 is already out-of-date.
    Please inform me when you have new one.
    Thank you very much and look forward to receiving a prompt reply.

  176. I’m interested in geographic Coordinates 35°47’9.91″N 51°19’54.45″E
    How frequently does google update the satelite image of that area?
    Is there any feature or utility notifies me when the updated image of that point is available?

  177. Supratim Das says

    I want The Close Image Of Suri , Birbhum , West bengal of INDIA

  178. T.H.Ireland says

    Postcode RM (In the UK)
    The car shown parked on my front drive was sold 4 years ago.When will we get an update.

  179. Cotbert Sutherland says

    I love using Google earth and I wish to thank the efforts of those wonderful people who have made it possible for me to use it so much, I will love to see updates for the Caribbean and more so ST.Vincent and the Grenadines

  180. Hi There, Really enjoyed the great comments. South Africa is hosting the FIFA world cup in 2010. I have google pointing at every World cup stadium on I also published the coordinates on the site. So you wont get lost. The resolution is clear and quite recent. Hope we can spot some games. Enjoy. Let me know what you think of it by contacting me on the site.

  181. Siow Tian Sang says

    Would be nice to have the low res areas within this quadrant in high res
    3°48’54.00″N 101°24’48.37″E
    3°49’1.22″N 101°50’8.34″E
    3°20’7.99″N 101°34’22.77″E
    3°23’44.57″N 102° 1’3.13″E
    Am trying to trace the route taken by a British soldier over this mountain range disrupting Japanese occupation forces’ logistics and eventually joining up with local guerillas fighters for 3.5 years in the jungle. As per book by the said soldier F.Spencer Chapman DSO, The Jungle is Neutral 1948.

  182. Shakeeb Ahmed Shakeel says

    Can you please update the below mentioned area in hi res. This is the area where the AIRBLUE Flight 202 plane crashed as per WIKIPEDIA on 28th July 2010 killing 152 people.
    33° 44′ 23″ N, 73° 3′ 29″ E

  183. I have high resolution aerial survey of certain parts of South Africa. I would like to donate to Google Earth. How do i do this? Cheers. Ash

  184. How about updating Ayr West Scotland, about 10 years old.
    Many thanks,

  185. Jens-Ole says

    Yes, Denmark is hopelessly outdated and the quality of details is not impressing…i.e. I still have a forest next to my house – but no, it has been away for several years…I don’t have a second building on my plot – yes I do, and it’s been there for several years now, so dear Google Earth, please update more frequently, thanks!

  186. How about updating Ayr West Scotland, about 10 years old.
    Many thanks,
    2nd Request, now 11 years old

  187. Bernie Martin says

    When will Google Earth update their views of the Wide Bay / Burnett areas of Queensland.

  188. Anybody knows, how often Google updates the satellite images in Google Earth? One year? 6 months ?

  189. Google maps needs to update The City of Calgary Map. It is many years old and needs to be updated to the 2012 census. I am dissapointed that the Edmonton area has been updated but the Calgary Area hasn’t. Please Update the Calgary Map ASAP.
    thank you

  190. Could we have improved resolution & street view for the Channel Islands (particularly Guernsey) please. I’m desperate!

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