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Signature File Using Google EarthThis is an interesting idea: Add an additional link to your E-mail signature which contains a Google Earth signature “card”. The “GECard” is a placemark showing your business (home, hobby, or whatever) location, and the description includes the typical details you would include in a signature file. A GEB reader named Reynald Passerini wrote me that he had created a “GE Card generator” (it’s in French). By filling out a simple form, you create a GE KML file with your signature automatically. As an example, here is the signature he sent in his message.
There’s no reason why you couldn’t have a more extensive signature KML file which contains all kinds of information. If you have a business you could contain information and pictures about your products with links to more information. You could have other placemarks showing where your products are made, where your products are being used, or customer endorsements. For your personal signature you could create placemarks related to your favorite hobbies, favorite Google Earth files, the possibilities are endless. What a great idea!

About Frank Taylor

Frank Taylor started the Google Earth Blog in July, 2005 shortly after Google Earth was first released. He has worked with 3D computer graphics and VR for many years and was very impressed with this exciting product. Frank completed a 5.5 year circumnavigation of the earth by sailboat in June 2015 which you can read about at Tahina Expedition, and is a licensed pilot, backpacker, diver, and photographer.

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  1. I also think this is a great idea. Thank you for sharing this information with us.

  2. Gandalfthegrey says:

    Latitude and Longitude settings are off. Put me in the north artic. I live in So. California

  3. Are you sure you filled the form correctly? The form has Longitude first, then Latitude (which threw me off at first). Also, make sure you use a “-” sign for Longitude (for West longitude coordinates).

  4. Nice idea and easy to use, but I have little idea as to how to use what is sent. How do I put code into MS Outlook as part of my signature? Does anyone know?

  5. Irene Langham says:

    Great way to pinpoint far away family members. However I disagree where you have placed Smiggens Hole in Austarlia. It is a ski resort adjacent to Perisher Valley. Can you please check and correct.

  6. Hi, thanks for comments. I just made some updates.
    First an english version of the generator (hum… OK some language not so far from english!)
    And I have changed latitude/longitude order, I agree it was really confusing.
    I see that it would be nice to have some detailed examples how to use these links… will prepare something.

  7. I also think this is a great idea. Thank you for sharing this information with us.

  8. this may be off point but i would like to know why google earth does not have a full satelite shot of any area in my location
    my location is LAGOS, NIGERIA

  9. Avery Beth says:

    The Whitworth Inn is placed incorrectly on the Google Earth. How do I know this? because I live right across from it. It is placed near Paradise Point road when it should be placed across from Lake Run Dr.
    In Flowery Branch, GA

  10. Anthony123 says:

    Why are the pictures out of focus, even at 800 feet. How3 can this be corrected?

  11. Dr Roy Varkey says:

    Tiruvalla Town in Kerala, India is not shown in Google earth photograph.
    Please add Tiruvalla also.

  12. I cannot find the new Olympic Stadium in Beijing which is already completed for 2008 Olympics. Is it indicated on GE and how can i find it? Thank you!

  13. John Swoboda says:

    Please update google earth view of Chippewa Falls, I would like to see Leinenkugels and Chippewa Falls High School among other cool Places, Leinenkugels is as I am sure you know, a historical and famous landmark. Please update it. thank you.
    John Swoboda

  14. Jeffrey MacIntosh says:

    Be cautious if you are using Google Earth for navigation on water – especially the Great Lakes, where water levels fluctuate dramatically, even over the course of a season. I discovered this the hard way when I used GE to find flat-water locations for speed sailing on Lake Huron. At about 30 miles an hour (per my GPS) I hit a shoal that wasn’t supposed to be there, pitched forward into a rock, and (aside from nearly buying the farm) fractured my neck in two places. It turns out that the GE satellite photos were out of date, and the water on Lake Huron is 3 or 4 feet lower than shown in the photos. Memo to Google Earth: I’m probably not the only person who has used GE to identify shoals and other marine hazards for the purpose of safe navigation. You might want to consider your potential tort liability, and/or updating your photos more often – especially in areas like the Great Lakes where there is a combination of frequent water-level fluctuations and a high level of recreational or commercial boating.

  15. Dr Patrick Gabriel says:

    The location of Guadalajara Costa Rica is inaccurate
    How do I know? Because I live there and the proper location is at the very edge of the water of Lake Arenal’s North West corner.
    Please update yourself.
    If you want proof, I can send you the local plotmap of Finca Guadalajara dating to 1947 the year Costa Rica annexed Guadalajara, Guanacaste.

  16. Ivan Rocha says:

    My city, Ponta Grossa, in southern Brazil has been updated with new shots. But ufortunately some areas are somewhat pale and fogged. More, in the pictures borders or edges (where the old and new ones merge)there are a total confusion, the streets suddenly desapear or end in buildings of other streets. Theese are the GPS coordinates: 25º05’26.44″ S – 50º09’54.44″ W.
    Can this problem be fixed?
    Thank you in advance

  17. I want you bugs to update the satellite picture of swan river, manitoba it would be highly appreciated, peace

  18. I live in south Burlington,VT and you need too fix a address. When went for my job interview this morning,i was off by a couple miles. Since i was on foot(and left in plenty of time for the interview),i had too back track. I punched in the address: Addeco,30 kimball ave,south burlington,vt…i go too the address…no addeco. Somebody tells me it’s WAY IN THE OTHER DIRECTION. Not EVEN CLOSE. So i was late of course. Please check this out..i’m sure you get all kinds of e-mail like this,so i understand one complaint at a time. Thank you.

  19. janet pizzi says:

    I live in SIGNANO, Fivizzano Italy and you have my village as REGNANO. There is no such place in this area. Before I register with you perhaps you would correct this error.
    Janet Pizzi.
    Localita Signano 26
    54013 Fivizzano (MS)

  20. Michael Brown says:

    I think there should be an option to hide the symbols that indicate pictures. In some places they cover up a large part of the screen.
    Regards, Michael Brown

  21. How often is google earth update? Is it real time?

  22. Is it possible to request for a place to be added on Google earth.
    I would like to have maps of chengannur added…
    9 18 33N 76 38 50E

  23. For some reason the images of barbados and the caribbean are quite old. I would love if they could be updated.

  24. Peter Leitner says:

    Since it is possible to get a gridded map of the earth, I’d like to know if it’s possible to connect two arbitrarily chosen points on the earth’s surface by a great circle in order to get the shortest distance between those two points(a geodetic line). It would also be of interest to get that line visible.
    I think it can’t be very complicated because it’s the line of intersection of a plane passing the centre of the earth and the two points mentioned above and the surface of the earth.

  25. @Peter Leitner: That’s an easy one. Simply click on the “ruler” icon in Google Earth and click the starting and end point. The line measure the distance and shows you a great circle line. Since Google Earth is a 3D globe, any line drawn on the surface is a great circle line.

  26. Peter Leitner says:

    @Frank Taylor: Thanks a lot for the explanation.
    That works excellent. But, may I ask you some other questions? Is it also possible to do that with the geographical coordinates of the starting and end point? And could one get also other measurements, such as angles between the drawn great circle and an intersecting meridian or so?
    I’d be much obliged if you could answer me that too.
    Many thanks,

  27. Peter Leitner says:

    I live in Graz, Austria and I wonder why there aren’t satellite shots of this town available on Google Earth, because there are ones of smaller towns e.g. Klagenfurt and Villach in the neigh- bouring province Carinthia. Could that be updated, please.
    Thanks in advance, Leitner

  28. Steve Bowles says:

    Is it possible for an area to be updated. I am building a house in the Philippines and would love to be able to see my house shown on your system. The co ordinates are…… 13deg 31’14.71deg N
    120deg 58’58.73deg E.
    Many thanks, Steve Bowles

  29. Roxanne Van Sickle says:

    The idea of viewing google earth is to see the actual structure as it is.
    But the purpose is denied by imposing picture camaras on the site.
    I can go to a book store and buy picture books of the structures I am interested.
    Also, I like to see better resolution in a larger scale sat image.

  30. why is it that there is a huge 2200 mile glitch of a pentagon shape on the north pole?? its been there for 3 days. people say its the federation of light spaceship scheduled to arrive on the 14th of october THIS MONTH.

  31. In there any possibility to hide country or any place in the world from the google earth.
    Please reply I want to know that.

  32. My car is stolen 6-12-08 02:00to 05:00 ,in lahore kanal barg help me if u have video of this
    near moter way ,car mehran wite coller

  33. paul cassio says:

    1- early maps where better than present
    2- things have chagend a lot in labrador for the past ten years, I notice your maps are at least 10 years old, and not as clear as previously.
    3 – tell me how much it will cost me to look at a reliable google-earth
    Tks, regards, paul

  34. i live in sohag -egypt i noticed that the clearness in this area is so so low i ask is there any way to get an obvious and clear picture for this area

  35. i want to buy google earth pro but when i saw the trail i found that it is the same google earth free in my town it is not clear enough i ask is there any way to make the picture more clear

  36. Jay Carron says:

    When will G earth update sky view, have view of my house which has been the same for years. Info on open screen says 2009 but picture is 4 years old. Please let me know. I also view areas I fish to find holes ect. How do I get a more updated view? Jay Carron

  37. Robert Cullen says:

    I cannot figure out how to upload my photos to
    google earth so they appear as one of those little
    blue icons. I have tried just about everything,
    panaramio, etc. What do I do? I think I have a nice selection of along the highway type travel photos which would be worthwhile to see. I need to know how to upload and obviously to place the icon.


  39. How can I create my own Google Maps signature for my address?

  40. i want to add my place in google earth map…so please suggest me that how can i add …

  41. why we are unable to get the latest satellite photos of our location ( venkateswara nagar, Rajahmundry, Andhra pradesh, India. please tell me how get latest satellite photos our region.
    thanking you
    Dr.Surya Bhagawan

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