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Timed Challenge in Google EarthOne of the most popular forums in the Google Earth Community is the Fun and Games Forum. In the forum, the most common activity is for people to post a portion of a screenshot showing some unique location of interest on the planet. The poster then challenges someone to find that location by naming the location and providing other interesting trivia about it. Some of the games are simply a trivia question with a very minimal hint. The expected response is a placemark in Google Earth and possibly a link to a web site with more information.
I was recently contacted by Bob Fleet (who did the Heritage Trees in Scotland) who told me about a daily contest held at 2100 GMT. This one is a timed challenge where the winner is the one who is fastest at a) identifying the location, b) taking a screenshot (without the coordinates) and uploading it to a server, and c) posting the image as a reply to the challenge post. The “Timed Challenge” series (the last one was XX) are posted by someone called “fwatkins6”, and has quite a following. The image shown here is an example of this timed challenge. It was solved and posted in 2 minutes by Bob Fleet. And, there were 15 posts in 7 minutes.
SPOILER – The Answer

Here’s the location , and here’s a post about it.

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