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World of Wine in Google EarthA wine professional from Portugal named António Rocha Graça has been working on a collection of placemarks about the world of wine. He has so far marked all the wine regions in California, Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Canada and Australia. And he has marked at least two regions for every other wine-producing country. He tried to place each placemark over one vineyard belonging to a particular wine apellation. Look at the world of wine collection yourself. Sometimes the vineyards are very clear depending on the resolution of the satellite or aerial photos in GE.
António says he used reliable sources, and carefully reviewed the data for accuracy. But, he says this is only a work in progress. Next he plans to complete the rest of the wine regions. Later he hopes to add links and bibliographical references to each region. You can read his more detailed notes on the collection in his post at the Google Earth Community. I’m sure those who are avid wine collectors or enthursiasts, or even professionals, will find this collection interesting. I suggest you go to António’s post if you would like to give him some feedback.

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  1. Bon vivant Google Earth

    Actually today we were talking how great it would be to have maps about wine regions, vineyards, etc. to get some information about the origin of the wine. This collection is a pretty good start! (via Google Earth Blog)

  2. Herbert Rubens says:

    This is a pretty impressive collection of information, very cool. I started looking through some of it and the labeling seemed somewhat arbitrary. The Cotes de Nuit and Cotes de Beaune seemed perfectly placed, but the Alsace and Champagne regions didn’t seem exactly right. The Alsace region appears to be north of Strasbourg when the actual Route du Vins is definitely south of Strasbourg. The Champagne region is labeled as being north of Epernay when I believe the actual wine route is East of Epernay. I’m not a wine nut, but I appreciate the effort you’ve put into gathering all of this information. It would be neat if this could be expanded to include some of the major vinyards in addition to the regions. Anyway, nice work.

  3. Google Earth World of Wine

    Today’s story comes courtesy of my old boss, Rob Stokes. This is a sweet resource for budding online wine enthusiasts and professionals alike – not to mention a great talking point over tastings…
    Frank Taylor ( writes:
    A wine profession

  4. A very good try to spread the values of collections of wine.Can’t you peoples bring this task to india???

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