Giant Frog Attacks Chicago

Giant Frog in Chicago in Google EarthThis is an unretouched aerial photo of a giant frog about to leap into a major intersection in Chicago. Ok, maybe it’s not going to jump, but it really is there. You can see the frog in Google Earth here , or in Google Local here. Using the measuring tool in Google Earth, the frog is over 25 feet long. You can also see the cars nearby for size comparison. I found out about this amazing frog at
According to one of the readers at GoogleSightseeing, the frog is actually a statue for the entrance to the Rainforest Cafe. He provided a street-level photo of the entrance showing the frog over the front door. Like this story? Digg it!

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  1. That’s two blocks away from where I live. It’s part of the Rainforest Cafe building.

  2. Wow, and Chicago is folding inward toward the center of N. Clark Street here, too. Actually, zoom out to about 2000 feet and Chicago takes on a particularly Escheresque feel with buildings sticking out in all sorts of directions…

  3. See my story on “Funky Buildings” for an explanation about this:

  4. I was about to say – Ive been there! Stayed for a night in some Best Western nearby…

  5. avril lavigne says:

    woa duude thts unbelievable a giant frog u dont see tht every day lol

  6. I was wondering if that really is a big frog or is this fake? i had no idea frogs could get that big and that is terrifying

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