Real Estate for Google Earth by Re/Max – Again!

Re/Max Quebec Real Estate in Google EarthReal estate applications are probably one of the most obvious uses for Google Earth. Combining house listings with actual location information and viewing the satellite or aerial photographs of the property and nearby amenities is just the beginning. Just a few months after Google Earth was released last June, I wrote about a serious real estate application which was done for Re/Max for listings in the State of Colorado, USA. Now, Re/Max in Quebec, Canada has also done their own network link for Google Earth showing real estate listings in Quebec (NOTE: many of the listings’ descriptions are only in French).
You can go to their web site (English version) to download the network link, or you can download the network link here .
Once you download the network link, zoom into Quebec and…

Once you download the network link, zoom into Quebec and pause a few seconds. The network link will automatically pull in more data as you get in closer – after you pause for about 4 seconds. Once you zoom in to a neighborhood, you will see actual listings (they will have dollar values in their placemark’s label). Then, if you click on a placemark for a house, you will see a picture of the house, details on price and specs, and a link to the web site with further details and who to contact about buying.
One could speculate Re/Max wouldn’t do another application if the first one wasn’t successful. I know if I was looking for a house, I would definitely use Google Earth to help me determine the best location, and determine what businesses and schools were in the area before visiting the location in person. By the way, I also wrote about another real estate company in Florida which created a network link like this.

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  1. I believe we have this feature available to us through Point2agent sites and have had for some time. It’s a nice feature and shows re/max is committed to being a leader in this industry.
    Sheldon Johnston
    Coldwell Banker Johnston

  2. Nice integration on GE, but, as usual, another real estate application that has no idea how homes are actually bought and sold.
    If I am a prospective seller I have no care as to where Re/Max has listings .. I’m selling not buying.
    If I am a prospective buyer I care less what company has the property listed… I want a property that meets my needs.
    Apparently Canada is just as screwed up as is the US where the ‘real’ database of properties for sale is in the closely controlled (and expensive) regional monopolies … ooops, I mean MLS organizations.
    If someone wants to create a tool that will really take off, we need one that shows all property based on user-input criteria, _regardless_ of which company listed it.
    Then, we’d be on to something indeed.

  3. House Values just launched a new product that integerates any and all information that a consumer needs when buying and selling their home. They also partnered with MSNBC for two years.

  4. Chris Hoare says:

    Nice rant by David Starr but…there is in Canada a consolidation of the MLS online and available to the public at . In the US, does a great job of consolidating multiple company listings into 1 searchable database. Just because an individual company or Realtor puts up a web site to promote their business does not lessen the availability of the other sites.

  5. Richie Cal says:

    Dave Starr, it seems like you’re a bit frustrated with Realtors and their systems. My Realtor was awesome to work with, very professional and knowledgable. Maybe you should get into the business, join the so-called monopolies, master it and then create a system that would benefit not only others but benefit you as well. You’ve pointed out the problems, where is your solution?

  6. in italy there is a real estate gmaps mash up integrated with google earth

  7. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what books I could read to learn how to incorporate google earth into a website the way that others have in regards to real estate?

  8. There is another website out there that uses Google Maps:
    It just opened and doesn’t care what company has the listing. Each listing has it’s agent name included anyway.

  9. I’m still waiting to see a good example of the integration for UK related websites. I havent come across any decent examples of it, or am i looking in the wrong places?

  10. I agree that real estate is the most logical place in the world to use G! maps and G! Earth, and the RE/MAX thing is cool…
    That nothwithstanding there are some good points made above about looking through the glasses of the consumer. We constantly have to ask–What’s in it for them?
    If nothing, then why do it?

  11. I have yet to witness a good example of the integration within Spanish Property related websites. Anybody else found any?

  12. I just noticed when I do my local real estate search google sticks in big letter “search local real estate” right on top. Why are they touching the organic stuff. Not google way. Stick to what you do.

  13. I have one for real estate in Greece:
    As for forsale and forrent by owner in the US:

  14. Thanks good information.

  15. I found a cool site with some interesting ideas of using google earth for real estate here:

  16. Great article, especially for those who are looking for alternative ways to look for realty in Canada. The applications you are talking about could just be the start of a new movement in searching for homes. For example, potential buyers could explore a house and the surrounding neighborhood in minutes and then deciding whether or not to make a viewing appointment. The result could be to separate out serious buyers and lead to less work overall for realtors.

  17. this is very interesting and i’m trying to implement an application for South Carolina…learning tons about XML and KML data…thanks for your hard work and tips!

  18. Hi guys,
    Anyone of you know if this is working on MAC?

  19. What I did was integrate Google Street View, they can get up close and personal with the property and the neighborhood as well.

  20. Google Earth is invaluable when looking for a place to live. I have been looking for an apartment and in the online picture the place looks great but once I get into Google Earth I can just tell bad neighborhood by the surroundings. The Remax application sounds interesting. Fascination how many applications are being created incorporating Google earth.

  21. I believe we will see a rise in the German, Dutch and Scandinavian purchasers, their economies do not seem to have suffered so much in recent times and are snapping up the bargains. The UK buyers are slower to jump on this price drop, whether this is because of the very few horror stories the British press report on or they are worried about the economy and there investments at home, it’s hard to say, but I think the time is coming where the market again will be buoyant, only a few years ago there were several buyers per house and if you viewed a property you liked you needed to have the deposit in your hand to be able to guarantee you that property.

PLEASE NOTE: Google Earth Blog is no longer writing regular posts. As a result, we are not accepting new comments or questions about Google Earth. If you have a question, use the official Google Earth and Maps Forums or the Google Earth Community Forums.