Official Google Earth Santa Tracker

[UPDATE: It’s Christmas Eve! The santa tracker 2008 is now live!]
[EDIT: This was the 2005 Santa Tracker, for the 2008 Santa Tracker go here. You can also view Santa’s Route to see a rough approximation of where he travelled.]
Google has released their own Santa Tracker for use with Google Earth. According to the announcement at the Google Earth Community the tracker will update every 10 seconds starting around 9:00 AM EST December 24th. The announcement was also made at the Google Blog.
Once you download the Santa Tracker above, you will follow Santa and his sleigh as he visits each town every 10 seconds or so. You can watch as he approaches your town and get the milk and cookies ready! I’m not sure what technology Google is using to follow Santa (GPS, Radar, or some Internet WIFI technology?), but perhaps they are linked into the Norad Santa Tracking system. Also, see this story about another GE file showing Santa’s route.

About Frank Taylor

Frank Taylor started the Google Earth Blog in July, 2005 shortly after Google Earth was first released. He has worked with 3D computer graphics and VR for many years and was very impressed with this exciting product. Frank completed a 5.5 year circumnavigation of the earth by sailboat in June 2015 which you can read about at Tahina Expedition, and is a licensed pilot, backpacker, diver, and photographer.


  1. I hope you comme bye today and leave us somme presents.Im really couting on you Santa.Please dont forget me I really look up to you and so does my family.Oh! and good luck to you and have a great christmas

  2. ho-ho-ho

  3. ho ho ho i love christmas!!!

  4. sarah keohane says:

    be sure to get some rest santa before you set off next sunday. we cant wait. mt brother and sister cant wait from Sarah in Dublin

  5. Hello, i am gabriella. i hope to get a nice gift like a tamagotchi and such!

  6. Please fly carefully and if you can, please can i have a harmonica??

  7. Sa vannah & mitchell says:

    Hi Santa have a safe trip around the world.We hope the reindeer stay safe landing on the roof tops.
    Love Savannah and Mitchell in kelowna Canada

  8. Hi santa i hope you have a safe tripe and i hope to get a quad and lots of elthe stuf I am at my gramma’s house. agan have a safe trip
    chad piper

  9. He is alomost here!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sooo excited!!
    I love Chirstmas!!
    Love isabella! Merry Chirstmas and a Happy New Year! HO HO HO HO!

  10. Dear Santa,
    I hope you come to my house. My brother and I hope you come to our house. I love you. Ho Ho Ho!

  11. Hi,my name is Andrea. Can you bring me a i-pod for Christmas?

  12. Hi, Santa does Rudolph want a snack because I would love to set him out one.

  13. Hi Santa. I made cookies for you.
    -kerah [[4 yrs. old]]

  14. santa u r awsome u rock my sock by the way i counld use a pair of sock pimpt out santa
    ps number one fan
    Breanna of ne

  15. santa dont run over my grandma like last year

  16. I’m WAITING

  17. hope you have a good christmas and i hope everyone gets what they wanted hohoho !!!i love you !!

  18. Hey santa,
    For christmas i want a Wii. Yea so Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. have a safe trip,dont crash into any trees

  20. Taylor Scott Swanson says:

    I will try to sleep so i dont have to be on your make up list so you can get back to the nort pole
    to make presents for the makeing of next year sooner.

  21. hi santa, i am waiting for you to come i am waiting still. ps i could use a DS

  22. santa, i have been realy realy good hope u can fly without the rain without crashing alexandra

  23. hi its brianne,rachel,sonja have we been good???
    where are u

  24. hi its brianne,rachel,sonja have we been good???
    where are u

  25. what did sonja get???????????
    what did rachel get?????????????
    what did i (brianne)get???????????
    ps brianne already has a ds games mabey!!!!!!!!
    sonja wants littlest pet shops!!!!!!!!!!!
    rachel want a nintendo we(brianne too)
    ps the time is 9:22 where are u
    ???????????:(plzzzzz tell me)

  26. Dear Santa
    I would like a ceramic hair iron
    Thank you!

  27. Dear Santa
    I would like a ceramic hair iron
    Thank you!

  28. Robert Andrews says:

    Hi Santa, please don’t forget me in Hawaii. I hope you have a good trip and be safe!

  29. I love you Santa some of my Friends
    dont” think your” real but I allyase do
    can you pleese get me Dana the
    Bratz doll this chirstmas
    love Hal, (7 years old)

  30. dear santa i would like a labtop that has a dvd player.also i would like happiness for my mom,dad my two sisters and the rest of my family because my grampa died may 4th,2005 and everyone misses him.especialy me,my mom,and my grama.

  31. Jordan McCarthy says:

    dear santa clause,
    all I would like for christmas is a dog.

  32. all i want for xmas is £.900,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 please please please please please please if not can i have an ant and if u cant aford please leave me a cookie

  33. Dear Santa,
    Well. Ho Ho Ho! have a safe trip
    by the way, may i please have a hot pink razor (cell phone)
    Oh em gee thanks so much keep up the good work!

  34. Dear Santa,
    i caint wait to here from you well the bells anyways, i would like a couple cds and my family to be happy this year ast Christmas. ohh also i am going to leave a carrot or two for the deer so dont eat them ha ha … Merry Christmas Santa
    ~5 year old~

  35. abbie and wozza says:

    im watchin u lol santa u rock lol cnt wait til i get up on xmas mornin lol plzzzz leave meyy loads of prezzies
    from abi and wozza

  36. abbie and wozza says:

    im watchin u lol santa u rock lol cnt wait til i get up on xmas mornin lol plzzzz leave meyy loads of prezzies
    from abi and wozza

  37. tripp and trystan says:

    Hi Santa,
    This is Tripp and Trystan. We are waiting on you but mama said we have to be asleep to get presents. Please dont miss us, we have been good. If you dont mind, could you bring us a wii. Have a safe trip and be careful.
    Love, Tripp and Trystan
    PS dont forget that we moved from Louisiana to Texas.

  38. Santa,
    Have a safe trip. We hope that you make it into New Mexico safely. We didn’t have any snow so please be careful. All we would like for Christmas is World peace and of course the Dallas Cowboys to go to the Super Bowl. We love you.
    Merry Christmas

  39. Dear Santa I loved the presents you gave me. Thank you! I just wanted to say have a safe trip next year. Your Best Christmas. P.S. This year we will have a present for you!

  40. all of you people that left comments left them in 2005 diddn’tg to leave you well im going to leave this now in 2008 and i am soo exited for christmas this year and i hope santa and everyone aroung the whole world this year has a very merry christmas and a happy new year!
    ps: i hope you lot all get what you asked for from santa this year x

  41. merry christmas! and have a great holiday season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i hope u get alot of presents!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Hi santa,
    Have I been good this year?? It’s been a tough year though..
    Please come to my house, also my little brother, Louis says hi and please come!!
    We have left some carrots for your reindeers and milk and cookies for you!!
    Love Bex xox

  43. Sorry for not listening to my mommy and daddy sometimes.. please get me biscuit and that truck. Merry Christmas Santa!

  44. makaila lewy says:

    Dear Santa I love you. Merry Christmas Santa!!! I have been a very good girl this year. I hope you make home safely to the North Pole.

  45. Santa is in hartford cnneticut right now the whole time weve been watching the tracker hes been going straght up and down!

  46. esme davies says:

    to santa
    im going to give rudolf a BIG BIg carrot this year its going to be sister is talking so
    i have to go now .and my dog is about to be sick
    on me. ahhhhhhhh. and i dont want to miss docter
    who. Esme davies . im waiting.

  47. Santa this is my 1st xmas and my mommy and daddy hope you are off to a good start. We have had a lot of ups and downs so far this xmas and we hope you dont forget about who has been NAUGHTY and who has been NICE. Have a safe trip!
    Love Harper and Her Mommy and Daddy 🙂

  48. dear santa claus,
    I would really like a new downhill bike and nhl 2k10 PLZ (p.s. dont eat all the cookies save some for me lol)

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