Planes in Flight Captured in Google Earth

For aviation buffs, people fascinated with interesting pictures, or those who like to find neat objects in GE here is a nice collection of photos of airplanes captured in flight . Someone known as “AZTraveller” at the Google Earth Community has been collecting all the posted Placemarks of planes in flight and he periodically updates his collection as seen here. He has collected approximately 75 planes so far.

[Edited: 9/23/05 – It turns out the information above is a collection of planes captured in flight with Aerial Photography. There is another separate collelction of planes captured in flight with satellite photography. Here’s the collection with satellite photography . And here is the thread discussing the satellite photos of planes captured in flight.]
Some of the pictures are quite interesting with planes at strange angles, just about to land, just taking off, helicopters, and more. Just open the link above and then go through the list in the Places folder. I especially like the one above which is a plane captured not far below the aircraft taking the picture, so it’s in amazing detail (it’s title in the list is “Amazing Airplane Capture!!!”).
If you find your own picture of a plane in flight, first turn on the BBS layer to make sure the mark wasn’t already recorded in the BBS, then post it in the “Transportation” forum at the Google Earth Community BBS. I’m sure AZTraveller will find your post and determine whether it should be added to his collection. I know there are many other planes in flight not listed (I’ve seen some in the BBS Layer), so there’s work to be done!

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Frank Taylor started the Google Earth Blog in July, 2005 shortly after Google Earth was first released. He has worked with 3D computer graphics and VR for many years and was very impressed with this exciting product. Frank completed a 5.5 year circumnavigation of the earth by sailboat in June 2015 which you can read about at Tahina Expedition, and is a licensed pilot, backpacker, diver, and photographer.

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  1. I have identified an aircraft on one of the Google Earth views. Where and to whom do I report it for someone’s collection?

  2. Have you checked the network link for “All Aircraft in Flight” and turned on the Google Earth Community Layers to verify whether the plane has already been found? See my Flying category for the network link.
    If you have found a new one, place mark it, and choose “Share with Google Earth Community” from the “File” menu. Then post your find at the Transportation Forum. Make sure you put a good description and indicate it is a plane in flight in the subject.

  3. Found a U2, a small cessena type and a heliocopter.

  4. google is going great in his work
    Keep Going Google

  5. Peter Serne says

    found an commercial jet about to land on RW01R of Schiphol airport (amsterdam). At that moment the plane must have been at the seam of two pictures, for the aircraft itself misses the right wing, but the airplane’s shadow is intact.

  6. Alejandro Diaz says

    i found an airplane flying above Nazca, Peru at:
    14° 41´24.34” S
    75° 06´57.29” W

  7. I finally found a U2. It was not flying, but it is fully recognizable.
    118° 6’57.02″W

  8. haha i found a runway incursion waiting to happen at La Guardia airport in New York City runway 31. Looks like two US Airways 737s are about to crash. One is about to takeoff already sitting on the runway and the other one is only about half a mile away on final descent (you can tell by the shadow) look it up u can see both aircraft on the same picture clearly

  9. At N33 38 9 W84 23 15 there is a shadow of a plane on a roof top. Can anyone find the plane in the air?
    This by Atlanta airport.

  10. Chrissy Lee says

    I found an airplane flying over a lake in southern Nebraska. At first I thought, why do they have an airplane in the middle of their lake? And then I realized, Duh, it is in flight and the satellite caught it. I told my geography professor, I thought I was one lucky chick, and he told me that there is a whole community of people out there who look for this stuff. How Cool! I posted it under the name mapkitty. Hopefully it will become part of the community layer. 40d 46’41.78″N, 96d 29’5.30″W

  11. A couple of small crop dusters on the ground near Woodside South Australia at 34°57’20.93″S, 138°53’39.68″E and a plane in flight over the Straight of Messina, Italy at 38°15’12.98″N, 15°37’56.15″E

  12. F-22 Raptor, in flight @ east end of runway @ Dobbins AFB, GA. Trailed by a F-16 chase plane. both are about to land.

  13. John Holmes says

    3 planes in formation leaving the southern most airstrip at Frankfurt airport heading east. Its a regular airport so three big planes in close formation is a little weird.

  14. Found one…probably after takeoff from Nassau, Bahamas.
    Lat: 25° 5’44.82″N
    Long 77°21’4.73″W

  15. 51.370136,-0.690401 on google maps… bagshot uk…

  16. Awesome! That photo of the Cessna looks very sharp considering that it was traveling at least 100kts. Maybe someone could find the brand new Dreamliner ( ) on GE? I would be very thankful to the person!

  17. I spotted an aeroplane- most likely a Qantas Boeing 737-700- flying over Medindie; a wealthy inner eastern suburb of Adelaide, South Australia. It was quite an unusual sight. Haha. Thanks.

  18. Plane looks like a hologram. Over Tempe AZ

  19. Plane in flight over Kearny Marsh, Kearny NJ.

  20. Sorry for multiple posts, forgot the link.

  21. Hello!
    About 3 planes departing Frankfurt eastward:
    I think that those planes are the multiple shots of one single plane in departure phase. It is impossible for planes to have so small separation, this would be against aviation rules, due to wake turbulence behind each big airliner. Those rules calls for several minutes of separation when departing or arriving.

  22. Yes, I checked carefully again. All “3” planes are the same Lufthansa airliner departing Frankfurt runway 07L. If you carefully check vehicles on the freeway north of airplane airborne, You’ll find some of them twice or three times too (see two trucks with red front end and white trailers driving in parallel). This is the result of multiplyng shots from the sattelite in few seconds intervals, so moving objects appears several times.

  23. Torben Kofod-Jensen says

    Regarding the Frankfurt 747’s pls. note that there are 4 shadows and three planes:-)

  24. there is a qatar flight which has just taken off from heathrow at:
    51 28′ 34.93n 0 31 10.42w

  25. 33°57’15.89″N 118°13’2.55″W
    This is at Compton California!!

  26. Found commercial airliner over subdivision in Apache Junction, AZ. From the direction, I assume it is outbound from Mesa Gateway Airport.
    It is on Google Maps as of 3 June 11, and it has a very pretty rainbow colored artifact trailing it. 🙂
    It is at 33.395126, -111.556388

  27. hey folks,,,i`ve just found a plane abt to take off from chennai airport…i m afraid it`s a boeing 747 plane… 12°59’21.92″N 80°10’19.97″E air india…..

  28. Ken Cahill says

    I have found an aircraft on Ge almost exactly 2mile directly West of Porto Colom Majorca Spain. I cannot give exact Gps position but it can be easily found. Has this been reported before .There is also a perculiar shadow.

  29. found one entering heathrow 51 28 39 58N 0 22 31 57W

  30. found on at “48031 arkona rd, Belleville, MI”

  31. 5.98423 N 37.96406 E over nechisa park in Ethiopia

  32. United Airlines flight just south of The Museum of Science & Industry at 41°47’8.07″N 41°47’8.07″N
    It looks rather blurry

  33. Correction the UA flight south of The Museum of Science & Industry is at 41°47’8.07″N 87°34’45.26″W

  34. Zahid Hussain says

    Found an A330 in holding patron over north london.

  35. I found a 767 flying over Batesville, AR.
    35.443855″N, 91.350761″W

  36. Nuno Oliveira says

    I found one over some mountains in Portugal, it’s weird, the picture makes it seem like there’s a rainbow behind it (Nyan Plane?):,-8.180866&hl=pt-PT&ll=40.891667,-8.1793&spn=0.010446,0.013561&num=1&t=h&z=16

  37. Here’s one over Russell Square, London:
    51º31’21.09” N 0º07’33.93” W

  38. Here is one over the Potomac River, probably headed to Reagan National:
    38º41’55.19”N 77º04’39.47”W

  39. Dan posted this one on April 2, 2011.
    51º28’34.93”N 0º31’10.42”W
    The strange thing is there are three shadows
    51º28’50.17”N 0º31’22.71”W
    51º28’45.28”N 0º31’53.00”W
    51º28’35.04”N 0º32’17.62”W

  40. Tagel Assefa says

    Plane on the sky of Ghana Accra on flight before crossing University of Ghana:
    5º38’26.4”N 0º11’36.71”W

  41. this is in South Africa.
    I think the plain was onroute to Johannesburg.
    27º15’16.92”S 26º10’18.84”e

  42. There is a plane flying over Morlot Ave near route 208 in Fair Lawn NJ it appears to be a Delta.

  43. Plane caught in flight…boonton NJ

  44. Plane caught in the middle of Italy, near Rieti town

  45. James Jones says

    Here is an airship in flight over London in Google street view. I believe it is Zeppelin D-LZNT which operated over London in summer 2008 doing tourist trips.
    Google short URL
    full URL:,-0.090766&spn=0.000002,0.001805&sll=53.800651,-4.064941&sspn=13.805515,29.575195&vpsrc=6&layer=c&cbll=51.491732,-0.090731&panoid=xEqYAmqgQG_s1xCWEbfocQ&cbp=12,161.67,,3,-14.78&z=19
    The following is I think information about this airship and what it was doing over London.
    It’s the “Stella Artois” Airship
    “The flights run for the next six weeks this summer, until August 21,”
    The 75-metre long Stella Artois airship will undertake between five and eight flights each day between July 10 and August 21 cruising across the London sky at speeds of 30-40mph at a height of some 300m.
    It will carry 12 passengers, a pilot and one crew member
    The Stella Artois Airship, built by Zeppelin
    Zeppelin NT
    The Zeppelin NT is a semi-rigid airship a fourth Zeppelin NT07. NT07 #4
    Prior to the trip to the USA, the airship, registered D-LZNT, operated sightseeing and pleasure flights over eastern London and the Thames Estuary from an airfield close to Upminster, in Essex, England, advertising
    “Stella Artois” beer and the DrinkAware campaign. These flights operated between July and September 2008.

  46. James Jones says

    A tethered balloon in Street View over Regent’s Park London. Probably just an advertising stunt, but it is not just a little toy.
    I think it is advertising BetFair and is visible in many many Street View frames around Regent’s Park.
    Another view:

  47. James Jones says

    Finally, well I have no more.
    Airliner over London in Google Maps “Satellite” view.
    Google satellite aircraft – North corner of Russell Square, London.
    Wingspan is about 190ft according to google earth scale.
    Hoping someone gets a bit of fun out of the images.

  48. Is there any way to determine the altitude os tehese aircraft?

  49. another one

  50. 23°35’27.00″N 58°36’14.28″E
    32km from Muskat Airport, Oman

  51. Plane at 23°35’27.00″N 58°36’14.28″E
    32km from Muskat Airport, Oman is an Oman Air A330-300.

  52. I found a plane by myself at Hudson River. It looked like US Airways Flight 1549, but i dont think that’s it. Anyway the coordinates are 40°46’14.35”N 74°00’20.15”W. I know there is know airplane there but try to change the date to 4/30/2008 (April 30,2008).

    Thank you.
    -Hans Timothy

  53. I’ve got a few of em’

    B777- 29°57’39.40”N 31°11’50.29”E – 5/2006
    B737 – 53°05’14.55”N 18°40’53.06”E – 5/4/2007
    Dash 8? – 53°22’59.26”N 03°19’09.53”W – 3/26/2002
    B757 – 42°11’26.02”N 19°25’39.67”E – [NO DATE]

    – Hans Timothy

  54. I have 2 more!

    B737 go around – 53°19’55.38”N 02°18’33.55”W – 12/2005
    What plane? (its blurry!) – 41°56’28.35”N 87°36’48.40”W – 4/30/2005

    – Hans Timothy

  55. Hello , i found a satellite photo of a plane in Flight (a two engined ariliner), over Kurdistan, with a blue shadow , so its a definite sighting , and the aircraft itself is very clear. Is anyone still colleting these ?,41.1526136,785m/data=!3m1!1e3

  56. Chris Horseman says


    I’m not sure how to mark this on GE, or get into Google Hacks, but this looks like a saudi Airlines Airliner over the railway near Gomshall, Surrey.

    GE 51°12’48.62″N

    On its way from Heathrow?

  57. Here’s one near North Brunswick NJ
    W 74 28′ 12″
    N 40 24′ 36″

  58. Found on approach to Heathrow [IMG][/IMG]

  59. 2604 S Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90007 gogle earth pro

  60. I found this one as well 51.419480, 7.290906 here Vormholzer Ring 33, 58456 Witten.

  61. Found a plane captured in-air:

    38.542243572, -121.804336394 (Plane in Air Found by RGB)

  62. 42°11’45.92″N 121°43’30.77″W Google Earth coordinates for plane in sky

  63. 45°35’17.5″N 5°06’25.2″E
    Apparently not on the Google Earth Planes layer .kmz found at!topic/gec-places/FtV3337AT04

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