News Coverage on Google Earth and Hurricane Help

The New York Times has written an article (you can see it at CNET here or at the New York Times) which talks about the way the Google Earth forums has responded with these images and helped hurricane victims and potential victims check on the damaged areas in Google Earth. Here’s another story by Forbes. And here’s a story by the BBC on the topic.
A woman named Kathryn Cramer has dedicated her time during the past week to helping hurricane victims with information using Google Earth and her blog. She’s is mentioned in the above stories. She has posted links to several stories around the world she’s heard about on these topics here.

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  1. Google and Katrina

    In addition to the Forbes article I mentioned yesterday, both the BBC and New York Times (free registration required) cover the use of Google Maps and Earth by ordinary users to collect and distribute information about the disaster — i.e.,…

  2. Pine Street, New Orleans: Any info or updated overlays??? Wondering about homes in the 1300s. Thanks

  3. The NOAA pictures from Pine Street are covered by a cloud at the time the photos were taken. If other pictures of this area become available, I will post about it here.

  4. New Coverage on Google Earth and Hurricane He…

    New Coverage on Google Earth and Hurricane He…

  5. Kathryn Cramer blogs Hurricane Katrina

    Kathryn Cramer has some excellent Hurricane Katrina coverage on her blog in the following posts:

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