Much Improved Method for Viewing Katrina Damage Imagery

Google has greatly improved the interface to access the NOAA imagery of Katrina damage. They have used a method they experimented with a few days ago for Digital Globe photos to show dynamic tiles of images based on your current view. This means it will only pull in a big high resolution image as you zoom in and only the portion you can see. So, it cuts down on the amount of bandwidth and download time while giving you a more smooth way to view the imagery.
You can download the new link here , or go to read Google’s post about it here. When you are using this new network link, make sure you pause after you change a view for a few seconds. It waits for you to pause before it loads the new images according to your new view to cut down on bandwidth.

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  1. Much Improved Method for Viewing Katrina Dama…

    Much Improved Method for Viewing Katrina Dama…

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