Google Earth Files – KML/KMZ

So, what are these KML and KMZ files anyway? They are Google Earth’s file format for storing placemarks, network link information, and much more. I won’t go into detail here, since there are excellent reference documents available from Google (see below). But, let me describe the fundamentals.
KML stands for Keyhole Markup Language (Keyhole was the name of the application before Google bought it and added their own features and larger databases). If you understand HTML/XML you will have little problem understanding the syntax of KML. You can learn about KML from the KML Tutorial, or get the full details from the KML Documentation.

KMZ stands for KML-Zipped. It is the default format for KML because it is a compressed version of the file. One of the more powerful features of KMZ is that it allows any images you use – say custom icons, or images in your descriptions – to be zipped up within the KMZ file. That way you can share these details without having to reference the files through some link to the Internet. For KMZ files without images, the file size will be much smaller than the equivalent KML file.
If you understand basic HTML/XML you can easily get started by saving a simple placemark you’ve created as a KML file (not the default KMZ), and looking at the resulting text file. If you are a programmer you will probably be fascinated by the topic of Network Links. Network links are one of the most powerful features of GE enabling a KML file to reference data dynamically on a server somewhere out on the Internet.
In a nutshell, learning to do things with KML/KMZ is the equivalent to learning to write a web page, but instead of a web page you are changing the face of the GE. Just like with web page creation tools, you don’t have to know KML to create a KML file. You can start placing Placemarks or Image overlays straight from GE’s interface.

About Frank Taylor

Frank Taylor started the Google Earth Blog in July, 2005 shortly after Google Earth was first released. He has worked with 3D computer graphics and VR for many years and was very impressed with this exciting product. Frank completed a 5.5 year circumnavigation of the earth by sailboat in June 2015 which you can read about at Tahina Expedition, and is a licensed pilot, backpacker, diver, and photographer.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    I would to know how i could open through these KML and KMZ files. Please let me know about this. i won’t able to open such these kind of files

  2. prasannakumar thallapeli says

    i want details about google earth.

  3. In which format is used by GE to store the geometric information of the earths surface? As far as I understand KML, KML is not able to store any topographic data. Is this right?

  4. The Earth surface data is provided by Google Earth’s Primary Database when you connect to Google. (I assume the base sphere is just a simple geometric model built in to the program)
    The topgraphical 3D model is actually a database they got from NASA which was collected by Space Shuttle missions.
    I’m not sure what geometric model they use to store the 3D data, but I believe it is simply tesselated 3-sided polygons.

  5. viral Sompura says

    I want to know that whether the *.kmz/kml file foramt stores more than one location and display it on google earth?

  6. Yes, .kml/.kmz files can store many locations in one file (as many as you want really, especially if you use them as a network link to a database where they can be theoretically infinite).

  7. Is it possible to capture the polygon data from Google Earth from a web page? I can control GE from the webpage, but also want to capture what the user does while in GE.

  8. Our society has done a number of web sites. However, we are still trying to understand Google Earth Community.
    Two points out of a hundred:
    1. What is inscribed in one computer does not appear on another.
    2. Google has taken much care in inscribing both English and French characters. The notion of WORLD COMMUNITIES is unknown to Google Earth Community. The company knows better.
    Could please indicate un a good source of basic information. Merci.
    Pierre Larouche, pr

  9. Grossman says

    How do I get rid of one that I don’t want anymore? Am I stuck with it?

  10. You can simply delete any KMZ file in your “Places” pane. Or you can delete the file off your drive if that is what you are asking about.

  11. What kind of feedback can be gathered from GE presently, and what is planned in the near future versions? As far as I read from the KML tutorial, I can get my server triggered on regular periods, with the wiew box currently visible in the client. That is great, but I want want more control, I want to enable user to click on the map (or doubleclick, right-click and choose option, click&move the placemark, etc.) so that the server is informed about certain point in the map. Possible use of this would be updating of my places database, and, in the longer run, an online game about nations and their quest for power and territory. I hope this doesn’t mean that I need GE Pro version…

  12. I’m trying to create a KMZ file from a KML with an image directory that is referenced in the KML. Is there a simple way of doing this?

  13. Is there is way to hide the content of the kmz file so that when loaded into GE the user cannot simply “save as” kml file and then open it from any editor software to easily look at and edit the content ?
    In an other way to go around it : how to disable the “save as” function in the file menu when loading a kmz file ?

  14. How do I create a kmz in my own code. I want to produce dynamic kmz from a website. (It is more compact than kml which I can already do, and the feature of including graphics is interesting).

  15. Sriram Raghavan says

    1. I have my own hardware/software combo to obtain the (lat, long) at a particular place. How do I interface this (database) with Google Earth to render it in real time and provide location tracking?
    2. How do I dynamically update KML files?
    3. How do I call the updated KML files in a periodic fashion?

  16. Marcelo Crossa says

    Can I used the poligon created by the google and read it in the arcview to calculate area. If possible How to do it???
    Marcelo Crossa

  17. It seems like the COM API does not provide functionality to remove polygons from the “My Places” folder in GE. As a workaround I’m thinking about 1. setting the feature to invisible and 2. remove the kml file from the computer through jscript, except that I can’t find where GE stores the kml files for that. I’ve gone through all the GE directory on my machine. Any clues? Is there a way I can remove a polygon from the “My places” folder in GE from outside GE? (ie. using com api in hta app). Thanks a bunch.

  18. Chidananda Raju says

    In a sample web application I need to extract the images from google Earth and use it on my web pages. So how can I do it without manually opening the Google Earth and saving the image using ‘Save as’ option.

  19. Does anybody know where google saves the ‘My Places’ placemarks by default? I recently took a complete backup of my hard drive and then formmated it but without saving My Places to a KMZ file first. I had hundreds of places saved and cannot find anything referencing them in the google earth folders.
    Any help would be much appreciated.

  20. Berthold Pasch says

    The myplaces.kml file is saved in
    (sorry for the German folder names, but I would have to guess the English names and they would probably not right).
    Anyway, when you restored your system partition then, I’m afraid, all your files are gone.
    It is my principle not to save my data on the system partition, but convince the programs to store them elsewhere. For Google Earth there is some tweaking of the registry necessary to get this done.

  21. Hi,
    I’d like to edit the kml file to reach a specific location, at a specific altitude.
    There is a ‘altitude’ tag, but it seems it doesn’t have any effect.
    Any idea how to reach a specific altitude, either with a kml file, or within Google Earth itself ?
    Thanks !

  22. coldwaterjohn says

    How do I delete a KML placemark which has been shared/posted by me? It contained some incorrect information I have attempted to edit, however it still appears in its original format…
    I would very much appreciate being led through the delete or edit process, and be given an indication of how long it takes for the deletion to occur in the GE Community?

  23. To coldwaterjohn:
    If you have changed your attachment at the GEC with a new KMZ with the correct information, it should show the correct information when you download the attachment.
    If you are asking about the Google Earth Community layer version of your file, that layer is updated about once every 30 – 60 days. So, if that is your issue, you may have to wait about that long before your new version is put into the layer.

  24. I created a .kmz file by creating a subfolder under My Places, putting placemarks in the subfolder and saving the subfolder as a .kmz file.
    However, when the file is opened by Google Earth, the structure is “filename.kmx > subfolder > placeholders”.
    Therefore if I post this .kmz online as a tour, the tour does not start automatically. If I press the ‘play’ button, I get “There are currently no placemarks selected for the tour. Please activate the checkbox for those Placemarks you wish to visit and restart the tour. You can also select a folder and play a tour of all its items whether or not they are checked.”
    However, other tours posted on the bulletin board begin automatically as soon as the file is downloaded.
    I cannot move my placeholders up out of the subdirectory as I have other placeholders there. I cannot edit the .kmz file as it is zipped, and I cannot save to .kml (for the purpose of editing the file) because I am using a custom image for the placholder, and this would probably not be incorporated into the .kml file.
    Question: how to get my tour to start automatically?

  25. Jeff Miller says

    I converted a points layer from ArcGIS to .kmz (using ArcToolbox) and everything loads fine the first time that I start Google Earth. When I exit Google Earth I’m prompted to save my file to “My Places”. I click yes and then when I reopen Google Earth the file is in “My Places” but the points themselves are missing. The labels are still there, however. If I delete the .kmz file from “My Places” and then reopen the .kmz file everything looks normal.
    What am I doing wrong? Is there any way to save the file to “My Places” without losing the points the next time that I load Google Earth? Is my only option to keep reopening the .kmz file every time?

  26. Hi,
    I’m trying to create a kmz file with 1000 points and attached images or perhaps video files that can be viewed in the pop-up display box.
    How do I do this? I realize its possible with Google maps so what I am going to try is this…
    Firstly import my 1000 files into Google Earth Plus as a shapefile created in Arc.
    Save it as a kmz on my organisations website.
    Open in Google maps
    Attach media files through linking them to web based storage, such as you tube.
    I would then like to share this file so is it possible for people to download from my site?
    I’d really appreciate help with this. Its for a humanitarian project in Uganda.

  27. I am a student at the University of Nevada Reno and my class is working on a Google Earth Project. We are trying to take a georeferenced sanborn map of Virginia City, NV in ArcGis and convert the file to KML so that we can place it into Google Earth. We orginally used the geo refed ArcGis file as a .img file and put it into Google Earth and it worked, but when we tried to convert the file to KML it would not come in properly to Google Earth. Anyone have any suggestions?

  28. I e-mailed my KML file to myself and others. (there is an option to do this under the File tab)This procedure seems to insure that the file will be opened by Google earth.

  29. hi
    i have two kmz files and i like to link them in a single kml file using the link tags.. when im using to do it giving the single link tag only work. The way im writing the code is:
    plz give me the solution…

  30. How does one place placemarks on a web page?

  31. I was expecting to find info on where I could download a reader for KMZ fikes listed, but no,
    It seems a Q/A format would link this info.

  32. Hi… I’d like to have a .kmz file available from a link on my web page however when the link is clicked the file opens in a browser window…how do I force the file to be downloaded to be opened by Google Earth only… thanx

  33. warren, the answer to your question is setting your Mime types on your web server to support the KML/KMZ file types. Read the answer at Google Earth’s Help Center:

  34. Posters to the Google Earth community offer 3D images they’ve made, but when I download them, they are in .kmz format, which does not open with the Sketchup software Google provides for making 3D models. Sketchup apparently opens only .skp files. What additional software is needed to view the .kmz files? Once or twice, the .kmz files appeared on a Text word-processor page as a long series of oriental ideograms. Usually, though, nothing happens when I click on the .kmz files.

  35. waide rishel says

    I have used GE since about the start…
    Now a new computer.
    I have many “my places” stored “somewhere” on my old PC.
    And I’ve looked, but not found answer???
    Where’s this data file stored (by default)??

  36. Tony Courter says

    I’m going to programmaticaly generate a number of KML files to report insect infestations in the south. Is there a zoom scale/display extent/view resolution to display/hide the placement markers?
    Say if the eye altitude is less than 50 Miles I want my marker to disappear. Its a privacy issue.

  37. Fred Frazelle says

    Dear Tony(oops, excuse,)Frank:
    Thanks a lot for your blog!! šŸ™‚
    i have recently installed GE on a Linux system and have copied by old Myplaces.kmz file to the new GE folder, but when the program runs, it doesn’t open the .kmz file. i have seen that this is “zipped” so now understand why its so small, but how do i get it to appear in GE’s left pane –Somewhere! under Places…
    Thanks a have a great day! šŸ™‚

  38. Hi
    i know how to extract kmz content,
    i like to know how to compress with out using sketchup to export/compress/convert skp file to kmz file.
    thank you..

  39. Hi,
    I am trying to appload my image to 3D Warehouse and am getting this error about KMZ/KML files.
    I have been trying to find out more about these files but its all grey at the moment.
    PLIZ sum! F1!

  40. for test purpose, I just published this kmz file that collects selected Videos (from youtube, dailymotion, turnhere, googlevideo) of the capitals of the world :
    feedback welcome
    bon voyage !

  41. can we have the google earth database which can be use with net connection and not a single time going on line with google earth

  42. Dimitris Gryparis says

    Is it possible to calculate the area of a polygon you create or you need another program for that?

  43. Farrukh Saleem says

    Can any one guide me how can we convert KMZ/KML file into mapinfo *.tab file?

  44. When I try to add content to GE 4.x, it tells me it “Can’t create directory”. I am using the administrator account. The directory it is trying to create already exists. This is frustrating as there are many nice files that would be nice to see, but I can’t open any of them! How can I solve this error?

  45. I am also interested in the question about calculating the area of a polygon. Is this possible without another program? If so, how is it done?

  46. I need to know whether or not it is possible to convert a SketchUp model (.skp) to a Google Earth File (KMZ). If it is possible, please tell me how I can convert the model or where to go to find out (specifically).
    Thank You,

  47. rory Davidson says

    i believe that you need to pay for a better version of sketchup off their website in order to read and save 3d models as .kmz Sorry!!

  48. hi
    is it possible to extract the Lat/Lon of the palcemarks from a KMZ/KML file to an Excel sheet??

  49. Frank Trampe says

    In terms of determining the areĆ  of a polygon , I recommend averaging the points for a center point , constructing radiĆ ls , and summing the areĆ s of the resulting triĆ ngles . I have included some Maxima code . If speed is more important than precision , you may try writing a programme in C . Note that for the triĆ ngle areĆ s , I solved for the angle in the Law of Cosines and substituted it into the angle-side triĆ ngle areĆ  formula .
    Set Points1 as a list that has a list of Points1 like [[x1,y1],[x2,y2],[x3,y3]] . There is no need for repeating the first point at the end .
    Count2 : length( Points1 ) ;
    Buffer1 : [ 0 , 0 ] ;
    for Count1 : 1 step 1 while Count1 <= Count2 do ( Buffer1 : Buffer1 + Points1[ Count1 ] ) ;
    Center1 : Buffer1 / Count2 ;
    Sum1 : 0 ;
    for Count1 : 1 step 1 while Count1 < Count2 do ( Sum1 : Sum1 + block( [ a , b , c ] ,
    a : sqrt( ( Center1[ 1 ] – Points1[ Count1 ][ 1 ] ) ^ 2 + ( Center1[ 2 ] – Points1[ Count1 ][ 2 ] ) ^ 2 ) , b : sqrt( ( Center1[ 1 ] – Points1[ Count1 + 1 ][ 1 ] ) ^ 2 + ( Center1[ 2 ] – Points1[ Count1 + 1 ][ 2 ] ) ^ 2 ) , c : sqrt( ( Points1[ Count1 + 1 ][ 1 ] – Points1[ Count1 ][ 1 ] ) ^ 2 + ( Points1[ Count1 + 1 ][ 2 ] – Points1[ Count1 ][ 2 ] ) ^ 2 ) , ( (a*b*sqrt(-c^4/(4*a^2*b^2)+c^2/(2*b^2)+c^2/(2*a^2)-b^2/(4*a^2)-a^2/(4*b^2)+1/2))/2 ) ) ) ;
    Sum1 : Sum1 + block( [ a , b , c ] , a : sqrt( ( Center1[ 1 ] – Points1[ Count2 ][ 1 ] ) ^ 2 + ( Center1[ 2 ] – Points1[ Count2 ][ 2 ] ) ^ 2 ) , b : sqrt( ( Center1[ 1 ] – Points1[ 1 ][ 1 ] ) ^ 2 + ( Center1[ 2 ] – Points1[ 1 ][ 2 ] ) ^ 2 ) , c : sqrt( ( Points1[ 1 ][ 1 ] – Points1[ Count2 ][ 1 ] ) ^ 2 + ( Points1[ 1 ][ 2 ] – Points1[ Count2 ][ 2 ] ) ^ 2 ) , ( (a*b*sqrt(-c^4/(4*a^2*b^2)+c^2/(2*b^2)+c^2/(2*a^2)-b^2/(4*a^2)-a^2/(4*b^2)+1/2))/2 ) ) ;

  50. i need help for my sketch up models :when i send my model to google earth then save it as kmz there is no problem .but if i add another model and save both models that result with changing the fotos that cover the model.(i use sketch up in order to cover the buildings with their photos and than send them to google earth and save model as kmz and i add another model with foto. i save both model in one kmz. when i open the new kmz i see the fotos of model changed )

  51. How can I read the .kmz or the .skp formats? I just want to store simple (without texture) 3D models; and then open them with a C++ program. Is there any interface available to do this?

  52. I am trying to view a city model with only basic building blocks(7.90 MB) in google earth, but google earth is not responding. Is there a specified minimum KMZ file size, exported from SketchUp that Google earth accepts or is the problem related to memory space available on my PC? Kindly guide.


    Kindly inform me how I can convert KMZ\KML data into MapInfo format or DXF format.

  54. I can’t find a kml file (I lost it when I’ve changed my Mac), which enable to change the pointer’s hand in a cross.
    Do you know where I can find this file?
    Thank you in advance, Cyann

  55. Cyann, I don’t think this is a KML file. KML can’t change the mouse mode.
    I believe you could be referring to the “Click and Zoom” mode. You can read about this at the GE User Guide here:
    To set it you go to GE Options (Tools > Options > Navigation > Navigation Mode > Click-and-Zoom) and turn it on. The cursor will change to a cross, and when you click – you zoom. To return to normal mode you can hit CTRL-T (Windows).

  56. please, i need to know how to share a “placemark” (kmz file) with everybody? (i want to make it accessible to anyone using google earth)
    Its very important to me

  57. Does anyone know if there’s a way I can export ALL lat/long co-ords contained within a given area/polygon? I’ve looked in the resulting exported kml file, but it only holds the perimeter points.

  58. Mark Sargeant says

    Wondering if anyone could help me. Is there a way or call to the API that will give me ALL lat/long co-ordinates contained within a given area? ie: Polygon?
    Many thanks, Sarge

  59. I am trying to include a link to a file using href, and it works when I use the full path to id the target file. However, it will not allow me to use a relative location (going through a parent folder), like:
    Is there a trick to making relative locations work?
    thanks in advance,

  60. Does anybody ever answer these questions?

  61. Hello,
    I’m starting to use Google Maps API on my WEBSITE (, and I have really a lot of markers and it generate a KML file very bigger.
    How can I compact this file to get another compatible file with less Kbytes? How can I generate a KMZ file with all my markers?

  62. hi
    iam using with c# and i wiant to integrate with google earth i now this could be done by kml file but how i need a example for it where should i write kml file and how should i run it in please reply me soon its urgent

  63. Becky Berg says

    Please clarify when you would use the “File, Save My Places” in Google Earth? (I thought I understood this and after doing further testing, there was some confusion.) When I have locations and placemarks in the My Places folder, they are automatically saved. When getting out of the GE application, and coming back into it MY Places appear. So why would I ever have to do a File, Save My Places?
    Please note that I understand that File, Save Place As… saves my place to a computer location I specify. It is the Save My Places command that is underclear at this point. Thanks!

  64. I am experimenting with the new GE plug in for my website. It looks great but I cant figour out how to add KLM code. All the litrature seams to be talking about KLM for the Stand alone GE aplication rather then the web site version.

  65. Ignacio Lamas DomĆ­nguez says

    Hi everybody
    I would like to know if there is any way to export *.KMZ files to Microstation (*.dgn files)
    If it is not possible to change the format, it would be nice to open *.kmz files with Microstation to overwrite the information we need.
    Thanks a lot in any case.

  66. Hi can you explain me how to open .KMZ file through google earth API

  67. hi everybody
    i want to now if is posible to convert a .doc data in .kmz files

  68. Hi,
    I recently downloaded a ‘route’ / ‘tour’ which embeded itself into Google Earth. It shows a red line with various pins showing points of interest. My problem is I now want to remove it but can’t work out how to. Does anyome know how?
    Many thanks,

  69. Can someone please help me with transferring my Places content to another computer? Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.

  70. Do Google collect any or whole information from the KML/KMZ files we saved to My Places folder?
    Is there a remark in the privacy policy explaining about this thing?

  71. What is the best way to get a clear map back in to MicroStationV8 or XM for raster referencing? Saving the image as a .jpg yields grainy results.
    Thanks, Harold H.

  72. Alexander Valdenegro says

    I need create a map with latitude, longitude, u component to current, v component to current

  73. jacksirius says

    I am trying to extract a polygon layer from a google maps api, is there a way that i can do this if so could someone please tell me?

  74. Ana Quevedo says

    Could someone help me to convert KMZ/KML files to mapinfo format(*.tab) ?

  75. Hi,
    I need to calculate area of a polygon. How can I do this. Pls if someone could help me. Thx

  76. hi,in mapguide we find mapagent…. in that kml division we see 3 more options….1.mapdefinition
    2.layerdefinition 3.featuredefinition….I downloaded fcgi file and able to view in google earth…
    But the problem is when we download mapdefinition we r not able to view in google earth….if any one knows plz help me out…plzzz.thanks.

  77. radu andrei says

    Hello. i have a question that is driving me crazy in GE. let’s say i am at the office and i’m saving 80 placemarks in a kml file. when i copy it on a memory stick and then copy on my laptop at home,it doesn’t show any of the placemarks i’ve saved at work. why is that??or what can i do to fix that?

  78. Fred Harris says

    There is a mistake on the designation of a place in Sharm el Sheik Egypt.
    Well, there you go nobody is perfect.
    Been there, you are wrong.
    Hope to hear from you.

  79. I want to include small sequence of Gearth video into my own video. How can I convert KMZ file format into avi, mpeg or flv format ?

  80. How can I convert KMZ file format into avi, mpeg or flv format ?

  81. Hi, I wanna ask about something related to KML file. I edited a KML files in Earth but I saved them in my places and closed the program.but the next moment I opened the maps, it turned into unsaved types….What’s wrong with the map? I’m not a computer expert nor a programmer…


    in order to save the data
    how to transfer
    the the information created in my place in google earth
    to my personal folder
    before changing or formatting hard disk

  83. Hi,
    I was wondering if you could tell me if there is an Android (G1 phone OS) application that opens kmz files? Thanks! Tony

  84. Ti Bartolo says

    Hi, same question like Phillipe and Ryan, how can I convert .kmz to any other movie format? I see that the questions hasn’t been answered (prob for a reason lol but thought I might get an answer)
    šŸ™‚ Thanks

  85. to Ti Bartolo, You can not convert a file with .kmz extension to a movie format. kmz file is just an XML file that takes you to a specific location in the google earth with specific attributes such as height or heading!
    Best Regards

  86. Is there a way (or application) that will allow me to:
    1. Count the number of (gounded) pins I place inside a clamped to ground closed polygon?
    2. Select the pins inside the said (1.) polygon to be listed to a program outside G.E. ?
    3. Sort folders of objects in the G.E. sidepanel

  87. I created a link on my web site to a .kmz file, it will not work. Any suggestions on how to correct.

  88. i need to know how i can convert a kml to any tip that open in power point presntation
    thank u

  89. srinuganaparthi says

    iam using with c# and I have a kml file,
    i want to integrate my kml file into google earth and that needs to be shown in can i do this,please reply me urgent.
    srinu ganaparthi

  90. Arkan Husain says

    Dear Sir,
    I would to know how i could open through these KML and KMZ files. Please let me know about this. i won’t able to open such these kind of files

  91. Could someone help me to convert KMZ/KML files to mapinfo format(*.tab) ?

  92. saad shaker says

    how can i convert dxf file to kml

  93. I run each week and convert my gps track into a GE kmz file. To show others the beauty of my run through parks and beaches, how do I convert these files into a tour or better yet, a low altitude helicopter ride? Kind Regards, Jon.

  94. I am trying to input a Google Earth Tour (kmz) file into a PowerPoint presentation. PowerPoint does not accept kmz files so I would like to convert it to an avi file but every converted I have tried so far does not work. Any suggestions.

  95. Leah — You’ll need to use something to record your screen while the tour plays, then save that recording as an AVI. A good solution is Fraps (link below), though there are others:

  96. I am a novice Google Earth user and somehow I have all of these overlaid squares and icons of hiker when I scan down. How do I remove these? I must of loaded a KML file on and did not realize it. Any help would be appreciated.

  97. Hi there,
    I’m just wondering if anybody has any advice about how to convert python code to kml files.
    Thanks very much

  98. Sandeep Arora says

    I am new to the KML/KMZ world. We have a static site hosted that shows our hotels on Google Earth. I have KML file that shows up our hotels on Google earth. I need to replace that KML file with the updated KML file, having information of our new hotels, so that Google earth shows our new hotels as well.
    From where can I get the updated KML file?
    Any help would be highly appreciated.

  99. Pleae let me know how to see kmz file on GE map?
    Thank you in advance.

  100. I currently use the specify the coordinates of a location in my VB command line to google maps using the q= parameter. Is there a way to include both kml file overlay and coordinates in my command line ?

  101. I am using Google Earth as a tool to look at certain features of the landscape. I have a series of polygons created in Google Earth using the polygon tool, and I am wondering if I can export this to overlay as a raster or ascii layer in a GIS package?

  102. Hi,
    Is there a chance to disable the save as functio in KML files.
    Many thanks

  103. saurabh singh says

    Dear sir,
    I want to know that, how can i add .dgn format in platform?
    Many Thankyou

  104. Could you maybe help me…I cant find out how I insert my google earth coordinates, saved in kmz files into my google map?

  105. How can I tell GE where to save the kmz files. I want to save them to my firefox temp folder so that they are deleted when I close my browser. Right now they are saved to a temp folder but not one that is emptied. They take up too much space. I just deleted over 50 gb’s of kml files from only a few months use. That took 3 hours.

  106. Can you please tell me if there is a way to automatically extract all the data from a large .kmz/.kml file into a format readable by common microsoft applications such as excel/word? If there is a way/applet to extract this info as something like .csv could someone please point me at the location to download the program? Thanks.

  107. Rui Molefas says

    Good Morning,
    i have several coordinates with different values, all in a table, and when i export the data to KMZ, it shows on GE a green dot, and when i click the green dot it expands into all the other green dots, and when i have to click on each one individualy to see its data. I would like to know if its possible to just click on the first dot, and show the table with all the data from all the “inside dots”. I hope i made it clear enough.
    Thakyou in advance!

  108. Does anyone know how to convert a .tab file (mapinfo) to a .kmz file?

  109. Sir I have saved Google in KMZ file format, but when I wants to play the tour as well to see the places marked on google no action happened means by double clicking or selecting the places on the left side the places does not appeares. Please give the suitable suggestion or guideline for my problem

  110. Google Earth’s file format for storing placemarks, network link information, and much more. I won’t go into detail here, since there are excellent reference documents available from Google (see below).

  111. HI’
    Is there a chance to disable the save as functio in KML files.
    yours considaration

  112. this is great post.
    I would to know how i could open through these KML and KMZ files.

  113. Naveed Chowhan says

    Sir I want to convert file from kml to mp4, how i do

  114. sir, i want to draw polygon on my canvas with lat n long points.
    i have lat n long points.
    i have converted those lat n long to (x,y) co-ordinates . but it is giving large value (means 8 to 10 digits number). how can i draw the polygon in appeared windows-mobile co ordinates.
    any other alternative for draw a polygon with lat n long ?

  115. John M. Goodman says

    I want to draw a path that is a great circle from one location to another in Google Earth. I’d like the path to be a fixed distance above mean sea level at every point along it, independent of the elevation of the topography below it. Is there any easy way to accomplish this in a KML file without knowing the lat/long of many points on the great circle route between the start and destinations points?
    I notice that when one enters one location GoogleEarth flies to it, then if I enter another location Google Earth flies from the first to the second location and as it does so it appears that the viewpoint is first rising, then staying at a more-or-less constant altitude, then falling again while traversing what appears to be a great circle route from the first to the second location. What I seek is a way to draw a visible path that follows a similar route.

  116. John M. Goodman says

    I have found what appears to be a “bug” in Google Earth 6.0’s interpretation of KML files. If I draw a path that is long by specifying only the start and end points, and if I specify as clampToGround, Google Earth draws the path as a great circle between the two points. But if the is specified as either Absolute or relativeToGround then the path is drawn as a straight line in space from start to finish going through the earth. Clearly the interpretation of those latter two modes aren’t what the names suggest.
    Is this something that can or will be fixed in the near future? And is there any way to work around it to get the great circle route elevated above the ground either a fixed distance from the ground or a fixed distance above mean sea level?

  117. John M. Goodman says

    In my previous posting I tried to include the term altitudeMode in carets (left and right angle brackets), but when the post appeared in the blog that term was missing.
    What I meant to have my post say is this:
    I have found what appears to be a “bug” in Google Earth 6.0’s interpretation of KML files. If I draw a path that is long by specifying only the start and end points, and if I specify the altitudeMode as clampToGround, Google Earth draws the path as a great circle between the two points. But if the altitudeMode is specified as either Absolute or relativeToGround then the path is drawn as a straight line in space from start to finish going through the earth. Clearly the interpretation of those latter two modes aren’t what the names suggest.
    Is this something that can or will be fixed in the near future? And is there any way to work around it to get the great circle route elevated above the ground either a fixed distance from the ground or a fixed distance above mean sea level?

  118. Does anyone know how to automatically open two globes at startup in GE Enterprise Client. I know you can double click on a URL for a globe and then “Add Database”, but I want to set it up so two globes are opened whenever you start GEE up. I thought there might be a KML that would save such an option, but I have failed so far. Any help would be appreciated??

  119. Dearsir,
    my query is that how to feed data in KMZ file ,where it is available to download in the system

  120. J R Sreenivas says

    (1)How to save a google earth file, in manner similar to saving Excel or Word files?(2)When a Word file is edited & saved, exisitng file gets over wrtiien. How to do similar thing for a google eath file? (3)What is the difference between saving for FILE & saving MY PLACES?(4)Every time i save google earth kmz file, place marker(say place marker by name S5) get added & there ill be hundreds of S5 in the file. How to aviod this ?

  121. Hi there,
    At the moment, I am working on road network file with nodes and links. I do have XML file of the network only. Would be great to have a hint on how it is possible to convert it into ESRI shapefile.

  122. Hi,
    I have purchase Google Earth Pro in the hope that I can measure area of my existing KML, but apparently I can’t do that in GE Pro. I don’t want to go to third party software, please help. Can you add such capabilities in GE Pro? Or is there any plug in for GE Pro for this issue?

  123. I find that my XP machine gets clogged with literally thousands of kmz/kml files – is there any way to have these automatically deleted when Google Earth closes?

  124. I would like to create my own public site in Google Earth or Google Maps (or both) from ArcMap layers. How can I get started with this?

  125. Vineet Rawat says

    How to label a mapinfo converted kml file.
    Can anybody tell me…………….

  126. I have delete the primary database on accident. How do I get it back??? Thanks for all the help

  127. Just a fly in the ointment. Google earth has created 7,450 or so of these kmz files on my laptop and never deletes them. McAfee insists on scanning every single one, making scans take all day. McAfee doesn’t display enough of an address to find them, and even searches which are supposed to show hidden files can’t find them. I’ve uninstalled Google earth but the files remain. How can I get my fast scan back without wiping the drive, I wonder.

  128. I have remove GE from a laptop I have running Vista because McAfee insists on scanning every kmz file. I’ve tried several times to find them, even changing the search settings to show hidden files with no luck. On this machine they are never deleted, which slows the virus scanner way down. This is very annoying, since my other devices running Xp and windows7 have no such problem. I know… get rid of Vista,lol.

  129. 1. As long as a path being constructed in GE is not saved, it is possible to modify it. How can I modify it once it is saved or its .kmz/.kml file is re-opened?
    2. It is possible to open a .gpx file in GE. I would very much like to be able to save a GE path as a .gpx file. Any ideas?
    Thank you, guys.

  130. Neetu Tyagi says

    Anybody knows about how to convert word file into the KML file and also run on google earth. I’m trying but not successful in conversion and i m convert excel to kml but kml file is not run properly my requirement basis.

    Please help me if knows about anyone.

  131. Is it possible to show locations a long the full length of our local river from source to mouth. Can landmarks be shown using Google maps?

  132. Hello, I just wanted to add that there’s an useful free converter out there called that offers a simple and easy conversion process. All you need to do is open the file needed for conversion, convert and save it. Good to know that it works in both ways, so I hope you can rely on it.

  133. hi i just wanted to ask i am exporting a kml file onto google earth how do i send some1 that file with all the images in that file as when i send it to them they are not able to view the images i made the kml file by exporting it from path finder office , or how do i change the image directory on the kml so i could send the images and just change the format

  134. Vishal Kumar says

    Can someone please help me with transferring my Places content to another computer? Any help is much appreciated.

  135. Does anyone know if it’s possible to take a kmz file that someone emailed me and open that file on my ipad in Google Earth?

  136. Martin Delao says

    I would like to know if it is possible to use a .kml file with multiple points and have it connect with a excel spreadsheet with the same information. Im trying to figure out if it is possible to click on a maker and have it open the corresponding row in excel.

  137. Is it possible to ask from GOOGLE, to be my built invisible from google earth file before specific date???

  138. how can i add logo in kml file using c#. tried
    string strdocA = Server.MapPath(“~/Document/KML/doc.kml”);
    string strdocB = Server.MapPath(“~/Document/KML/MaxConLOGOnew.kml”);
    string strdocC = Server.MapPath(“~/Document/KML/vvkml”); XmlTextWriter kml = new XmlTextWriter(path, null);
    kml.Formatting = Formatting.Indented;
    kml.WriteStartElement(“kml”, strdocA);
    kml.WriteElementString(“name”, “elephant”);
    kml.WriteElementString(“href”, “images/elephant.jpg”);
    kml.WriteAttributeString(“x”, “0”);
    kml.WriteAttributeString(“y”, “1”);
    kml.WriteAttributeString(“xunits”, “fraction”);
    kml.WriteAttributeString(“yunits”, “fraction”);
    kml.WriteAttributeString(“x”, “0”);
    kml.WriteAttributeString(“y”, “0”);
    kml.WriteAttributeString(“xunits”, “pixels”);
    kml.WriteAttributeString(“yunits”, “pixels”);

    But its not working

  139. when I download my placemarks to google earth on android it opens a tour of the Eiffel tower. I deleted the tour before saving yet it appears. I can see my placemarks when the tour starts, yet they disappear when I stop the tour. Please help

  140. I saved kmz files on one computer and when reopen on another computer it shifts and does not overlay the same way as the original file. Can this be fixed?

    • Timothy Whitehead says

      Can you give more detail? My first guess is that you have differences in altitudes due to having the 3D buildings layer turned on on only one of the computers, or the terrain layer (if you have Google Earth Pro).

      • Thank you for the reply Timothy. I do not have google earth pro nor did I have 3D buildings turned on. As for the details….I am working on a project with two other colleagues who created polygons in google earth. After they saved the files(.kmz) in the desired location I then added them to the application on my computer. However, they do not overlay properly when I add them. The polygons are ‘off’ some toppling on each other and others off into the sea – which is not how they drew them

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