Google to release Street View imagery in Greece


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Google releases historical Street View feature


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Explore the temples of Angkor Wat in Google Street View


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Explore the Colorado River in Google Earth


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Google’s new “Project Tango”


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How Google identifies house numbers in Street View


As much as I love Google Earth, I use Google Maps at least as often due to the amazing GPS navigation that it provides in my car.  Part of that is due to their work in Street View over the years and … [Read more...]

Google Street View imagery released in Venice


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Visit U.S. National Parks in Google Earth during the government shutdown


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Walk through a Street View-powered corn maze


Earlier this year we showed you a collection of corn mazes that were viewable in Google Earth, but none of them allowed you to actually explore them via Street View. Thanks to Kyle Giesbrecht of … [Read more...]

Google adds a variety of animal parks and zoos to Street View


Google has just pushed out another major update to Street View, this time adding imagery from a variety of zoos and animal parks around the world. The list of updated areas … [Read more...]