Geology in Google Earth

Sim Corner Esker in Google Earth

We've shown you a lot from George at MyReadingMapped over the years, and he's back with another one. This project is called the "Google Map of Geology", and George describes it as follows: My … [Read more...]

Terrestrial Biomes in Google Earth


George at MyReadingMapped is a hard-working guy. Just a few weeks ago he brought us the map of the El Nino Zone, and he's previously created a variety of other excellent maps. Now he's back with a … [Read more...]

Everything about the El Nino Zone in Google Earth


We've all heard about El Nino over the years and how it can affect weather patterns, but it can be a bit tricky to understand the relationship between all of the elements involved in it. According to … [Read more...]

Google Maps of recent Ebola and MERS Outbreaks


We've shown you many of the great stories from George at MyReadingMapped over the past year or so. He creates excellent maps to help explain global issues. His latest is regarding the recent news … [Read more...]

The Topography of Plate Tectonics in Google Earth


It's somewhat surprising to me that after all the years that Google Earth Blog has been around, we've never seen a file that focuses on the plate tectonics of earth. We've discussed various … [Read more...]

Mapping the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics in Google Earth


The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi will be kicking off in a few days, and while I expect Google will release some neat tools to help you follow the games, George at MyReadingMapped has already put out … [Read more...]

Viewing the Topography of the Thermohaline Circulation of the Oceans in Google Earth


With that mouthful of a title, our friends at MyReadingMapped have again created a very interesting map for us to check out.  In their words: If you do an image search for the Thermohaline … [Read more...]

Sunken ships in Google Earth


A recent article by Mark Fillman of Ocean Cruises featured shipwrecks that then linked to various sites, but it only showed a handful of shipwrecks that can be found in Google Earth. There are far … [Read more...]