Historical imagery density in Google Earth: Part 2


Last week we started on a project to try and map out the density of historical imagery in Google Earth using the Google Earth plugin. We created a short piece of JavaScript that queries the Google … [Read more...]

Historical imagery density in Google Earth: Part 1


Earlier this week when creating the map of Chinese map offsets it reminded us of a project we have long wanted to work on - mapping the density of historical imagery in Google Earth. When you are in … [Read more...]

North Korea – Statues and Uranium


We have looked at censorship of aerial imagery in Google Earth and even noted censorship of 3D imagery. However, censorship rarely extends to satellite imagery, as only the country in which the … [Read more...]

Historical imagery captured on the same day


We have recently spent quite a lot of time looking through historical imagery and reported some of the most interesting finds from recent imagery, including: The Amtrak train derailment in … [Read more...]

2015 Brazil floods in Google Earth


Earlier this week we looked a flood damage in Georgia and Texas. Thank you to GEB reader for pointing us to imagery of flooding in Magdeburg, Germany in 2013. Find it in Google Earth with this KML … [Read more...]

Historical imagery and zoom


Last week we looked at animating historical imagery by using Google Earth Tours. While looking around in historical imagery we discovered an interesting effect: the historical imagery is not correctly … [Read more...]

Animating historical imagery using Google Earth Tours


Last year we showed you how to animate Google Earth historical imagery using the Google Earth plugin. However, the Google Earth plugin has been deprecated and is set to stop working on December 12th, … [Read more...]

Google Earth’s ‘background’ imagery


As we have discussed before Google Earth shows different imagery depending on the zoom level and whether or not you are in 'historical imagery' mode. We have also talked about how the ocean bathymetry … [Read more...]

Historical Imagery and the Ocean Floor


An interesting aspect of the 'historical imagery' feature in Google Earth is that when you turn it on Google Earth displays a different dataset for the ocean floor. Based on the copyright information, … [Read more...]

Frequency of new satellite imagery in Google Earth


When looking around Google Earth in historical imagery, we have noticed an interesting trend with regards to the frequency of satellite imagery updates. It seems that Europe and the USA get … [Read more...]