Mapping the Ebola outbreak in Google Earth


A few months ago we showed you some great maps that showed the spread of Ebola and MERS, but given the continued spread of Ebola we felt it'd be a good time to dig into them again. George at … [Read more...]

Mapping Flight MH370 in Google Earth


As the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 continues to baffle those searching for it, tools such as this crowdsourced effort to scour satellite imagery are helping in the effort. Along … [Read more...]

Google releases the Google Maps Gallery, with solid support for Google Earth


Google has just launched the Google Maps Gallery to help "unlock the world's maps". It's an impressive collection of maps of various kinds, easily accessible in one place. The maps all have a … [Read more...]

The Boston Marathon Manhunt in Google Earth


In the wake of the tragic bombing and heroic capture of the suspects in Boston last week, a variety of tools have popped up to show where all of the events took place. Google Maps Mania is a great … [Read more...]

Responding to the Thailand Floods

Google Earth File.  You must have GE installed.

As Google often does during disasters (such as the Gulf Oil Spill and the Japan Earthquake, Google has set up a Crisis Response page to help provide information for those trying to assist with the … [Read more...]