California fault lines and earthquake probabilities


We have in the past looked at the some of the California fault lines where earth quakes are likely to occur. A recent story in the news is that a recent report by the Working Group on California … [Read more...]

The Napa earthquake in satellite imagery


We recently came across this map in the Maps Gallery which alerted us to the the fact that Google Earth (and Maps) has imagery taken soon after the magnitude 6.0 earthquake that struck Napa Valley, … [Read more...]

Exploring earthquake fault lines in Google Earth


We've talked about Earthquakes quite a lot over the years, as Google Earth is a great tool for visualizing those types of events. However, we've not shown very much related to the actual fault lines … [Read more...]

Exploring L’Aquila five years later


Three years ago we told you about the effort to rebuild L'Aquila in 3D following a major earthquake in 2009. Graziano Di Crescenzo has an Italian blog about Google Earth and is very passionate about … [Read more...]

The Topography of Plate Tectonics in Google Earth


It's somewhat surprising to me that after all the years that Google Earth Blog has been around, we've never seen a file that focuses on the plate tectonics of earth. We've discussed various … [Read more...]

Google Earth A to Z: Earthquakes

Google Earth File.  You must have GE installed.

When earthquakes occur, tools like Google Earth can be very helpful for visualizing the affected areas and working to help those in need of assistance. Relief organizations use Google Earth and … [Read more...]

The Year 2011 in Google Earth

Google Earth had a tremendous year in 2011. Our most popular story of the year, by far, was from people searching for Osama bin Laden's compound in May. There was also quite a bit of interest in … [Read more...]

Locations of some current events: Turkey earthquake and Gaddafi’s death

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Over the weekend, southeastern Turkey was shaken by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake (MSNBC, CNN), causing major damage and taking hundreds of lives. While fresh imagery from the area hasn't been released … [Read more...]

Some excellent visualizations from Tuesday’s earthquake

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A few days ago, the eastern United States was hit by a magnitude 5.8 earthquake. The quake did relatively little damage, though it was felt by a large portion of the country. Data Appeal, a company … [Read more...]

Amazing panoramas of post-earthquake Japan

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While I was at Where 2.0 last week, I got to spend some time talking to Jeffrey Martin from 360cities. We've covered some of their new panoramas before (such as the protests in France last year), but … [Read more...]