DigitalGlobe takes a look at the last 50 years of the satellite industry

DigitalGlobe, who supplies much of the imagery that we enjoy in Google Earth, has just released a video that walks through the history of satellites.  In their words: “The satellite industry has … [Read more...]

DigitalGlobe’s Top Image of the Year

A few weeks ago, we showed you how you could be a part of the voting for DigitalGlobe's "Top Image of the Year". The results are in, and the winner is... Burning Man! It was a very close vote, with … [Read more...]

Vote for DigitalGlobe’s Top Image of the Year

DigitalGlobe produces some amazing imagery, much of which is licensed by Google for use in Google Earth. In addition, they release many one-off images that they display on their site and we … [Read more...]

Google Earth A to Z: The full list

It's been fun going through every aspect of Google Earth over the past few months. If you've missed any of the entries, here is the entire list from A to Z: • Antialiasing,Anisotropic Filtering … [Read more...]

Space Shuttle Endeavour atop a 747

Late last week, the Space Shuttle Endeavour flew atop a 747 into White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. The shuttle continued its journey to Edwards Air Force Base in California. In October, The … [Read more...]

Google Earth A to Z: DigitalGlobe

You hear people refer to the "Google satellites" from time to time when discussing Google Earth and Google Maps. In truth, Google doesn't have any satellites up in space to capture imagery. While … [Read more...]

Satellite imagery and 3D model of the cruise ship Costa Concordia

By now you've likely heard all about the wreck of the Costa Concordia, the cruise liner crashed off the Tuscan coast last Friday, killing at least 11 passengers. DigitalGlobe has since captured aerial … [Read more...]

Sweden is upset that they’re visible from space

A few weeks ago, we showed you how France had tried to hide the location of a nuclear plant, after that plant made news after a minor explosion. We showed you how it was hidden in Google Earth by … [Read more...]

Explosion at French nuclear site; use historical imagery to see it in Google Earth

There was an explosion at a French nuclear plant this morning that took the life of one worker and injured a few others. Fortunately, no leak has been reported and things seem to be under control. I … [Read more...]

2011 imagery of bin Laden’s compound in Google Earth

While Google Earth only shows the 2005 imagery of Osama bin Laden's compound, Stefan Geens at Ogle Earth discovered some DigitalGlobe imagery of the area that was captured in mid-January of this … [Read more...]