Google Earth 3D imagery progress

Google continues to push out new 3D imagery on a regular basis. However, an increasingly large proportion of it is updates to areas that already had 3D imagery. The updated areas are generally better … [Read more...]

Maintaining our map of 3D areas

Yesterday we had a look at the progress made by Google in releasing 3D imagery for Google Earth. For this we used this KML map that we maintain that shows the areas covered by 3D imagery. This has … [Read more...]

Google Earth 3D Imagery progress report

[Update: It turns out the September figures are wrong (thank you Frank) due to errors in the KML not being handled well by the Area calculator we used. Here is the updated chart.]It has been a … [Read more...]

Google’s 3D is not just for cities

Google has been rolling out 3D imagery for over three years. The focus has been almost entirely on centres of population. However, there are a few places where Google has mapped interesting … [Read more...]

KML Polygon merger

We have recently got a bit behind on updating our 3D imagery KML file. Part of the reason for this is the complexity of dealing with new areas that are extensions of already existing … [Read more...]

Google gets altitude wrong and drowns a city

Thank you to GEB reader 'jonahtornado' for letting us know that Google appears to have got the altitude wrong in the 3D for the Italian city of Crotone. If looked at in Google Earth with the 'Water … [Read more...]

3D cities layer: another look

Last month in celebration of the ten year anniversary of Google Earth, Google added some new layers under the heading 'Voyager'. We already had a look at the new '3D cities' layer last week. However, … [Read more...]

Problems with water in Google Earth 3D

As Google continues rolling out 3D imagery one outstanding problem that they don't seem to have been able to resolve is what to do about water. The cause of the problem is quite simple - water usually … [Read more...]

Indian cities may soon start to go 3D

A recent story in the news is that the Government of India is currently in discussions with Google over allowing Google to capture and publish 3D imagery of Indian cities. As we have often noted, 3D … [Read more...]

Google Rolling out 3D at an Extraordinary Rate

As we mentioned in our month-end post, over the last couple of months, Google has stepped up the rate at which they are releasing 3D imagery.Most notably in the last week Google has added areas in … [Read more...]