Watching Antarctic Ice Sheets Crack with Landsat Imagery

We recently came across this interesting story about an ice shelf in Antarctica which is slowly breaking off. The original story is on the NASA website here. The article features a couple of Landsat … [Read more...]

Fairy circles

In January we had a look at ant and termite colonies as seen from space. In that post we mentioned the phenomena of Fairy Circles from Namibia. Fairy Circles are regular patches of bare ground in the … [Read more...]

St. Patrick’s Day with Google Earth

Tomorrow, March 17th is St. Patrick's Day. St. Patrick's Day originated in Ireland but is now celebrated in many other parts of the world. The United States, for example, has major celebrations in … [Read more...]

Making KML files smaller by reducing precision

Our KML map of 3D areas has been steadily growing in size as new areas are added. We have considered converting it to KMZ format, which is the compressed version of KML files. KMZ uses standard ZIP … [Read more...]

Google Earth Imagery update – February 2016

Google has finally pushed the most recently published imagery into the historical imagery layer, so we can find and map out the imagery. We have been aware of new imagery being in the default layer … [Read more...]

Custom Icons in Google Earth

When you create placemarks in Google Earth you can change the icon of the placemark by going to the placemark properties and clicking the icon button found just to the right of the placemark name. … [Read more...]

Google Earth Pro print options advanced formating

When Google Earth Pro was first made available for free we had a look at the advanced printing options in Google Earth Pro that are not found in the standard version. We recently had an enquiry from … [Read more...]

Google’s Skybox Imaging renamed Terra Bella

Google has just announced that Skybox Imaging has been renamed Terra Bella. The new name is intended to indicate a change of focus from just a satellite imaging company to pioneering the search for … [Read more...]

Fifth Anniversary of the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami

This week marks the fifth anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. Google has been using Street View and aerial imagery to record both the devastation caused and the subsequent … [Read more...]

Total Solar Eclipse March 8-9, 2016

This week there will be a total solar eclipse starting in the Indian Ocean, crossing Indonesia then out into the Pacific, ending up North East of Hawaii. A partial eclipse will be visible … [Read more...]