Seeing a tornado track with Landsat imagery

We have looked at the paths of destruction caused by tornadoes in Google Earth imagery a number of times before. Nearly every one of the tornadoes we have looked at in the US occurred in the months of … [Read more...]

Happy Christmas with Google Earth directions

Yesterday we had a look at the work of Japanese GPS artist Yassan. We contacted him to ask about getting his routes in KML format. He was unable to release the 'Peace on Earth' route featured … [Read more...]

PEACE on Earth message using GPS

Back in 2010 Japanese GPS artist Yassan (also known as Yasushi Takahashi) wrote the world's largest marriage proposal by travelling around Japan while recording his GPS track. He holds the Guinness … [Read more...]

Google Earth Blog Santa Tracker

We have produced two versions of our Santa Tracker. Santa is expected to take off on December 24th at 10am UTC. If you are not sure what time that is in your time zone you can use Google's count down … [Read more...]

Altitudes and polygons in Google Earth

When creating the Santa Tracker we made use of some code we had previously written for creating arcs in Google Earth. As we noted in that post, however, the arcs use relative altitudes, but for … [Read more...]

Introducing the Google Earth Blog Santa Tracker

[ Update: find the Google Earth Blog Santa Traker here  ] This year, partly as a goodbye to the Google Earth API, which is expected to be shut down some time early next year we have decided to … [Read more...]

Animal shaped buildings in Google Earth

We were having a look at recent imagery (captured in late November) in Google Earth and were surprised to find a building shaped like a crocodile in Jabiru, Australia. Gagudju Crocodile Holiday Inn, … [Read more...]

Flash floods in North Korea

Normally when we look at satellite imagery of North Korea it is because there is something interesting relating to the politics of the country, such as statues, uranium plants or nuclear tests. We … [Read more...]

Star Wars in Google Earth

With the latest Star Wars movie arriving in cinemas this Friday it is a good time to look at filming locations for the previous Star Wars films. First, here is a nice site describing most of the … [Read more...]

New Google Earth Flight Simulator Tips and Video 2015

Did you know Google Earth has a free built in flight simulator and you can fly all over the world? It has been there since 2007, and in the meantime computers have gotten way faster and the data has … [Read more...]