A burnt out plane and some imagery errors

On August 3rd, 2016, Emirates Flight 521 carrying 282 passengers and 18 crew crashed while landing at Dubai International Airport. One fire fighter died in the rescue effort, but all the passengers … [Read more...]

DigitalGlobe’s WorldView-4 sees first light

We wrote about DigitalGlobe's WorldView-4 back in August and again when it was expected to be launched in September. However, the launch was subsequently delayed and actually took place on November … [Read more...]

Moving sand in Landsat animations

Last week Google added global mosaics in historical imagery for each year going back to 1985. The mosaics are created from mostly Landsat imagery with a bit of Sentinel 2 imagery for the last couple … [Read more...]

Panoramio photos not showing in Google Earth

[UPDATE 7-December-2016: The Panoramio Photos Layer is working again. A temporary one day issue.]Thank you to GEB readers Frank, Manuel, Jim and Gabriel for letting us know that the Panoramio photos … [Read more...]

Villagers in India losing land to a changing river

The villagers of Kambakshpur in India are complaining that the Yamuna River near their village is changing course over time, resulting in them losing land. Interestingly, 'The Hindu' newspaper has … [Read more...]

Animating the new Landsat/Sentinel global mosaics with a dynamic tour

Earlier this week Google added to Google Earth global mosaics based on Landsat and Sentinel 2 data from 1985 to 2016. Google Earth Engine provides animations for the data using a web based interface. … [Read more...]

The best of Google Earth for November 2016

The biggest Google Earth news this month was the release of new global mosaics of Landsat/Sentinel 2 data from 1985 to date, and the release of Google Earth VR edition.Speed in … [Read more...]

More about the new Landsat / Sentinel 2 data in Google Earth

Yesterday Google surprised us by adding global mosaics created from Landsat and Sentinel 2 data to the Google Earth's 'historical imagery'. The data comes to Google Earth via Google Earth Engine, … [Read more...]

Google Earth now has global Landsat and Sentinel 2 data from 1985 to 2016

Thank you for GEB reader Jonah for being the first to let us know. Google has added yearly global mosaics using Landsat and Sentinel 2 data going back to 1985. Google has long had these mosaics on … [Read more...]

The land art of Dario Gambarin

We recently came across Italian artist Dario Gambarin who has been creating a large amount of land art in fields near the Italian town of Castagnaro. He creates his art in actively cultivated fields, … [Read more...]