Another way to visualise sun-synchronous orbits

Yesterday we had a look at the orbits of imaging satellite's from the perspective of a stationary earth. Today we are having a look at the same orbits but showing how the orbit is actually a circle … [Read more...]

Sun-synchronous orbits with Google Earth

After our recent posts on rainbow plane offsets and the list of imaging satellites we thought it would be interesting to see what a sun-synchronous orbit actually looks like in Google Earth. We have … [Read more...]

Imaging satellite list

Last week we mentioned that it would be useful to have a table of imaging satellites with some of the specifications of most interest to users of Google Earth. We couldn't find any site with a single … [Read more...]

Rainbow plane offsets

When we had a look at the 'rainbow effect' of planes in flight we mentioned that the offsets of the different images were a result of both the plane's movement and the movement of the satellite taking … [Read more...]

Watching sand dunes move with Google Earth

We recently got the idea of trying to see if we could see sand dunes moving using Google Earth historical imagery. The biggest problem is that for the best results we needed frequent satellite imagery … [Read more...]

How often is Google Earth imagery updated: Europe

We recently had a look at the frequency of imagery updates for the continental US. Today we are doing a similar analysis for Europe. As with the US, Europe has a lot of aerial imagery gathered by the … [Read more...]

Street View Tour Maker by Steven Ho

Steven Ho, whose excellent work we have covered many times in the past, has recently produced a tool for creating Street View tours. The tool and details on how to use it can be found on his blog … [Read more...]

Sheep View

Google Street View coverage has been increasing at a steady pace for the last few years, with new countries being added every few months. There are, however, still many places that do not have Street … [Read more...]

More about processing Sentinel imagery

We recently had a look at how to process Sentinel imagery using GIMP. GEB reader 'DJ' asked in the comments if the geodata supplied with the imagery can be used to automatically align the imagery in … [Read more...]

China’s South–North Water Transfer Project

We recently came across China's South–North Water Transfer Project. China has more water in the south than the north and water shortages are becoming a problem in the north. The South–North Water … [Read more...]