Google Earth imagery suppliers

Yesterday we had a look at a way to find recent imagery in Google Earth. We thought it would be interesting to do a survey of the imagery we found and see where Google gets its imagery from. To find … [Read more...]

Finding imagery updates with the Google Earth plugin

The last time Google released an imagery update map was as part of the new 'Voyager' layer introduced at the end of June. An anonymous reader let us know about a number of recent updates in Europe, … [Read more...]

The Jefferson Grid

Thank you to GEB reader Clare for pointing us to this story about the Jefferson Grid. The Jefferson Grid refers to the Public Land Survey System (PLSS) or the Rectangular Survey System used in many … [Read more...]

Google Earth search vs Google Earth placemarks and street data

As we have mentioned in the past new additions to Google Maps are almost immediately available in Google Earth search. However, the information shown in Google Earth placemarks and street maps is not … [Read more...]

Art from Google Earth imagery and the Google Maps/Earth TOS

We recently came across two stories in the news about people creating art from Google Earth imagery. The first is this one about Mishka Henner. His work appears to consist of unaltered screen shots … [Read more...]

Satellite imagery strips and degrees of latitude and longitude

After creating a global map of historical imagery density last week, we have been experimenting with higher resolution versions for a small area. High resolution historical imagery density Latitude … [Read more...]

The best of Google Earth for August 2015

Google has not released any 'satellite imagery update maps' since the introduction of the 'Voyager layer' at the end of June. Google has, however, been pushing out satellite imagery and there are … [Read more...]

Historical imagery density: Part 3 – two hotspots

Earlier this week we showed you our historical imagery density map. Looking at the map a number of hotspots are immediately apparent. However, many of these hotspots result from anomalies in the way … [Read more...]

Crossing the antimeridian Google Earth

When creating the heatmap for yesterdays post we discovered some things that we think are worth sharing. Every point on Earth's surface can be located with a latitude and longitude. In decimal format … [Read more...]

Historical imagery density in Google Earth: Part 2

Last week we started on a project to try and map out the density of historical imagery in Google Earth using the Google Earth plugin. We created a short piece of JavaScript that queries the Google … [Read more...]