New Sea Floor Map for Google Earth

In late 2014 we had a look at a map of the ocean floor published by the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego. Apparently that map was incorporated into the Google … [Read more...]

Mini-Google Earth application demo: imagery switcher

The Google Earth API is expected to be shut down at some point in the near future. As of this writing it is still working. We have been investigating what alternatives exist for those wishing to … [Read more...]

Interesting imagery from 2015 that we missed

Last week we looked at the Bento Rodrigues mine disaster. Today we are looking at a number of other sights to be seen in the satellite imagery from 2015. We found most of the locations with the help … [Read more...]

The Bento Rodrigues dam disaster in Google Earth

On November 5th, 2015, Bento Rodrigues, Brazil, was inundated in toxic sludge after a mine dam burst. See here for the full story as well as some ground level photos showing the magnitude of the … [Read more...]

Ascending Mt Xue Tour by Steven Ho

We have featured the work of Steven Ho a number of times in the past. He makes excellent Google Earth tours that really show off the capability of Google Earth's Tour features. We have seen him do a … [Read more...]

Mississippi flooding

Unseasonably warm weather in the eastern US resulted in tornadoes just before Christmas. In the following weeks high rainfall has lead to the upper Mississippi river and its tributaries experiencing … [Read more...]

Google Earth placemark popups: part 2

Yesterday we had a look at what appears in Google Earth placemark popups for placemarks in the “Borders and Labels” layer. Today we are looking at places from the “Places” layer. The information … [Read more...]

Google Earth placemark popups

We noticed a few months ago that the Google Earth placemark popups now usually include a photo, a short description and some basic facts about a place. It turns out that the information displayed is … [Read more...]

Satellite imagery updates for 2015

For the first half of 2015, as it has in the past, Google released imagery update maps showing outlines of newly updated imagery. However, in June, it released the Voyager layers, which include a … [Read more...]

3D fireworks in Google Earth

For the last few years we have been celebrating the new year with virtual fireworks created by Steven Ho, whose work we have featured a number of times. His animation shows the 2011 Taipei 101 … [Read more...]