Google Earth plugin showcase: FlightRadar 24


This is the ninth in our series showcasing the Google earth plugin. Today we are looking at FlightRadar24, a website that shows live air traffic around the world. FlightRadar24 uses a number of … [Read more...]

Monster Milktruck ported to Cesium


The Monster Milktruck is a demo of a driving simulator using the Google Earth plugin. It was created by Google in 2008 as part of the Google Earth API sample code to help developers get started with … [Read more...]

Where next Google Earth?


A couple of weeks ago Frank wrote about changes in Google's Google Maps and Google Earth organization. Since then, we have also noted that Google is working with Esri, to assist Google Earth … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day in Google Earth


Tomorrow is Valentine's day. As we have done in past years, we are sharing a collection of hearts from Google Earth Hacks. You can also view them in the YouTube video … [Read more...]

Google Earth plugin showcase: Thematic Maping Api


This is the ninth in our series on the Google earth plugin. Today we are looking at the Thematic Maping Api and an example product based on it called Earth Atlas 3D. The Thematic Mapping Api was … [Read more...]

Google Earth Pro importing addresses


Google recently made Google Earth Pro available for free. As a result, we have been having a look at some of the premium features of Google Earth Pro. So far we have looked at the movie maker, … [Read more...]

Google Maps turns 10

Google Maps Earth View

Google Maps turned 10 on Sunday, February 8, 2015. For a brief history of Google Maps, see Google's Lat Long blog post, which features a nicely done graphical timeline. Its interesting that they … [Read more...]

New Street View imagery in Bangladesh


The last major addition of Street View imagery to a new location was the addition of Argentina and an expansion of the Malaysian imagery in September last year. Now Google has added Street View to … [Read more...]

Google Earth Pro map making tool


Now that Google Earth Pro is fee we are having a look at some of the features it has that are not found in the standard version of Google Earth. We have already looked at the movie maker and Viewshed … [Read more...]

Google Earth Pro: Viewshed tool


On Tuesday we had a look at Google Earth Pro's Movie Maker. Today, we are looking at another Google Earth Pro exclusive feature, the Viewshed tool. The Viewshed tool shows the line of sight from any … [Read more...]