Google Rolling out 3D at an Extraordinary Rate

Bridge in Podgorica Montenegro

As we mentioned in our month-end post, over the last couple of months, Google has stepped up the rate at which they are releasing 3D imagery. Most notably in the last week Google has added areas in … [Read more...]

New Google Earth Imagery – April 2015

Imagery Updates April 2015_small

Google has updated its monthly Imagery Updates map to show April 2015. You can view it in Google Earth using this KML file. As usual, there is no way to keep a permanent record other than a screen … [Read more...]

New Street View, Madagascar and Canadian Parks


Google has released new Street View imagery for a few locations in Madagascar and some Canadian National Parks. Read more about it on the Google Lat Long blog: Madagascar, Canada. The Google Street … [Read more...]

Surface deformation from the Nepal Quake


We recently came across this article about a map from NASA that shows the deformation caused by the recent earthquake that struck Nepal. The above map can be downloaded and viewed in Google Earth … [Read more...]

The Planet Mercury in Google Earth


Google Earth has the built in option to switch to the Moon or Mars. We have looked at various ways to look at other planets in the past. Many of the best came from James Stafford's Barnabu blog. Last … [Read more...]

USGS Historical Topographic Maps


We have in the past looked at a lot of content provided by the USGS. The USGS is the provider of the data for the 'earthquakes layer' in Google Earth. We also looked at some of their future plans, … [Read more...]

Art from Google Earth Imagery


We have several times looked at satellite imagery that can serve as art. We have also looked at a Chrome extension called Earth View that uses satellite imagery as a background in new tabs in Google … [Read more...]

New Google Earth Imagery – April 24th, 2015

Imagery Updates April 24th 2015_small

In yesterday's post we mentioned that Google has stopped producing imagery update maps for every update. It turns out we were wrong. Thank you to GEB reader Munden for letting us know that Google has … [Read more...]

The best of Google Earth for April 2015


Probably the biggest news in April was the release of a new minor version of Google Earth, the first in nearly two years. It is a minor bug fix release, but it does indicate renewed interest by Google … [Read more...]

Different Zoom – Different Imagery

Ocean Floor Near Hawaii

In March we looked at how Google Earth hides 3D imagery when it is far away. Today we are looking at cases where there are two distinct sets of imagery depending on the distance you are viewing it … [Read more...]