The flag on Devil’s Peak


While looking around Cape Town, South Africa in Google Earth recently, we noticed a 3D model of a large South African flag on Devil's Peak. It is the old type of 3D model from the Sketchup 3D … [Read more...]

Planes in flight and the rainbow effect


Ever since Google Earth was first released, users have been spotting aircraft in flight in the imagery. When an aircraft is captured in flight in Google Earth it is not uncommon for it to have a … [Read more...]

View distance of 3D in Google Earth


When you place a 3D model in Google Google Earth you can use KML to decide how close the viewer has to be in order for it to be visible. For technical details on how this works and how to implement it … [Read more...]

Google Maps ‘Earth’ view FOV


We recently noticed that if you look at a given place in both Google Earth and Google Maps' 'Earth' view, they look a bit different, with distant objects looking closer in Google Maps than in Google … [Read more...]

More fun with KML areas

Santos Brazil

Last year, soon after we created our map of 3D areas, we had fun using the KML to show you the areas covered by country and US state. Now that we have released a timeline version of our KML file it is … [Read more...]

Google Earth imagery updates


Google has not updated its imagery updates map since December 17th last year. It has, nevertheless been pushing out satellite imagery at a fairly rapid pace. We can only speculate as to why it is not … [Read more...]

Google Forest Canopy View


When Street View started it was named 'Street View' because it was captured using cameras mounted on the roof of a car driving along streets. Since then Google has been shrinking the equipment, … [Read more...]

DigitalGlobe now selling 30cm imagery


In August last year DigitalGlobe launched their World View-3 satellite. A few weeks later we showed you some of the first imagery they released. Last week DigitalGlobe announced that they are now … [Read more...]

Latest from MyReadingMapped

Nicargua Grand Canal

We have looked at MyReadingMapped many times in the past. It has recently changed its url from, to A few of the recent maps to be found on the site … [Read more...]

The best of Google Earth for February 2015


We have spent a lot of this month exploring the features of the now free Google Earth Pro. Google has continued to add to 3D imagery, with 48 additions so far in February. Oddly though, they have … [Read more...]