A collection of weather and storm tracking tools for Google Earth

A few years ago, Frank collected a variety of weather-related tools for Google Earth and put them into a nice package. Since then, a few of those tools have disappeared and a few new ones have been … [Read more...]

Slick tool to view before/after shots of the Tuscaloosa storm

In the days following the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, we showed you a great tool from ABC news that used Google Earth imagery with a slider to flip back and forth between pre and post-earthquake … [Read more...]

High-res imagery of the Mississippi River flooding

GeoEye has just released some brand new high-res imagery of the flooding that is happening near Cairo, Illinois, due to the rising Mississippi and Ohio rivers. You can view it yourself using this KML … [Read more...]

Google releases imagery from the recent tornadoes

As Google often does after a major disaster, they've reacted quickly and have already posted some imagery (via GeoEye) of areas in Alabama that were hardest hit by the tornadoes a few days ago. You … [Read more...]

Tracking tornadoes in Google Earth

With storms again ripping through the country, many of us are on the lookout for tornadoes. While it can't help you prepare for one, Tornado Paths, created by Perry Samson at the University of … [Read more...]

Paved highways of clouds

The NASA Earth Observatory "Image of the Day" often posts some amazing images, such as some great images from the Gulf oil spill last April. I love the way that NASA describes today's image, shown … [Read more...]

Imagery from the landslides in Brazil

Back in mid-January, Rio de Janeiro, Santa Catarina and other areas of Brazil expereinced devastating mudslides as the result of nearly 10 inches of rain in a single day. The landslides are reported … [Read more...]

Stunning imagery of Tropical Cyclone Yasi

As you probably heard, Tropical Cyclone Yasi recently made landfall just south of Cairns, Australia. Residents have had plenty of time to make plans, so hopefully most were able to get out of the … [Read more...]

Predict how much solar power your house could generate

The fact that the rise of alternative energy and the rise of Google Earth are happening at the same time has led to some amazing Google Earth visualizations of potential alternative energy use, … [Read more...]

Simulate forest fires with ForeFire

In a lab at the University of Corsica, the French national research agency CNRS has developed a very slick forest fire simulator that uses the Google Earth Plug-in. The tool itself is quite … [Read more...]