Creating amazing Google Earth tours with TourMaker

Google Earth File.  You must have GE installed.

Last month we showed you Paul van Dinther's amazing "A-tour" -- a nine-screen set-up that is an incredible way to view Google Earth tours. To keep things running smooth and stable, the system actually … [Read more...]

Google Earth A to Z: YouTube

Five years ago, Google unveiled a new YouTube layer for Google Earth. Thanks to the explosive growth of YouTube, this layer is more active than ever. It can now be found under the main [Gallery] … [Read more...]

Fly around London using the PigeonSim

Over the years we've seen some creative ways that people have used Google Earth. From the crazy "skydiving" a few years ago, to Paul van Dinther's impressive A-tour, we've seen a lot of great ways to … [Read more...]

Steven Ho creates an excellent tour of a recent mountaineering trip

Google Earth PLUGIN required.

Steven Ho has built some amazing things with Google Earth over the years, including things such as the Trip View Bowl, the World Marathon Majors, a panorama from the top of Mount Everest and a neat … [Read more...]

Google releases their largest Street View update yet

Google has been updating and expanding their Street View imagery quite a bit over the past year, but today's update is their single largest in history with more than 250,000 miles of new and updated … [Read more...]

The full story of Saroo Brierley

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Back in March we told you about the amazing story of Saroo Brierley, the Indian man who became separated from his family at age five and found them 25 years later using Google Earth. Details were … [Read more...]

Immerse yourself in Google Earth with the “A-tour”

Paul van Dinther has created some amazing tools for Google Earth over the years, including the game Ships and the Google Earth Diorama. He's now working on a project with the Ájtte museum in … [Read more...]

Geoception: A great new game being developed for Google Earth

Over the years we've seen quite a few games that use Google Earth as their platform including gems such as Ships, Google Earth War and the GE Flight Simulator. Now a new game is in development and it … [Read more...]

Street View goes underwater

Yesterday Google released Street View imagery for a few new countries, but they also released their first ever underwater imagery -- and it looks amazing! As reported on the Google Lat Long Blog, … [Read more...]

Meograph releases an enhanced authoring tool

I've been a big fan of Meograph since it was released earlier this year, as it's a great tool to help show news stories using a heavy dose of geo reference. The big downside to it was that creating a … [Read more...]